Happy New Year, 2019

Everything in our life has a beginning and an end.

It is just that for certain things we know the cycle time and for many others we simply don’t know. We have to live with it. We are largely clueless. We can only rely on our intuition. There is an intriguing correlation between our nature and the nature around us. We are so much a part of nature. We pretend to be apart. It is with nature where everything there in this nature has a beginning and an end. The day starts and it ends. The night starts and it ends. The sun rises and it sets. The season’s starts and it ends. The universe began with a Big Bang and we don’t know when it would end. Whenever it does end, it will have a new beginning. It is the universal truth of life.

Just that we don’t reconcile to this fundamental cycle of life.

We keep counting…


There are two very profound questions that keeps us unsettled from that striking state of symphony with thoughts and things in our life. What to do when it ends? What not to do when it begins? Good thing is that the bad thing does eventually comes to an end. The end of everything has a new beginning. The new beginning can either be good or bad. And we have no control. The challenge is in the rightful acceptance of the bad and it’s a double whammy when it once again comes after a bad phase. Though it is told to us that after every bad thing comes the good thing, there is a cycle. It is not predefinedThere is no formula. After how many bad phases, the good phase will come is not known to anybody. The bad has to end. It is only a matter of time. We need to have patience.

We need to believe on the words of wisdom. The wisdom comes from the body of experience. We all have our own unique set of experiences. Unless we allow ourselves to go through those experiences of life with its ups and downs, good and bad, hope and despair, beauty and ugly, acceptance and rejection, we will never gain the world of wisdom. The wisdom comes from mastery of learning from the mistakes, it is acquired only by doing not by merely acquiring the knowledge.


The ultimate cycle of beginning and end is the cycle of birth and death.

We are all born to die. The gospel truth.

Death is an inevitability.

Death is not sad.

The sad part is not that one day we all will die but we don’t learn how to live our life.


The very essence of life is learning the art of living life by naturally aligning with these myriad cycles of beginning and end. And it is not an easy learning. It takes a bulk of our mental muscles to make us master the art of living. It is a mastery we all aspire and few are able to persist and perspire to become a master. The art of letting go gracefully when the end has come and the art of embracing with grace the new beginning. It is a mental game. The toughest game to play. It throws its dices at random with so many different challenges and that too in such rapidity before we could even think of countering what is already in our hand.


Human relationships are the most emotionally powered bondage.


There is no exception. Every relationship has a beginning and an end. The loved ones stay at the top of the ladder. They are special but we live in a community. The relationship goes beyond our family and friends. We build the relationship in the workplace. We build the relationship in the play place. The place we go for a work out or for a walk. We connect with people in every sphere of our life. The place we go for shopping. The place we go for eating. The place we go for holidaying. Some relationships starts and abruptly end, and we don’t realize the cycle time as it so quickly passes by and without much equity at stake. We let it go. There are many relationships that starts with a small meet and doesn’t end but it makes the beginning gradually grow. We love to grow with that relationship. We get emotionally bonded. We invested heavily for nurturing that relationship. Nothing wrong in that process but it then reaches a tipping point. The problem is we don’t know how to close when it comes to an end. The more we invest the more we expect.

The mother of all problem arises when we allow the expectations freely steer the vehicle of our life.  There is no end to the vicious vortex of expectation. Once we are into that vortex we are treacherously trapped. Every relationship has to come to an end. Some have a good end but many others does have a bad end, we have little choice but to humbly accept the co-existence of both the good and the bad.


Accepting this dual state of eventuality with equanimity is the very art of living.


At the end of every such relationship we have a baggage to carry back with something to regret and something to rejoice. We have committed a mistake. We regret we shouldn’t have don’t it. We have cherished a success. We rejoice and want to keep continuing…we regret about our past and we want to rejoice in the future. Nothing that we can do with our past. It is gone forever. We can only pick a piece of lesson that we have learned. We can then prudently apply that slice of lesson to lessen our problems in the future and not regret for repeating the same mistake.


It is said that history repeats itself if we don’t give the past event the due it deserves.

Past is merely a memory.

Future is a mystery of illusion.


Both these perspectives exist in intangible form. Present is the only aspect that is clearly tangible and in existence. Therein lies the beauty of living our life in the moment. Unfortunately, we have made a mesh of our present. It is muddled. It is in doldrums. It is gravely squeezed between the wedges of blunt past and sharp future.

The past is about recollections where the future is so much about anticipation.


Every beginning and every end has a sense of purpose and it is for us to deep dive and discover that concealed resolution. The summer comes we get overly concerned with the thought of heat wave. There is that danger of rising temperature where we are hit by heat strokes. The winter comes we get closely comforted with the lowered temperature. There is also that beauty of falling temperature where the snow starts falling.


The seasonal cycle of nature is a reflection of the cycle of our life.


The nature knows its beginning and end. It plays its card so craftily depending on the way we perform our engagement with nature. The nature needs nurturing. It loves the balance that brings the required stability to its existence. The moment we disturb it’s existential standing there is a momentous imbalance. Nature will put all it’s might behind the scene to restore the balance. The beauty of nature is so much in the act of self-balancing.

Nature knows how to do it. It has done it for millions of years. We are merely a passing phase in their eternal span of the life of nature. We are here because nature is there and it not the other way round. The irony is we want to command and control nature. We talk of climate change. We talk of deforestation. We talk of industrial pollution. We talk of automobile pollution. We are bothered of what will happen to nature. We formulate policies to regulate the destruction and decay. We frantically work to meticulously mitigate the uncontrolled man-made changes fracturing the structure of our ecosystem. The ecosystem is undergoing a massive churning. There is a beginning and there is an end. Human beings have started it with callous impunity and now it is the turn of nature to return it with compound interest. And this is the cycle of nature where it will end this forced human intervention and start a fresh beginning for itself.


As creative people we constantly engage in that cycle of beginning and end.

When we create piece of art and it could be a visual art to a written art to a performing art to a fine art. The painting on a canvas has to come to an end. The story of book has to come to an end. The lyrics of a music has to come to end. The problem as an artist is that we fall in love with our craft and we don’t want that engagement to end and we keep working on the craft. We search for excelling the art of perfection. And it is an illusion and we don’t realize as we become blind in love of our art. We simply get blindfolded by our work of art…

The love that makes us craft that brilliant piece suddenly becomes our biggest hurdle in our journey of harmoniously engaging in the fascinating creative cycle.


As rational people we keep taking up tasks and projects in different sphere of our life.

The goal is to start and end a project. The goal is to start and end a task. The more we do and the more we build on our proficiency of managing things in life. How fast we are able to take an activity and complete it so as to begin one more and the cycle of beginning and closing an activity becomes an integral part of life and living. The art of efficiency lies in quickly starting and smartly ending every task or project that we take up in life.

There are soft and hard ways of learning after every such engagement.


The creative people who are emotionally involved to their work unlike the rational people who are attached in lesser degree to their work and these rational people are able to give up things much faster. Here in analytical work the association is more of mechanical in nature unlike the association in creative work that is much more emotive in nature. This emotion in motion keeps the relationship between the art and artist’s artwork prolonged.


Everything has a cycle of beginning and end in life…


It is just that we don’t reconcile with this fascinating facets of life. Many people in our life play out their role and move on and that is how it is meant to be. No regret. It is the time to transition. We need to just pause and proceed. And that is nurturing human nature. Nature has its own cycle of beginning and end. If there is summer, winter has to come…if there is something bad happening with us, then good is definitely around the corner. That’s the way life strikes the balance. As the year comes to an end a new year has to begin. The ironywe don’t let go and we have our ego. The art of life is gracefully letting it go today and embracing the beauty of tomorrow. The end and the beginning both deserve celebrations and that is the way of life.


Let’s together celebrate the cycle of life…



Sayonara 2018 & Bienvenure 2019



Nihar R. Pradhan

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