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Internet indubitably is one the most transformative technology that is craftily charting a fresh course for the discourse of humanity… to the way we think, to the way we communicate, to the way we collaborate, to the way we work and to the way we live our life.


Writing is undergoing a catharsis. The coming years and decades will never be the same again for the space of written communication. The new avatars in the written world are arriving in style and they are virtually powered by digital substance. It is the ingenuity of Millennial, the inventiveness of Gen-Next who are swiftly crafting a different tale to tell for centuries to come. The digital technology is the cornerstone of their life. Everything they do technology is the talk they walk and the walk they talk. They are wing powers of digital technology. They are literally flying. They are sharp. They are quick. They are doing things on the go. The figures that are unfolding are fascinating to fathom…  


Storytelling has been there for ages and in this age of digital technology it is fundamentally changing the very contours of telling stories.


The art of storytelling is undergoing a metamorphosis. In this virtual space, blogging is one such defining tool that is redefining our conventional thoughts and shaping our views and forming opinions on a grand scale.


Humanity is deeply driven by quality of writing, it is power of communication and the force of collective thoughts landing on any community that matters.


It is the ultimate power of motivated people that changes the dynamics of society and there are those inspired communities that moves the cheese. The cheese of conventional communication that has been there for ages. We are so used to using this block of cheese. The question is who has moved this cherished cheese and the answer is locked in the blocks of boxes built using the power of Internet Technology. The web has given an instant access to the volumes of data lying low and idle. The data has been losing its vitality and vigor to make critical decisions that count in a significant manner the way we live our life. The freedom to use this free data spreads across the continents, multiple countries and is making all the difference to the very foundation of our society. It is concurrently resulting in the formation of newer communities and the content of conversation between these communities are changing..and are changing pretty rapidly.


Blogging has emerged as the front runner in generating contextual information and empowering the people to make much better and faster decisions.


More and more people are writing blogs, and more and more people are also reading blogs and there is that symbiotic relationship between the blog writer and the blog reader. We can start the blog for free and we can launch a business through blogging with the least amount of investment and the business of doing online business has changed with the advent of blogging as a platform. We need to discover our passion, it is there within in a state of hibernation, need to be awaken, we all have the passion just that is not always visible and known.

We need to nurture our writing skills, we need to hone our thinking towards writing, and it is just that we don’t give the required importance to our writing. It is such an integral part of our life. It is taken for granted. Our writing needs to be galvanized. There are few other things that determines our writing on this virtual platform. These other things from technology usage to using the marketing tools to promoting our work literally gets going as we progress in our journey of blogging. There is a learning curve and each one of us has to go through that cycle of unlearning and learning. It is the length of the curve that varies and it does so based on multiple factors that governs the journey of our working towards learning. Our ability to learn the nuanced aspects of blogging to developing our crafted approach on blogging to the attitude we carry in our engagement with the community of blogosphere…all these facets adds up to make the much-needed difference to us as a blogger writer.


It all started in the year of 1994 when journalist Justin Hall published his first blog. And in 1997 Jorn Barger coined the term “weblog” to collection of his links on the internet.


It is exactly a decade back in 1999 there were merely 23 blogs. It was in the year of 2000 that first video blog called as ‘vog’ got posted. We need a platform to blog and there are hundreds of these platforms which has come into play. The choice is ours. The most popular platforms are WordPress to Blogger and these two stalwarts pocket a sizable chunk accounting for more than 99% of the market share…leaving a meager 1% to the other lesser known players. According to multiple survey results the common finding states that almost 50% of the blogging population are in the age bracket of 21-35 years old. And there is no gender discrimination and woman-man percentage are almost equally shared. USA tops the chart with one-third of bloggers in the world belongs to this country. The number of bloggers in USA is more than 35 million. The internet users in USA spends three times more time than they do on e-mails the primary mode of communication. There are 1.5 million plus blogs registered in the web space and blogging on the blogging sites and on the social media networks. One quarter of the internet time is spend by the netizens on blogs and social media network.

Organizations are using blog to promote receives almost 100% more links and brand building gets 75% jump compared to the standard methods employed for advertisements. The ideal blog post length is around the 2000 word mark. Though the average length of a blog post is half that number is around 1000 words. Titles with 6-13 words get a consistent and a higher traffic. An ideal blog post title is of 60 characters. Blog post with images doubles the page views of the post. The days also count in the management of blogging. On an average the blog post gets most traffic on Monday and on Saturday is a day for the comments where an average blog gets the maximum comments. And three fourth of blog readers prefer doing the reading in the morning hours. More than 75% of B2B social media marketers are likely to use blogging compared to B2C which is around the figure of 5%. And more than 85% of the B2B companies are using blogging and almost 50% of the marketers’ states that blogging the most important component in their content marketing strategy.  


Blogging is way to significantly augment our communication and extend connection to a larger audience on the World Wide Web.


The offline mode of engagement has its inherent drawbacks compared to the online mode of operation. There is a limitation to do so in the physical environment. The term of physicality of doing things has its own reality. We need to accept the reality that confronts us. Once we do so we can then work our ways to innovate new ways to navigate the constraints of physical reality. The physical form needed an elevated platform to radically reform its ways of engagement and perform at a much higher podium.


This new platform of blogging is breaking the physical barrier of community communication. And the resultant force of such collaborative communication is providing an exponential growth to the world community. We can now connect instantly and communicate collaboratively. The community members on the blogging platform are in multiple millions. And the numbers are multiplying. They are ready to absorb the pressure of communication and are consuming the supply of thoughts. It is provided that we are able to cook the right recipes and hook through the powerful food for thought.


We keep facing problems and problems are an integral part of our life and we simply cannot keep the problems apart from our living. We are constantly in search for solutions. We are all loaded with unanswered questions. We keep looking for answers. We all are social animals. We keep looking for network to socialize. We are all hungry for appreciation and harp for acknowledgment. We need others to recognize our qualities and talk about those good qualities with us and share with others. We have so many things to share and we want someone to listen to our side of the story. We want someone to read what we write. We want someone to motivate us and drive us so that we can strive for the goals we have all set to achieve.


The digital world is a world of data. There is data explosion. It is all scattered and things are fragmented. There are text and there are contexts, we need to figure out the context behind these fascinating figures of multimedia data. There are facts and figures. There are stats and numbers. There are truths and there is reality. There are information and there are knowledge. There are ways to present this side of the story which is plotted in black and white. There is another side of the story which is dotted in the pigment of grey colors. The gray zones in any story is where the plot plays its trick.


This dissection needs a different tool to tackle…blogging is that technology tool.


There are our views and there are our opinions. There are our perceptions and there are our perspectives. There are ability to visualize things differently and imagine different things than that is visible and tangible. There was writing before blogging. There was speaking before writing. There was philosophy before science came on its own. There is philosophy beyond the body of science. There is a debate between how philosophy has changed the way we think about the world we live and the way science is changing the way we are living in this world. We want answers to many questions that keep coming in the battle of supremacy between subjects like science and philosophy. There is no one answer and there is no end to the source of question.


There is a philosophy behind the blogging of writing…


Blogging provides that space for everyone to join, participate, create and share their side of the story and not necessarily it has to be always backed by facts, figures, history and geography.


It could just be our perspective on one such matter. It could be just our view and so as to elicit others view point. In the cycle of views and generating multiple viewpoints we broaden our horizon of seeing things widely and widening our perspective to look at life differently and making our living much more meaningful.   


Blogging is no exception and comes with its own set of drawbacks and there is no regulation to control and defined means to come back on course.


We can very fast lose our track and get lost in the minefield of millions of bloggers surfing the web space. There is no entry barrier and hence anybody can enter. There is no editor and hence no check on the editorial content. There is no cost to online publication and hence we all become journalists in our own way. Many of us are told that blogging is good and we should all be blogging. There is a flip side to the way it is interpreted. Many of us blog because it is better than doing nothing and instead of wasting our time wanting to do something we are actually doing something. Initially most of us have no clue and we do what little we know and what others tell us but as we progress in our journey of blogging we discover a whole new world. We realize our strength and we recognize our latent potential and we start seeing a different side to our personality. We are suddenly become more expressive, more engaging and we are not the one we know about ourselves.


There are revelations…

There are celebrations…


And this is the magic of blogging which makes a blogger a magician. The power of the content that the blogger creates attracts community to connect and converse.  


Nihar R Pradhan


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Note: There is a rounding of numbers to provide a broad perspective than to show the exact odd numbers with the fraction.


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