Hyphenation of a Writer to a Writer-Entrepreneur

Writer Entrepreneur

I am a writer and I am an entrepreneur. I was naively operating for pretty long in that gray zone without questioning my grey matters. Before I became an entrepreneur I was a writer. When I was reflecting on the period of transition and the phases in transformation, I discovered those mistakes that I have unknowingly committed.

How would I have avoided those cardinal mistakes?

In hindsight I put the onus on others, if someone had preempted me or provided the necessary guidance that was needed during the journey of my change management, I would have moved much faster and gone ahead in life. This is not an isolated story or a story of mine alone, there are thousands of others I am sure who are in this very state and are looking for the right ways and correct means to migrate to the new state of affair.

The tantalizing state of being hyphenated as a “writer-entrepreneur”

And then the question; is there anything fundamentally flawed in the phrasing of words, I suppose intellectually not. The flaw lies in the way we approach the changeover to become a writer-entrepreneur. The moot question remains, what does it really mean to be a writer-entrepreneur; how easy or complicated it is to be able to carve a business profession out of the writing passion. The passion is deeply rooted in the writer’s heart and writer gets submerged in the passion ignoring, avoiding and resisting the factors needed to turn it into a profession.

The first thing that I needed to change was my “Mindset”, I had a strong mindset that as a writer I am a creative person and my job is to keep producing the creative work and then the work will be automatically reaching and capturing the “Market”. The world of readers who will read, comment, critique and appreciate my work. In the process I had totally ignored this piece of thought which equally matters in the profession of being a writer-entrepreneur. I kept writing and I kept publishing I was enjoying the creative freedom. But I didn’t get the market share though I was emotionally satiated with the mind share. I kept questioning why a good writing product is not selling in the market when I have seen so many mediocre writing products are giving a run for their money to many great products.


Does meritocracy matters over mediocrity in this writing space?


Is the good product has any significant edge over the average product towards achieving the overwhelming market success?

I could slowly decipher the hidden pattern after due engagement through my critical observation. I realized that my mind as a writer is not sufficient to suffice the market need of a writer-entrepreneur. The market needs not just a good product but a product that is well-positioned, well-packaged and well-presented. The inference seemed quite obvious and the foregone conclusion from the analysis was pretty apparent. I had no clue, what it means and how on earth does minor cosmetic changes can make such a major face-lift, though it literally does on our physical body through scientific surgeries.

I started exploring the finer nuances of how to market my writing products as an entrepreneur, and I started shifting my skewed focus on the elements of “technical” design and development to the aspects of the product that can be perceived to be tantalizing” for the target audience. It is a new skill and every new skill needs learning.

There is this learning curve which I needed to crossover.

Adding new technical skills for a creative writer takes time; adding marketing skills take longer time. Similarly, when it comes to the tossup between writing and reading I was no exception and it was a conscious trade-off, how much time I needed to allocate towards writing and how much time I needed to apportion on learning, and it was not at all an easy act of balancing. There is no prescribed formula and there is no set rule to follow, it was purely contextual and it squarely depends on the preferences and proclivities of one’s mental makeup.

I had the initial inclination towards the number game. The number and the game, was still lurking in my mind. I followed the 80-20 rule (few days 80% writing and 20% reading and just the reverse other days in the week); when I face with such grey matters I normally don’t allow my mind to get tax unduly and not attempting to reinvent the “wheel of wisdom” I religiously started on the proven path, here it was governed by the Pareto Principles. I did exactly the same and I started seeing the change and a change in the right direction, though it took little more time then I had anticipated but the investment was worth it.

Yes, I started talking the “language of entrepreneur”, indeed it provided a different voice to my own stories. Though as a writer I had to keep improving my vocabulary, the language needed that fresh acquisition of words to make my thoughts count where it matters. The language of entrepreneur needs that new set of vocabulary, and it includes marketing, presentation, networking, budgeting, planning, goal setting, meeting targets and talking about numbers.


The essential shift is from the thought of text to thinking on number.


As a creative writer I was passionately obsessed with words and with text, but as a business entrepreneur I had to start counting the numbers and record the calculation, analyze the historical patterns and start predicting the future trends. I had to start organizing things and not get inadvertently trapped in the web as I kept creating more pieces (constantly striving for that masterpiece) as a creative writer, my table was randomly scattered with fiction to non-fiction books, nuggets of wisdom in notepads, newspaper clippings to business magazines to scientific periodicals and journals. I was randomly misplaced in the mechanical maze and ironically in those mechanics of mind I use to discover my thoughts to write the creative stuff.

Being a writer-entrepreneur, it needed a change and a definite change, the change in the way I organize and function. The ability to smartly organize things was subtly missing in me. The things to do and do it as per schedule and scheduling the task using tools like Evernote to Freshbooks. These technological tools does act like solid levers in channeling our efforts and converting our energy into strong powerhouse. And these are certainly empowering our mind to free us from the side tasks and get our entire envelope focused on the main task in hand.


Being a writer-entrepreneur is not just about dwelling on “creativity” but it is also about our dedication we have towards “productivity”. Click To Tweet


This is something, as a creative writer I always gave a walk over, never gave a heed to concept of productivity and only was hidden in the cover of creativity. The moment I started being more organized it gave a quantum fillip both to my creativity and productivity. I was able to organize my scattered time much better and that had immediate and direct impact on my creative engagement outcomes.

I could put a number to my creative work, I was able to produce double and triple the number of articles in a day that I was otherwise not able to generate even in a week. I was somehow clumsily stifled in my own frame of formulation. I was anchored. I was limiting my recipe for experimentation that could have made all the difference. It was as if I was obstinately imprisoned in my preaching on breaking the barriers and making a difference but not practicing what I was so profusely preaching. It was overtly essential for me to discover that open space to explore that creative productivity as against operating in that closet creative captivity.


As a writer I never fastened my work with “time” and with “targets”.


I took resources for granted. I generously allowed the virtual space and freedom for my thoughts to land whenever it felt to do so and which ever place it preferred to, the preference was left wide open. I realized as writer-entrepreneur, I was ignoring few vital resources, for instance the resource of time, as writer I always felt time was unlimited; it was a philosophical presumption which I often made wearing  the writer’s hat. I had to change my supposition and courses corrected from my beaten path and designated time as a central element in my new role as writer-entrepreneur.

I could see a sea change in my outlook and output.

I was a completely transformed person; I started critically re-examining my capabilities. Though the aspect of time remains the constant factor in everybody’s life which is unequivocally available equally and no one can protest about any inequality, I did reset my targets and started constantly meeting those stretched targets and simultaneously kept shifting the bar and I was surprised how I was able to cross those raised bars setting new benchmarks. It was a pleasant revelation, a re-engineered process of instilling a renewed confidence and recasting a fresh set of faith in my own belief system.

Now I was able to discreetly convert those stones into milestones.


Here are the summary of the “VITAL five from TRIVIAL others” of my learning curve of being a mere writer towards the hyphenation as a writer-entrepreneur.


  1. The Mindset
    • Passion
    • Profession
  2. The Marketing
    • Positioning
    • Networking
  3. The Organization
    • Work Scheduling
    • Time Tracking
  4. The Productivity
    • Outcomes
    • Outputs
  5. The Resource
    • Time
    • Money


These is no kids play but this can certainly truncate the time span of the learning curve for those who are sincerely aspiring to embark on such a transformative journey from being a writer to writer-entrepreneur;


Nihar Pradhan





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The Work of Blogging…how much to do our self and how much to outsource?

Work of Bogging - Outsourcing

The “work of blogging” appears so simple. And the question…

What is there to work?

At the level of perception, it is deceptive. In fact in its much deeper avatar the demand for engagement with this work is highly disguising. We get swayed by its ostensible glamour and there is an open clamour for colour. We get disruptively immersed in its colourful manifestation.

What is the engagement with blogging? It is merely about dwelling with some floating ideas and giving some wings to those flying thoughts, flirting attempt to bind those ideas with some meaningful words, striving towards forming a story. After all, we are all born storyteller; we have our own stories to tell, we have our way to telling that story. The STORY begins here…

Yes, blogging is just about the art of informal writing and self publishing, what else, at the surface of it, it is simple casual writing not much to do with the idea of serious writing stuff, may be it needs little more technology alignment not mandatory about being overtly technology savvy and seemingly it all ends there. So simple. The matter would have been closed.

“No hypothesis.”

“No analysis.”

“No arguments.”

“No confusion only conclusion.”

Exactly, this is what I had conceived. My mind was initially impregnated with this array of simple streams of thought. I had consciously left the body of work in blogging to evolve from my conception and perception to hit the stark reality and meet the deeper realization.


It is much beyond these simple equations of ideation and inscription.


I was absolutely flawed.

The journey of blogging merely begins here as a line of POETRY but the story continues as it develops into a STORY and appears to ends as a NOVEL which it never does. The deception. We get trapped in the mirage of the impending end. It is the dawn of veracity. Once started, if we are passionate about what we are doing, blogging becomes an endless engagement of creativity, thinking, writing, collaborating, conversing, designing, demanding and dismantling many of our myths and displacing our age-old assumptions.

The mother of most problems in our life are clandestinely harbored in the box of assumption, we resist in breaking that subtle but strong bondage we have built over time with the assumptions that govern our work and the way we work, it is magical, it happens, only a mental shift, the moment we start QUESTIONING the ASSUMPTIONS we instantly start seeing a world of opportunities and window of possibilities unfolding in front of us.

It is so much more, in fact much more than our conventionally defined horizon of imagination. The work encompasses a body of knowledge and multiple disciplines. It is equally about the principles of management, the organization structure, the process to be followed, the finances to be mobilized and the marketing efforts that need to be strategized.

WORK of BLOGGING is indeed a complex process, a chain of actions and it is a combination of multiple tasks and it needs manifold skills to make the amalgamation of work harmoniously and work well for us as a blogger.

In general, the complexity of blogging work would get considerably limited if it is just taken as a hobby, an extension to our area of interest and then merely recording of our personal events and narrating our happenings in our day today life, then giving few twists and turns, getting here and going there. That is not the case for many serious bloggers, many of us who have aspired to climb the ladder of professional blogging or those professional blogger who have already made blogging a full-fledged business venture that they had once started as a mere hobby and there are very few others, in fact minuscule in number who have had very clear idea, the day one and had started purely with the idea of doing business in mind, to make money by working their way in blogging and making a direct living out of blogging. The freedom we get, we cherish, the flow of money that control, we are empowered and the joy of seeing the success of our idea, that we passionately nurtured…PASSION transforming into our PROFESSION.

“It is tempting.”

“It is inspiring.”

The moment we hear about the success stories, the six and seven-figure earnings, we are after all human beings and we cannot always resist such temptation and not take steps in that direction after being inspired. I would be telling a lie, if I say given an opportunity I wouldn’t enjoy that very definition of financial success. But the bigger question we need to ask ourselves that are we game for taking such risk and such engagement where we have to trade-off our joy of blogging with the job of blogging.


It again appears so simple, what is there to be debate between these two words of “joy” and “job”.


Therein lies the fundamental difference between what we do and what we really intent to do, we leave the thoughts in loose ground and perhaps, and we love playing in that grey zone as we don’t have to anchor ourselves in some self-regulated boundary. The paradox is that we cannot escape the boundary, as we have set for ourselves. It is about the self commitment…

WORK of BLOGGING is also about designing web pages, producing quality content, creating market for the products and marketing those products through multiple marketing strategies. This is like acquiring masters in blogging business administration before doing the business of blogging and it is much more than the writing skills and also not just about having a little bit of technical understanding. It needs deeper understanding. It is about, comprehending more about social media, search engine optimization, social media marketing, link building, running forums, joining chat rooms, doing webinars, and sharing podcast, selling ads and much more.


It is a combination of diverse roles…the ROLE;

as a writer,

as a copywriter,

as a software developer,

as a graphic designer,

as a trainer,

as a speaker

as a partner and collaborator.


Each role has its own set of required skills and these skills needs to be constantly honed to effectively discharge the responsibilities under that specific role. There is no end to learning multiples skills and mastering few required skills for each such different roles we play.


Work of Blogging is indeed a kaleidoscope of talent on dazzling display... Click To Tweet

Multi Tasking in Blogging

Many of us ourselves were not even aware of the latent talent until we put ourselves to this litmus test of blogging. The ability to manage such multiple roles and make the online organization as a blogger perform optimally and get us the desired result consistently is not an easy proposition. Business bloggers running successful ventures are highly talented people, some of the abilities are very much within them but there are many such abilities which are not gifted but are gained by LEARNING and TRAINING.

Still, the list is long and all skills cannot be factored in this two compartments of learning & training, and those skills that are essentially needed to sustain the success of running the online business of blogging…goes beyond the tangible list. What should we do when the extended list doesn’t fit the prescribed box; we just cannot stop the business or allow the business growth to suddenly drop and the organization to die.

We have to improvise.

We have to innovate.

We have to think out of box…

There are many ways, and one such idea resides in the model of OUTSOURCING.

It is no more an experimental model, it has been designed, developed and deployed in myriad such cases and it has time and again proved its mantle in dealing with such problems and defining a solution, it is now a well-orchestrated management practice to make the resources count both in terms of the time factor and in the matters of money management.

Invariably, we don’t have the luxury of time to manage so many tasks, diverse in nature and demanding high level of competency and certain degree of PROFICIENCY, even if we have it in few aspects, we generally will not have the requisite skills to keep doing at that efficiency, EFFICIENCY matters in running any business. The solution is engineering an outlet in the form of outsourcing, outsourcing certain set of tasks, tasks that are not related to our core competency.

We have to separate the core from the periphery, the cream from the milk, the wheat from the chaff, the support activities which on outsourcing will not directly affect the quality of the product or service we offer, in essence our core brand, the brand value we have created and the position we have established over a period.


Is writing our core?

Is technology our core?

Is marketing our core?

Is speaking our core?

Is networking our core?

Is designing our core?


Identifying our CORE COMPETENCY is the secret to sustained success (we can all taste success once or few more times the taste of success, that will only take us thus far no farther) the key to sustained success lies in consistency in what we do and how well we keep doing it. It requires hard decision, the decision to part ways in few things we may like to do, parting with the few roles, relatively less significance in the gamut of roles we are suppose to play.

It is about outsourcing tasks exercised by those lesser roles of ours which are non-core, being less critical to our competency. It is relative. Accepting the fact, the fact that we cannot be good at everything, relinquishing what we are not good at and embracing what we are really good at, an intelligent judgment and nurturing those few good qualities of our nature.


The FOCUS is vital to achieving success in any SPHERE and the blogoSPHERE is no exception. Click To Tweet


Blogging cannot escape the focal lens.


RESOURCES are limited, nothing in this world is unlimited, the one factor that governs everything in this world is the factor of time and we cannot do anything in this world without obeying the rules of time and time is the most important resource and by outsourcing we do more in less time.


OUTSOURCING is definitely a good idea and great way to grow faster and better with more focus on our core competency. It needs harnessing. The focus, it does the trick and brings the difference being just good and becoming great. But there is also a factor of timing, not just about time to be outsourcing the tasks and it should not be done at the beginning of the journey of blogging where there is high probability to make the mistake and hence we should exercise our freedom to explore the opportunity to learn the art of blogging through experimentation and with engagement of doing trail and error.

By doing so we get to know the finer nuances of running the online business, the hands on experience that counts and counts in a big way as the business grows bigger. Being familiar and being involved makes us more agile in doing the different tasks and more swiftly in shifting roles.


The Work of Blogging can be daunting if we don’t master the art and craft of managing multiple tasks and keep developing the required skills.


The key to managing a successful blogging business that is sustainable squarely resides in the prudent decision we are able to take, of how much of work we should be doing ourselves, how much of work we should be delegating, what works to be done by our support team, what we should be doing ourselves and how much of the work we should be ruthlessly outsourcing.

Parting ways, this is not an easy decision.

Though the FILTER is the factor of competency, once we have identified our core competency and have got fully convinced that these competencies are our true differentiators, and logically defining the path forward into our vision of work, the work we have solemnly committed to perform and excel, then it basically boils down to what we blog as a subject and question, why we blog more objectively


Then Work of Blogging is game of mathematical deduction and what part of the work is to be outsourced is largely relative, and there cannot be a standard FORMULA that has universal applicability…we have to work our way out.






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A Typical Day in the Life of a Blogger…

Typical Day in Blogger's Life

Every occupation or profession or passion or position we hold has a lifestyle typical to nature of the role we play, there is something so uncommon for each such life we all adore to lead and there is something that is so common we all abhor staying long.

In the deal what matters is how is a typical day.

It is way we deal with our day that design’s our life’s destiny.

BLOGGERS are no exception. The choice is ours. Choosing to do blogging is again entirely our choice. We may take it as a hobby or make it as our profession, the choice is ours. We want to continue providing free content or make some part of our content paid one is once again our choice. The frequency of posting, everyday day to every week is our choice. The topic we would like to debate and discuss is our choice. The bloggers we all want to follow and which all posts we want to read and comment is our choice? The choice is unlimited.

The component of intrinsic potential and unlimited possibilities…

The life of a blogger varies widely and deeply depending on what age & stage of the blogging journey we are in, just started, have traveled miles, lost are way and don’t know what to do, have traveled miles and are very clear what to do next, an established blogger, a highly successful blogger, are constantly on the crossroad, are constantly resetting purpose of the journey and ultimately it is the space of blogging is about experimenting and exploring the area beyond the boundaries of self, family, friends and fraternity to engage with the unknown space of excitement and expectation…virtually meeting people with whom we would have otherwise never met and perhaps will never meet them in real; this mystical facets and fascinating aspects is what makes the defining difference in what the life of a blogger will manifest as and that a typical day will customarily mirror that stage and state of mind.

The element of uncertainty and the unexpected…


First, irrespective of the phase of blogging there are certain things that are common and and cannot be escaped or there cannot be any trade off.

Second, there are certain things that are embedded to the specific area or topic of blogging and that very aspect does vary from bloggers to bloggers.

Third, it depends on whether blogging is just a hobby i.e. a loose extension of the passion or blogging a profession a serious pursuit towards excellence.

Fourth, if not in the business of blogging the nature of day’s engagement would be fundamentally different from being engaged towards making money.

Fifth, based on the core competency of the blogger, the day’s core activity will get constructed and constituted, and then get executed and extended.


If I am a TRAVEL blogger, most of my time will be expanded in travelling. Unless I do that I don’t do justice to my travel content. Yes, one day I’m in one fascinating place and the other day I’m in another not so fascinating place, one needs to learn the art of balancing the good day and the not so good day. If I am a PHOTOGRAPHY blogger, most of my time will be spent clicking and capturing the beautiful moments. The moments then get frozen and framed. It calls for patience and technique, one need to develop both otherwise there won’t be the convergence of the perfect picture. If I am a FOOD blogger, my time will be in the kitchen  keeping the recipe ready to get one more new dish out on the table or in the restaurant trying an interesting cuisine. I need to keep testing the odds and so as to even out the odd and get the better off in the taste. If I am a FASHION blogger, I have to keep trying the make ups and making the break ups towards stitching my fashion statements. The fabric matters. The color counts. The design and demand need to be balanced and fashion blogger keeps doing the factor of fathoming  act. There is an enactment. If I am TECHNOLOGY blogger, I have to keep developing solutions and testing the outputs, and enhancing the user experience and engagement. It is into dissecting the software codes to decoding the technical jargon and talking about the meaning that matters to the users and simplifying it to be understood and appreciated.


Blogger's atypical day's life is about learning the art of leveraging the living place between the virtual and the real space. Click To Tweet


For every blogger, there is a core component of blogging and that very core drives the day’s activity. For every blogger as stated there is something common and cannot be compromised or be sidetracked, and these are about researching and searching, content writing, creative thinking, commenting meaningfully and conversing collaboratively with fellow bloggers to constantly conceptualizing newer ideas to keep the engine ignited.

There are broad categories and there are niche areas, choice is ours. I was lost between the two, should I go for the broad category or should I stick to a niche area. I gave a deep thought. I didn’t get the solution. I was unable to confer between both ends of the spectrum. Not that I couldn’t fit but I was not convinced nor was I satisfied in the fitment. There was something missing. The question that popped up that after all at the fundamental level blogging is all about freedom, expression, engagement and experience.


It is an experience of choice.

It is an extension of passion.

It is not a confinement.

It is not a condition.

It is creation.


A day in the life of any blogger is about creation. A day in the life of any blogger is about writing.

“The creation of content.”

A day in the life of any blogger is about deep thinking.

“The critical part of thinking.”

A day in the life of any blogger is about analysis, the analysis of traffic.

“The control on traffic.”

A day in the life of any blogger is also reading and responding, reading what’s happening in the blogosphere.

“The art of commenting.”

The habit of reading. A day in the life of blogger is also about connecting with the community.

“The community connection.”


A day in the life of a blogger is also about disconnecting from the digital world and connecting with the real world. Click To Tweet


A typical day in the life of blogger is also to see there is a life outside blogging.


Blogging is not only about writing, thinking, and controlling things but also about enjoying, living and entertaining self, the lifestyle matters and the lifestyle of a blogger is not the same as a non-blogger. Blogger’s lifestyle undergoes a change just not a minor change but a major shift in the way the blogger lives his or her life. Blogging by very nature drags us more into the vortex of the virtual world make us apparently more social in the virtual world and virtually make us less social in the real world. Though this phenomena is rapidly changing with the increasing physical meets of the blogging community, but the very fundamental nature of the work as blogger have to have more presence in the virtual space…certain things are just not negotiable.


Quintessentially, the day in the life of a blogger is a day full of excitement, is a day full of engagement, is a day full of expression, is a day full of creation, and is a day full of connection. The degree definitely varies depending on where we are and what stage of blogging we are into, the style varies but the substance need to remain for us to keep growing. Style can take us so far not farther and it is ultimately the substance that sustain the day of a blogger into week to into month and then into years.


Just like LIFE we have ups and downs, good and bad, happiness and hibernation, hot and cold, day and night…so the day in the life of a blogger cannot be without night fall, there will be days where things will monotonous and mundane without any iota of motivation to come to the very space which just the other day was so delightful has suddenly become so unpalatable…those are the testing days in the life of any blogger and it could be any day, and this slump and slide is also a typical day in a BLOGGER’S life and the ability to lift our self and loft newer perspectives that determines our destination.


Indeed, the typical day of a passionate and purposeful blogger is what we all aspire, as it is atypically factored with fun, frolic and fascination…MEANINGFUL!!!


Note: It is about the BEAUTIFUL message on BLOGGER’S day not the day out of a PHOTOGRAPHER as deceptively depicted in the PICTURE…

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Geek by Night and Techie by Day

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

image courtesy – hebus.com

In the day, the moment I’m into office, the right is left behind and the left takes over the functioning of the brain. But, when I’m back home, the right is back once again in full action.

It sounds cryptic. Isn’t it?

But it isn’t.

It is a classical debate, whether it is scientific fact or just an intellectual fiction. I am not sure.

The enigma continues with me…

Being an IT entrepreneur I keep dabbling with technology (cloud, mobility, analytics) talking to programmers, interacting with project managers, working with system analyst and dissecting the technology conundrums. There are these functional features in the application…the integration testing, the bugs, the architecture design, the user interfaces…This is complex and trying to build models, algorithms and checking the logical outputs and assessing the business outcomes.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

image courtesy – allsciencemag.com

In the day, here with my team I address the real life problem.

The coding of activities organizes the functions and provides a structured approach to solve the problems. This is what I like to do for my earning. The efficiency of doing it and the effectiveness that matters…and we all need money to meet our need and yes, our want has no end.

Here comes the desire and there comes the passion. We need to control our desire and expand our passion.

But the moment I enter my house in the evening, the office problem is left behind in the office, and officially; I can switch my brain to do what I love to do…put my right brain to its full functioning. The passion takes over the profession. It is time to explore. It is time to expand. It is indeed time to enjoy. Not that in the morning I don’t explore newer possibility to solve real life problem or enjoy doing my work. I do.

But when I enter my world of artistic imagination, it is sneakily fascinating and it is spiritually enthralling. Playing with words, just like the game of scrabble where every move and every word counts. And not being confined by the boundaries and the constraints that make it more exciting.

In the day, there are rules and there are conventions and these keeps me grounded and limit my imagination beyond a point. But when in night I am in my zone, without the boundaries and restriction to my thoughts, I go crazy, I even go berserk…I allow my emotions to take new flights and go new heights.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

image courtesy – maxisciences.com

Initially, it was tough to balance the two sides of the brain, making one part more active in the morning and allowing the other to take part more aggressively in the night, this was not easy. During the day, I have to keep destroying the myths and assumptions in solving real life problems. There are better ways to solve our daily life problems and this is possible only when we demolish these age-old assumptions and mundane practices that keep us from doing things differently and creatively. The technology, yes, the software application does change the way we manage our daily tasks and it increases the productivity and enhances the effectiveness of our working.

Working on problems to writing on passion, the duality of role is doubling challenging, but there is a mystical fun in this challenge.

It keeps testing me.

It keeps shifting my bar.

It keeps questioning my assumptions.

It keeps contesting my premise of thinking.

This tussle of thoughts keeps expanding with each such encounter, sometime fun, sometime frustrating and many times the anticipation is what keeps it exciting, and the synergistic engagement of left and the right keeps improving. Compression (yes pressure) in the day, and expression (not depression) in the night… you are right, the solutions to problems are compressed in the algorithms and coding, and sensitivity of our senses is expressed in our words and wisdom.

These are complementary in nature, but it takes time to sync, and it happens only when once these are well harmonized. Indeed, in synchronization, we see the latent potential emerge. No doubt, there is a limitation in our logical thinking and the solutions to our real life problem are many times discovered in our intuitive thinking. The empirical data exists; many scientific inventions have been preceded by intuitive and creative thinking.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

image courtesy – securitygeeks.net

The active use of right brain in the night supports the activation of left brain usage in the day. It is not easy to shuffle between the left and the right. It is not easy to shift from hard-core technology, to soft and subtle stuff of creative writing. Switching from being a techie in the day to a geek in the night…it has now become a habit for me, whether it is good or bad, I really don’t know but if you ask me the question, am I enjoying this shifting of roles at a particular stage when the earth reaches in its movement around the sun?

It appears cryptic, it isn’t, and it is just about day and night.

I am a techie in day and a geek in the night…

We all play multiple roles and I would love to hear how you manage such switching of roles between what we like to do for our profession to what we love to do for our passion…if both matches we are blessed.

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Writing while Working – Is it doable?

Working, Writing, Working & Writing, Passion, Profession

                                                               Writing while Working


Can we be a full-fledged writer while working or  these two engagement of working and writing just cannot co-existence, and it is an either or situation.

Though it is neither a rule nor an exception; it can go hand-in-hand provided we have our mind and heart aligned between our profession and passion. Aligning mind and heart for a common cause is a passionately challenging profession.

Writing indeed is a passion and not necessarily can always be our profession, and mostly our profession is different from the passion.

This is the million dollar dilemma we are in.

So, do we wait to finish our professional career to start our career based on our passion or plunge into it without much thinking?

A deep-driven thought we relentlessly ponder with but predominantly being a non-workable model, this proposition primarily stands self defeated. We resist ourselves from doing so and envy others doing the same, an uncanny irony we are riddled with.

Life has limited resources and once age catches up and time goes by we may not have the fervor and proclivity to exercise our thinking for the passion. The idea steadily but certainly dwindles with passage of time and the inspiration or the motivation to write gets re-written.

I would state that this hypothesis “writing while working not possible” is a myth and the following assumptions goes against the proposition that writing cannot go with working;

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                     Writing is a Passion


Writing can and should go with working

  1. Writing while working is better proposition as it gives wider exposure and better opportunity to obtain newer ideas and new dimensions.
  1. Constant writing is sometime deeply isolated process and becomes acutely monotonous; working breaks that pattern of drudgery.
  1. Writing is not always sufficient to make your both ends meet; it needs additional sources to supplement our income.
  1. Working is a fulfilling experience, it activates us, it energies us, it engages us, it organizes us and it is what works on our thinking.
  1. Working is the essence of our existence, quality work builds on us, and it drives us and draws us into qualitative frame of mind.
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