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A country in its life span that spans over multiple centuries goes through a journey of multiple phases, the journey from an underdeveloped to a developing and then moving to a developed country and slowly sauntering into a state of supremely developed country. Then starts the cycle of decline and discovery, leading to state of saturation and once again the nation is back in search of it’s true identity, this is much like the different stages of a human life cycle.

Republic of India has just completed its 70 years of independence. The socio-economic structure plays a vital role in the evolutionary process of both the nation and the people of that nation. The social fabric and the economic framework have to work in tandem in the course of building a strong nation.


India Today is standing at the cusp of that huge leap from being a developing country to a developed country. We are all waiting for the India Tomorrow with bated breath to wholeheartedly embrace the much awaited change in the state of our nation. It is a significant milestone in the life of a nation…


One of the biggest challenge as a country we have faced is that of “abject poverty” and juxtaposition with that of a “billion plus population”, and when such large landscape gets inflicted with the grip of life threatening diseases, it all gangs up, invisibly aggravating the visible agenda of the nation, as people we need to discuss the real issue…the issue of living a healthy and leading a happy life.

The bigger question is on the “health and happiness” quotient of the nation.

The invasion of newer patterns in disease makes the human journey that much tough and living that much tougher. Though as a country we have managed to conquer many of those diseases that have affected us but much like the world the AIDS has also invaded our country. We are fighting the battle. Though we have made good progress in our resolve to fight, it is equally important for all us to know the danger of such diseases in the life of a country with big population like us and preparing ourselves to protect from such sudden invasion.


AIDS has the dangerous potential to wipe out the entire population as it is squarely hitting at the heart of human reproduction.


AIDS has the dangerous potential to wipe out the entire population as it is squarely hitting at the heart of human reproduction. Click To Tweet


Diseases will be there and today it is Cancer and AIDS, tomorrow it could be something else, the hide and seek game between life and death through strange diseases will continue till the existence of world, and we have to live with that mystery of disease in our life.

In the process we have created a fertile ground for breeding the Pharma Industry and the nexus of doctor with companies has formed a heady cocktail ready to take the helpless people primarily because of their ignorance and poverty for a cruel and costly ride.


The paradox…

India Pharma sector as per IBEF report shall reach the USD$45 billion by 2020 and will become the sixth largest market globally. There is plethora of challenges confronting the healthcare sector in India, healthcare spending to GDP remains dismal and today stands at 2.5%, actually reaching on the ground must be less than 1%. India is at the bottom of pyramid as far as healthcare spending is concerned compared to the world average…not a good place to feel proud of our own self.

Pharma Companies have gained strong ground and have taken away the basic surface under their feet of these people deeply steeped in dire poverty; sufferings of life and they have nobody to rescue them from these “poverty-disease” juggernauts. Unless the nation moves into the state of rapid economic growth with a clearly defined agenda of inclusive social development. It all depends on the resolve of the people of the country, strong resolution and then spearheaded by a strong leader to lead such historical transformation…


As a country we are truly blessed with the beauty and bounty of nature, this attracts tourists and tourism as an industry must have historically boomed and flourishing but that is not the case when we look at the world stats on India Tourism. Though things have changed in the recent past but long way to go when we compare the potential and what we have achieved. India Travel and Tourism ranks 7th in terms of the total contribution of the sector to the nation’s GDP.

Tourism can play a vital role in augmenting the economic development of a country and the social development of the tourist place where people from across the world converge and create a new spectrum of thinking and living that can beautifully co-existence. We have taken our nature for granted and we have exploited the glory of nature and robbed of its innocence and ripped it at apart. The consequences are clear. There is a world-wide phenomenon on the changing weather pattern and the sudden changes in the climatic condition are badly affecting our life.

Here is the immediate case in point.

The heavy downpour in the financial capital Mumbai in India to the hurricane Harvey in Houston…these are different end of the geographical spectrum of the world but with similar consequences.


Life has always been a mystery for us and there are questions that have perennially with us over the history of time. We keep searching for profound answers for philosophical questions which have been historically elusive and we have evaded facing the stark reality and running away from the core issues of life and living. The purpose of life…we get inadvertently caught in the routines of life and side so much into the micro details of the living that we miss out the big picture of life itself. After all what we want to achieve from our life or just keep doing what comes our away and living a life of mercy in the hands of work. Work that we don’t like to do and work that is ingeniously thrust upon us and we keep doing thinking we don’t have any option and we put ourselves into a prison of blocked thoughts.


There is a need to break away and break free from those prejudiced mind and jaundiced eyes, and look at life from an altogether fresh perspective.


In life perspective matters more than the perception, though we keep building our perceptions from the reality of life. We need to keep an eye on the subtle differences between these two fundamental words i.e. the perception and the perspective. We have to keep changing our lens and the angle of camera in life to be able to constantly give our life a fresh perspective.

Wife has always been a mystery to a husband’s life, I must say all husband will agree with me that it takes time to understand our better half. Not to state the obvious that it may well be the case with all wives. Therein lies the mystery element. The relationship between wife and husband is a fascinating journey and there is a life before marriage and there is a life after marriage.

Life does undergo a tectonic shift after marriage where the choices and compulsions of life for both the wife and husband are intrinsically linked. The links provides a new dimension of “pull-push” force in the relationship where both attempt to find a space for themselves. This is otherwise difficult to find because of the linkage which is called as the family bondage. The bond changes with age and with stage of life. Though we term the relationship as a life long bond but nothing in life is permanent or nothing in life can be taken for granted, even the powerful bond between wife and husband needs to be nurtured with the changing nature of life.


Nurturing the nature is vital to naturally growing the human relationship.

Everything organic is good for life but inorganic things have invaded our life and we are helplessly witnessing the invasion and allowing our life to go into the hands of newer ailments.


Everything organic is good for life but inorganic things have invaded our life and we are helplessly witnessing the invasion and allowing our life to go into the hands of newer ailments. Click To Tweet


We keep questioning people the way they behave and the way they react, much of the time without investing any thought of ours on why they are behaving the way they are and why they are reacting the way they are. We miss out on the factor of empathy. We need to get into their shoes to understand the pain they are in and appreciate their point of view.  This is as much of significance in life as the case happens of writing in fictional stories where the point of view matters in the narration.

These abnormal human behaviors and abhorrent reactions of people are not independent of the strange situations in life. The changing circumstances governs the human behavior and when we question others behavior we should look deep inside us and put ourselves in those situations and then make a realistic assessment of our respond and not reacting. When the stomach is full we all tend to behave well, when we are stress free we will all tend to behave properly, when we are physically fit we all tend to behave positively, when we are satisfied with what we are working we tend to feel happy, and in this scuffle of life there is a something vital missing in our life and that is what we call as the “peace of mind”.


In today’s life peace has become an elusive word rather we have started talking more often about the “piece of mind” that has mercilessly snatched away from us with the constant hammering that happens on our mind.


The pressure of work. The pressure of expectation. The pressure of comparison. The pressure of success. The pressure of failure. The pressure of maintaining the relationship. The pressure of broken relationship.


Life is indeed a Pressure Cooker and we keep cooking dishes which we don’t want to eat but that pressure eats away the peace of our mind, and then we run behind the extended family of the word “mind’ euphemistically that get termed as “mindfulness”.


The intriguing questions that keep us haunting on intermittent intervals is why we should be at the very outset allowing our mind to get filled with that gratuitous garbage and then ironically we want it to be quickly emptied. There is a time needed for everything. Resisting those unwarranted invasion and unauthorized capturing of our mind space, it’s a double whammy on our mind with both the real world and the digital world frantically jostling to take their space and leaving us helpless and breathless…


The story of “Mystery of Life and Wife” is set in the background of today’s India and dives deep into the subtlety of questions for sound answers that we all have searched for making our tomorrow a much better place.


The story of “Mystery of Life and Wife” is set in the background of today’s India and dives deep into the subtlety of questions for sound answers that we all have searched for making our tomorrow a much better place. Click To Tweet


A world where along with the “wealth creation” through economical means lies the most important social dimension of the life a human being and the life of the nation is the “health composition”, the health of human body and health of nation’s mind…not an easy conundrum to unravel and tackle, cannot be easily composed to strike a perfect chord for a musical symphony of life, as there is this mystical part of our wife which keeps constantly challenging the mystery of our life. 


Apple is not just a fruit anymore. Twitter is not just a bird anymore. Blackberry is not a cherry anymore, than how come Amazon can continue to remain a river or a forest anymore…this digital world has brought a completely new interpretation to the nouns and pronouns of the real world. The real meaning of words is undergoing a catharsis and this we are conveniently calling as digital distortion…


The story is available on Amazon for reading, if I would have written the same line before the advent of the digital world, people would have scorned at me and said this guy is crazy.  Amazon is the river and Amazon is the forest in the South America and this guy wants us to go there and read his story…forget it!!!


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I am passionately looking forward to your point of view which matters to me more than my point of view…it’s your mind that rules over my matter.


Nihar Pradhan



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