Blogging in Schooling – The Extended Classroom

School and Blogging

Blogs allows student to connect with world outside the classroom and school in an “interactive and interesting” fashion. The students can share their work with the real audience, though ironically,  through this virtual world. 


Blogging is a transformation process in school education and changing the way technology is being used in education in general.



Blogging is a transformation process in school education and changing the way technology is being used in education in general. Click To Tweet


Before making blogging an extended classroom, the leaders of school should invite and involve all the stakeholders from teacher’s students to parents to set the right expectations.  It is a collaborative learning place and used properly enables steady improvement and significant progress over time. Patience much like the real world is a virtue in using blogging as a tool for enriching learning and teaching beyond the classroom. The walls of classroom cannot be any more opaque and restrict the learning of students to the four walls of the classroom.

In 21st century learning and teaching the walls have to be transparent and the walls need to be virtual boundaries and the class has to be connected. It is an interconnected world and the knowledge is acquired through collaborative learning. Blogging is not a digital extension of school like the school’s website but it a highly “productive and powerful” tool to augment “learning and teaching”. It is no more about the art of learning and teaching but the craft of knowing how to use and how make technology useful in enhancing the art.


Teaching and learning is no more confined to the four walls of classroom and in fact world has become the stage to learn and to take it to the world we need the help of technology and not just technology but appropriate technology.


Student Blog

Every student in school should have a blog. The blog is the virtual place where the student can store ideas, it becomes their digital storehouse…the ideas that keep coming and keep going out of their mind. Their mind is a self generator of ideas but lacks the storage capacity to constantly capture and store and keep restoring. The blog where the student can create its own content, share the content and connect with the classmates. There is more learning in sharing knowledge than hoarding knowledge. Blogging is synonym with sharing. Student blog brings that new dimension and fresh perspectives into the learning process in the class.

“It is the dimension of sharing.”

“It is the dimension of collaboration.”

The other important dimension is that of building the community. The communities for students are the classmates.

Student blog is like a student tree wherein you can see the student plant a seed of idea through blogging and as teacher can see the student seed grow into a student plant. The writing skill of the student keeps on improving and student personality undergoes a positive transformation, significantly develops with the rendezvous with the blogging platform and the teacher can hear a distinct voice and see a different face of the student, the hidden brighter side of the student, there is a parallel process that goes on with the student’s engagement with blogging.  Each blog has its own uniqueness and that is a reflection of the student’s interest, hobby, knowledge and ability to “search and research” on any topic and ability to communicate effectively and connect engagingly.

The teacher can see the patterns in the student blogging and the patterns present fascinating display of the student creativity.


Creativity is not always about creating totally a new thing; it is about seeing the same thing in different colour,shades and from different angles and with different light.


Creativity is not always about creating totally a new thing; it is about seeing the same thing in different colour,shades and from different angles and with different light. Click To Tweet


It is a change in view-point and change in the course path. Wearing multiple hats of that of a photographer to that of a painter to that of actor to that of a singer and we need not have to be an expert or experienced in that skill, just by engaging with different things and enabling mind to dabble with unrelated stuff we tune our mind to ignite the engine of creativity.


The various patterns could be as follows;

  • Short Stories
  • Series of Poetry
  • Fairytales & Fables
  • Photos & Photography
  • Food & Cooking
  • Travel and Places
  • Books & Writing
  • Ideas & Creativity
  • Art & Crafts

Student blog has so many facets. The mandatory writing process automatically improvise the writing skill. The mandatory writing schedule for publishing blog posts forces the student to think and think critically to the keep churning new ideas and keep building new concepts. The student blog acts as a technological aid to enhance their spectrum of skills from writing to thinking to collaborating to communicating to creating.

ABC of School Blogging


Teacher Blog

Every teacher in school should have a blog. The place where teacher can keep creating different concepts and keep experimenting with newer ideas and keep engaging with students and fellow teachers. The learning is in creation and experimentation.


The learning and teaching are not restricted to the four walls of the classroom and only with students of the class.


The conventional mode of delivery and interaction in classroom has the limitation, it doesn’t go beyond a point, and it doesn’t allow a space where peer learning can be effectively fostered. The teacher can learn from fellow teachers and teacher can learn from students. Learning has become collaborative. Peer group learning between students to teacher learning between teachers, just not within the class or the school, it has gone beyond the physical boundaries and the virtual space has made it irrelevant.


Truly speaking the world is the stage and learning has become global and it is the teacher who has to bring that global dimension to learning through power of connection, collaboration and conversation with fellow bloggers of the same class independent of its geographical location.


Before the student can start their own blog, need to that the teacher starts her/his blog and show the intrinsic power of blogging and by making the student’s part of teacher blog. The teacher starts the engagement by asking the students to read the post published by her. Having a discussion in the class about the post and asking the students to comment on the teacher’s post and bringing those online interactions through commenting into the classroom discussion. Interaction is a critical part of learning.

Blogging makes interactions integral to the teaching and learning process. Making the student familiar with the blogging environment and getting them a feel of the space and the sense of the power of getting online connected and commenting with the teacher and fellow students online and not offline face to face interaction which they have done everyday and this becomes a different engagement and this provides a new experience in their mode of communication, it is written online communication.


Technology is there to stay and playing a significant role in changing the way teacher teaches and the student learns.


The learning by teacher takes place outside the classroom and learning by teachers take place using the technology. Blogging takes teaching and learning process to a reasonably higher level of engagement and beyond the boundaries. In the conventional mode, teaching was limited to the classroom and learning was confined to the books. The convention is broken with the rapid invasion of information technology in education. Blogging is collaboration and making teaching and learning a part of bigger community.

The important aspect of blogging is community. Blogging has no standing without the support of the community. The community is built over time, the way we have our circle in the real world as the circle of friends, the circle of neighborer, the circle of colleagues and the circle of classmates. The community in the virtual world has the “circle of bloggers”, the inhabitants of the blogosphere. For teachers, the immediate community is class students and the next set of community members are the fellow teachers.


Class Blog

A class blog is a good starting point to teach the basics of blogging by the teacher as the moderator. The teacher can create the blog and posts articles and share the posts in the online blogging community and show the students how to write, post and engaging in a conversation. Gradually building the general awareness on blogging platform and making them understand the various features and functionalities. As the student prove the responsibility and appreciation of the platform, giving them the initial license to post their article under control supervision and then allowing them the full freedom to express and engage.

Each class shall have their own blog and the class teacher becomes the moderator of the class blog. There are various aspects that need to be looked into before setting the class blog. Though there are not set rules which should confine the process of setting the class blog but at the same time there are certain guidelines that one should align to make the process simple and the outcome strong.


Firstly, setting the goal of a class blog and the various goals could be as follows;

  • To increase the degree of collaboration.
  • To increase the depth of participation.
  • To encourage healthy competition.
  • To create an environment of engagement.
  • To enhance effective the use of technology.
  • To make them aware of digital citizenship.
  • To show case the writing talent of the class.
  • To publish the creative work of the class.
  • To build a digital knowledge repository.
  • To connect the class to other classes.


Secondly, the class needs to develop a plan on the topic that the class needs to cover and the technology that needs to be used to meet those objectives…

Thirdly, there need to be detailed plan of action on how much to blog and when to blog and who all to check the progress and the outcome of class blogging…


The student and teacher blog should add up to building and feeding the class blog, the best student post can get published in the class blog and the teacher can share their selected post in the class blog.

Blogging - Global Schooling


School Blog

Every school should have their own school blog and the blog gets linked to their school website. This blog becomes public where people from outside the school can see and comment. The community is extended beyond the school boundary and members of school. It goes to students and teachers and parents outside the school community to take part and converse with the members of the school, the extended community of experts like scientists, artists, writers to educationist to sportsman.


The protocol for school blog should be as follows;

  • The aims to be achieved
  • The theme of the school blog
  • The topic to be covered
  • The technology to be used
  • The roles to be played
  • The monitoring to be done
  • The measures to be taken
  • The metric to be followed
  • The outcomes to be evaluated
  • The branding to be done

The school becomes the public face of the class blogs, teacher blogs and student blogs. The various posts of these blogs become the feeder for the school blog. The school team to screen, select and publish the posts that aligns and meets the overall guidance of the school blog, it is to be checked both for alignment and the quality of post meets the expectation set for the school blog. The team to constantly watch the school blog content, the comments in the post and the community around the blog. This indicators needs to be checked and compared with the set goals and goals for the school blog.


To unlock the real potential of “blogging in schooling”, it is important to build the awareness and convince the stakeholders of education ecosystem to have a better understanding and appreciation of the role of blogging in education.


To unlock the real potential of “blogging in schooling”, it is important to build the awareness and convince the stakeholders of education ecosystem to have a better understanding and appreciation of the role of blogging in education. Click To Tweet


This needs continuous reflection and constant assessment of the utility of the “blogging tool” and that is best done through meaningful engagement with the different school users by doing periodical surveys and proper polls.


Blogging isn’t about just writing but it is much more and it is about sharing our learning and reflecting on what we have learnt. Blog becomes a common hub to connect and share the learning and learn through interaction from the global audience.


Nihar Pradhan

Educational Technologist

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Technology Transforming Teaching and Learning

teaching and learning

Technology per se, digital technology in particular is deeply disrupting the established conventions in our education ecosystem. Unfortunately, the educators are anchored in the past unable to detach, and move on from the stranglehold of age-old practices. Definitely, some parts of the existing conventions are good but a larger part needs to be overhauled for a great benefit to the learners. We are talking about the habits of teaching by teachers and the practices of learning by learners. It is time to quickly migrate to a completely new set of convention. The need for change in the fundamentals of teaching, there is an urgency to embrace innovative ways of learning and creative methods of teaching, redefining our scope of engagement with education ecosystem.

Newer technology tools are breaking the barriers and bridging the gaps between the two different worlds i.e. the real and the virtual, and between the learner and the educator. It is high time for educators and instructors to change their gadgets they are using to capture the photos it is a metaphor, and also keep changing the lens to match the light and distance to get the perfect shot captured. It is time to change and change swiftly.

Earlier we were living in one world, our thoughts were confined and the exposure of family members was limited and the learning was primarily happening in the school. The school curriculum followed a structured framework for delivering learning lessons for meeting learning objectives and achieving learning outcomes. School essentially is one more form of learning community. It is a community of people having common interest to learn and learn things that meets the requirement of their “age and stage” of growth. This was largely true until the advent of the web but with the rapid revolution of technology in the recent years, things have changed so rapidly and have changed so radically, we are left with very little time to absorb and adapt…


Today, we are living in two diametrically different worlds, one that is the real world (the activity in the physical space is drastically shrinking) and the other that is the virtual world (ever-expanding space rapidly occupying our mind space).


The community is no more restricted by the predefined boundaries and physical constraints of the physical world, the space has become universal and communities have started mushrooming in the digital world. Social Media are fueling the growth; the growth is massive and widespread. There are communities of different nature and have large depth of knowledge across “subjects and objects”. It is for us to dive deep within and derive the nuggets of wisdom hidden and vast set of knowledge floating all across the web sphere. In fact the treasure of knowledge in the virtual world has surpassed all limits compared to the available knowledge in the real world and restricted within the physical library. The search algorithm in Google has changed the dynamic and the knowledge is fetched in seconds on just a click of button.

The conventional library space is getting rapidly replaced by the digital library. The conventional mode of teaching is conquered by better methods of story telling

learning without technology

The early age exposure of the today’s generation to the digital world has made them more smart and swift to shift to adopting newer technology than the generation that is much behind them and trying to merely “teach and preach”. The preaching makes more sense when we have practiced it and we have perfected the art and science behind the technology. It is about the art of using the technology and the science of understanding the functioning of the technology.

In school, classrooms are designated places to learn and impart the lessons of learning to the learner, it is taken we agree but we also need a place to teach and we need a place to learn. Much earlier the place was under a tree, we didn’t have classrooms and it was more close to nature and it was in an open environment, the reasons ranges from the lack of constructed place to creating a learning environment conducive to “nurture our nature”. The learning was not confined to the four walls. It’s been pretty long that teaching has been wretchedly strangulated by the concrete walls. It has become opaque. Teaching and learning needs frantic liberation from the stranglehold, the freedom from the artificial boundaries and self-imposed restriction that has been created around the education process for ages. The age has changed. It is the age of digital.

“It seems we are badly stuck to our past practice.”

“And we are imprisoned in our old mindsets.”

Otherwise, this disconnect between technology and teaching couldn’t have been stretched such long, it has been kept so long by keeping the use of technology at bay. But we have lost control on technology and the process has reversed and it has taken control of us, we are now completely governed and constantly guided by the radars of rapidly evolving digital technology.

The evolution in digital technology has broken the barriers and there are no glass ceilings between the physical and virtual world. It is no more two separate compartments, it is not just integrated but it has almost got merged and it is indeed really difficult to differentiate between these two worlds though our naked eyes.


Educators and Learners cannot apply the rules of real world to the rituals of virtual world. Click To Tweet


We are in a state of deep confusion, we don’t know where to stop and where to start in these two worlds, it seamlessly crisscrossed each other, one moment we are in real world and the next moment we have entered into the virtual world. Shifting from one set of rules and using another set of rules and that too in such rapid succession is not easy and needs a newer set of skills to adapt and excel. There is a need for indulging in multi-tasking and learning multiple skills for managing the digital jugglery.

technology and teaching

There is always an increased scope for learning outside the classroom than within the classroom, slowly but certainly the physical boundaries of classroom are losing its relevance and constantly demanding to change the rule of limiting the learning within classrooms. Though there are few schools those who have truly understood the power of changing trends and are seriously working to work out means to making learning independent of classroom and have taken the teaching methods outside the boundaries of classroom. But these cases are few and far between, and scope and scale of change is unprecedented in nature. School needs the prudent use of technology to play its part to leverage the opportunity and bring about the change in aligning the aspirations of generation next.

We cannot live in two different worlds and learn only the rules of one world, unless we also keep learning the rules of the other world we will keep faltering and failing in our endeavor. Incidentally, the domination of the virtual world has overtaken the presence of physical world. It is no more about just giving equal treatment but the virtual world needs more of our attention and more of our time and greater involvement.

The learning outcomes need to be changed to meet the expectation and requirement of the changing engagement with the world. The formal style of education in the school and in the classroom needs a structural change. Informal learning can no more be brushed aside and it is high time to blend both form of learning in a more organized and structured manner to make the learning engagement more meaningful.


The current education delivery mechanism has virtually shifted and the means to learn have new space, now the mode of teaching need real transformation.



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Is DIGITAL a Delight or Delusion or Detoxification?

Digital Detoxification

As we open the window to the digital world we close the door to the real world… a fascinating irony of today’s world…  Microsoft window has redefined our life. Our working, living and thinking has changed.

Virtual Technology is the Real Transformer.

Windows are no more just a part of our real houses; these have also become an integral part of our digital devices. These are opening up doors to newer opportunities; the possibilities in the digital world are boundless.  A delight!

We are popular social animals, we love to interact and mingle with members of our community. But the paradox is that we have become unsociable with obsessive engagement with the revolutionary social media. Social media enables social interaction of real people in virtual place.

We are now living in two distinctively different worlds.

But the duration of a day remains 24 hrs. The more we are in the virtual world the lesser is the time we spend in the real world. Offline is becoming the exception and online the rule. We have restricted our venture out into nature. We have reduced our walk in the park. We have cut our direct talk i.e. face to face. We have increased our indirect type and chat. A delusion!

We are digitally squeezed between the idiot box and the smart pad. Devices are becoming smarter and we are becoming stupid. Devices are becoming slimmer and we are becoming fatter. Burgers and pizzas are ruling our gastronomical domain.


Devices are becoming inter-dependent and we are becoming dependent.


Net is connecting and we are getting connected through social networking. Tasks are getting multiplied and we are getting merged with multi-tasking. Chatting on mobile apps, talking on speaker phone and listening to music on earphone…we are oscillating between the delight and delusion.


Real faces are an illusion and real books are a mirage.


Kindle has become the book reader. Facebook has become a reality. Face recognition technologies have started analyzing characteristics of face images and imaging technology is redefining our understating of medical science. It has significantly enhanced the man and machine engagement.


Life now revolves around faceless faces in the books of faces. FACEBOOK.


Love is replaced with likes. Read is replaced with feed. Bag is replaced with tag. Postal is replaced with post.

Delight is getting replaced with delusion.


Digital world is not devoid of the touch of virtual reality.


We get to touch the white apples and the black berries. Yes, it is a matter of time we will experience all the seasons in the digital world. Mango and orange will not be out of range. Already MangoDB is a free open source database changing the database design. We are broadening our digital band through digital broadband. The real world is getting narrowed in the broaden highway of digital world. Videos are getting streamed as smooth as the flow of a lovely stream on the 3G to 4G broadband highway. Tubes are becoming the stream. You Tube is defining our sharing of videos. Delusion is becoming a delight.


We have stopped slogging and started blogging.


Basic physical exercise is getting eclipsed with broad mental extortion. We are immersed in technology diffusion. Technology is absorbing us; we are getting sucked into the digital vortex. Though our character defines our personality in the real world, but number of characters is defining our communication in the digital world…micro blogging is defining our messaging. Traffic management is no more restricted to the streets of our real world. Traffic flow is a delight in the blogs of virtual world.


Is it delight or delusion?


Digital world is changing the usage of language in the real world.


The use of English language is getting misused in digital lingos. Emoticons and Abbreviations are becoming the rule of language. SMS, ASAP, Smileys, MMS, ‘u’ for you, ‘ur’ for your, ‘4’ for for & ‘2’ for two are becoming an integral part of the digital dictionary…texting and messaging uses the combination of language letters and mathematical numbers and facial symbols in a manner that ruthlessly breaks the rules of real world communication.


It is neither delight nor delusion but it sheer distortion.


Real world photos are a delight, but are getting morphed in the digital world creating a delusion. The art of photography is getting crafted into the digital world using Photoshop and Photo Editor. How much is real art and how much is craft, remains the moot question. Nevertheless, digital moments are beautiful. But how do you share your captured moments with your families and friends? In Digital world it is instant, Instagram is there with a click, and options are many and with a flick you are there with the Flickr.

Quest has been the drive for human discoveries in the real world. Search for continents and search for constellations. Voyages have been stretched and discovery has been sporadic. Search in real world is a delusion. But search in digital world is a click away…just Google and discovery is a delight. Search for anything on the real world and you have many things to screen and select in the virtual space.


It is a deluge of digital information, delight for some and delusion for many.


Today we all live in two worlds. One is the physical world and the other is the virtual world. The virtual world came into existence with advent of the digital technology. This has predominately happened in the last two decades. It is the internet and mobile technology which came into extensive usage in the last two decades i.e. from 1994 to social networking phenomena like Facebook just a decade back in 2004. People born and grow during this period are generally termed as Digital Natives. Evidently all the people before this period are branded as Digital Immigrants.


Digital Natives take to technology the way fish takes to water. They are networked with their social circle through Facebook to instant connect with Twitter to continuous chat with What’s Up. iPhone to iPad is there virtual playground. They get up and do their mental jog on the iPad by scanning through the e-newspaper to e-music. They say good morning to their near and dear ones through the What’s Up. They capture the day’s lovely moments and get it instantly uploaded into Instragram.


Digital Immigrants respond to technology the way person with water phobia is asked to plunge into the swimming pool. They all have cherished the physical feel of the newspaper in the morning to switching on the radio or the television to hear the world voice. It is the handset phone which had given the grip and the feel in communication. They have been using the pen-paper to capturing their thoughts and feeling. They have enjoyed the visit of the postman which brought enough smile with the envelope.  They have captured the moments through the analog devices and had to patiently wait for the process to produce the picture.


In both the natives and immigrants there are two categories of people, one who avoids and one who adapts. It is not about the digital immigrant who is perceived to avoid or ignore the influx of technology. There are many digital natives who have entered into the seen it and done it syndrome. They are caught in the ‘fatigue factor’.  The factor of anything excessive is exhaustive. They simply don’t enjoy the all-encompassing technology. They no more want their privacy to be peeped. They consciously want to ignore and avoid the excessive dependency on technology.


Today technology has become a new language.


Digital, Think

To effectively engage and interact with somebody, we need to know whether the individual is a digital native or a digital immigrant. As in the real world it is myth to state that all natives are better than immigrants. Similarly, in the virtual world immigrants are adapting to the newer technologies & trends much faster and better than natives.

We are living in the critical phase of the technology revolution. When we are young we absorb to new language easily than when we grow older. Perhaps this debate will be put to rest with the rapid convergence of both worlds…


There needs to be a fair balance between delight or delusion, or we will end up in forced detoxification.







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Geek by Night and Techie by Day

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

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In the day, the moment I’m into office, the right is left behind and the left takes over the functioning of the brain. But, when I’m back home, the right is back once again in full action.

It sounds cryptic. Isn’t it?

But it isn’t.

It is a classical debate, whether it is scientific fact or just an intellectual fiction. I am not sure.

The enigma continues with me…

Being an IT entrepreneur I keep dabbling with technology (cloud, mobility, analytics) talking to programmers, interacting with project managers, working with system analyst and dissecting the technology conundrums. There are these functional features in the application…the integration testing, the bugs, the architecture design, the user interfaces…This is complex and trying to build models, algorithms and checking the logical outputs and assessing the business outcomes.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

image courtesy –

In the day, here with my team I address the real life problem.

The coding of activities organizes the functions and provides a structured approach to solve the problems. This is what I like to do for my earning. The efficiency of doing it and the effectiveness that matters…and we all need money to meet our need and yes, our want has no end.

Here comes the desire and there comes the passion. We need to control our desire and expand our passion.

But the moment I enter my house in the evening, the office problem is left behind in the office, and officially; I can switch my brain to do what I love to do…put my right brain to its full functioning. The passion takes over the profession. It is time to explore. It is time to expand. It is indeed time to enjoy. Not that in the morning I don’t explore newer possibility to solve real life problem or enjoy doing my work. I do.

But when I enter my world of artistic imagination, it is sneakily fascinating and it is spiritually enthralling. Playing with words, just like the game of scrabble where every move and every word counts. And not being confined by the boundaries and the constraints that make it more exciting.

In the day, there are rules and there are conventions and these keeps me grounded and limit my imagination beyond a point. But when in night I am in my zone, without the boundaries and restriction to my thoughts, I go crazy, I even go berserk…I allow my emotions to take new flights and go new heights.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

image courtesy –

Initially, it was tough to balance the two sides of the brain, making one part more active in the morning and allowing the other to take part more aggressively in the night, this was not easy. During the day, I have to keep destroying the myths and assumptions in solving real life problems. There are better ways to solve our daily life problems and this is possible only when we demolish these age-old assumptions and mundane practices that keep us from doing things differently and creatively. The technology, yes, the software application does change the way we manage our daily tasks and it increases the productivity and enhances the effectiveness of our working.

Working on problems to writing on passion, the duality of role is doubling challenging, but there is a mystical fun in this challenge.

It keeps testing me.

It keeps shifting my bar.

It keeps questioning my assumptions.

It keeps contesting my premise of thinking.

This tussle of thoughts keeps expanding with each such encounter, sometime fun, sometime frustrating and many times the anticipation is what keeps it exciting, and the synergistic engagement of left and the right keeps improving. Compression (yes pressure) in the day, and expression (not depression) in the night… you are right, the solutions to problems are compressed in the algorithms and coding, and sensitivity of our senses is expressed in our words and wisdom.

These are complementary in nature, but it takes time to sync, and it happens only when once these are well harmonized. Indeed, in synchronization, we see the latent potential emerge. No doubt, there is a limitation in our logical thinking and the solutions to our real life problem are many times discovered in our intuitive thinking. The empirical data exists; many scientific inventions have been preceded by intuitive and creative thinking.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

image courtesy –

The active use of right brain in the night supports the activation of left brain usage in the day. It is not easy to shuffle between the left and the right. It is not easy to shift from hard-core technology, to soft and subtle stuff of creative writing. Switching from being a techie in the day to a geek in the night…it has now become a habit for me, whether it is good or bad, I really don’t know but if you ask me the question, am I enjoying this shifting of roles at a particular stage when the earth reaches in its movement around the sun?

It appears cryptic, it isn’t, and it is just about day and night.

I am a techie in day and a geek in the night…

We all play multiple roles and I would love to hear how you manage such switching of roles between what we like to do for our profession to what we love to do for our passion…if both matches we are blessed.

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Imagine Life without these Five Things

Life in 21st century is different and one can argue life in every century is different. So, what is this difference we are speaking of, is there any difference in this different or it is the same old difference but packaged and presented in a new way.

It sounds complicated, perhaps life in 21st century symbolically reflects that complexity.

Technology, Computer, Electricity, Internet, Mobile, Life with Technology, Life without Technology

21st Century Technology (image courtesy:


We are literally embedded with many things in life and the thought of living without vital few is a very frightening imagination. Though these things are the product of human innovation and technology revolution and have made our life and living better and sweeter.

Ironically, life without it was nevertheless good and we were our own master but with it have become great but have made us become the servants of technology. We are inexorably bonded and blinded by the rules of technology not guided by the feelings of humankind. Here is the high-five;

  1. Electricity
  2. Television
  3. Computer
  4. Internet
  5. Mobile

Note: Though Electricity was a product of 19th century, its real utility and impact is felt in the subsequent centuries…21st Century has an indispensable dependence.

I decided just not to imagine the situation but venture into the situation knowing well that it is a very risky venture but was driven by the principles of “high risk high return”.

Technology, Computer, Electricity, Internet, Mobile, Life with Technology, Life without Technology

Life without Technology(image courtesy: broadcasting engineering)


Days with Technology:

I woke up and checked the messages on the mobile, switched off the air condition, and carried out my usual daily routines in the real world. I switched back to the digital world, I switched on the TV and checked up the morning news and while on breakfast, it is the TV and the Computer giving the dual companionship…I see symphony in their functioning. Once on computer, internet is inevitable and the fingers started its involuntary process of moving on the keyboard.

As I board my car, the mobile connects and I am on a voice transmission mode. The moment I land in office, it is the digital world; the computer, the internet and the mobile governs my day. Once I log out of my office, manage to get a respite while on move and the moment I stepped into the house, TV drives the relaxation.

A good aromatic coffee to soothe the mind and mind maneuvers into the internet to check out the social engagements lined up in the virtual space. Dinner is no exception and it is accompanied by the twin gadgets of computer and television. The road to bed terminates with the frantic glance to the mobile messages

I could rarely detach myself from the glue of technology.

Technology, Computer, Electricity, Internet, Mobile, Life with Technology, Life without Technology

Life with Technology (image courtesy:


Day without Technology:

I decided to venture into this adventure of technology deprived life and living. I woke up and hand automatically moved towards the switched off mobile, I restrained from doing so. I could quickly wrap up my daily routine and realized that there is no light to use and no television to watch.

I took a steady glance of newspaper and experienced every bit of my breakfast. As I looked at the clock, it seemed that the time is stuck, it is just not moving…mind was agitated and I was getting restless. The whole day without Light, TV, Computer, Internet and Mobile…with the passage of time the exact quantum of the intensity of this thought dawned on me.

I picked up a book and as I was reading through, the thought of world moving ahead of me in the digital world was making me edgy. Though I was enjoying the good read, but the self-imposed technology exile was disturbing my mental symphony.


It was imminent evening and I was exhausted and forcefully exited from the exile and resurfaced to surf the web world…I gave up.

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