Mission is to Make a Difference in the thoughts of Million Minds…


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The tantalizing topics and teasing titles that talks on hard hitting perspective that matters and as a matter of fact it tactically figures out intriguing thoughts served in soft subtle conversation that is profoundly meaningful…



Science, Literature, Art, Philosophy: {SLAP} The tantalizing topics and teasing titles that talks on hard hitting perspective that matters and as a matter of fact it tactically figures out intriguing thoughts served in soft subtle… Click To Tweet


This platform is all about diversity of thoughts, exchange of ideas, quality of conversation, creative engagement, refreshing experience, feeling of empowerment, sense of gratitude and the converge of passion with compassionspace crafted for the thinkers and the storytellers.



Make a Difference


The Definition:“Make a Difference”


Each one of us can make a small difference and collectively we make a big difference to all of us…


We are all gifted with talent, there are hundreds of people whose talent we are able to see and get inspired but there million others whose talents we are not able to see. The only difference is, these million others don’t know, the how part, the art of expressing their talent; it needs that little push, it needs that public platform, it needs that little power to ignite their passion.

This is completely on us whether we want our life to “make a difference” and what difference we want our life to make. To “make a difference” in someone’s life who is leading a meaningless life to a meaningful life, the life we are all meant to live.

I believe every person can make an extra-ordinary difference in lives of others and there is nothing called ordinary in my dictionary, all people are extraordinary it is just that some have got the break and the others are waiting for it.

The thought of making a difference, gives me a sense of purpose, a sense of urgency, surge of energy and, a sense of satisfaction and significance to my existence. It is a very small beginning, to try and help others; many have helped me in my lives and have made a difference in my life.

I just cannot repay their debt; these cannot be measured and cannot be returned. This can only be given back to others and the only way I can reciprocate it is by passing on the baton of helping others and making a difference in their life and there are many ways to “make a difference”. This is a journey of learning from each other and making a difference in other’s life.


Make a Difference



The Abbreviation: MAD

I was contemplating whether to use the abbreviation for Making a Difference (MAD), I was not sure how it would be interpreted and how the messaging will be, would it land in the right perspective, would it make any sense or it would literally sound little crazy to use an abbreviation “MAD” that is paradox to the purpose and conflicting the cause behind the phrase “making a difference”. But in the end I decided to use it when I looked back at the mission, making a difference in the lives of million souls, unless I am crazy I cannot create and connect with the mission statement.


Blog Brief: ABCDE

A difference in terms of bringing a smile, sharing an idea, triggering a new thought, giving  a little more confidence, providing a better clarity, boosting the earning capability, a supporting to take a step forward and making life truly beautiful…after all, we all deserve a beautiful life and better living.


This is an IDEA Blog – that deals with the alphabets of life, living, learning, thinking, doing and making a positive difference in the lives of…








Yes, it also about earning while learning, how to make money through online business, how to make blogging more than a just a hobby and a source of income and how to earn more by starting a venture, and how to share your stories and make your stories count, counting the money through book publication of your stories.

The idea of this blog is to ideate on how to design a new lifestyle being an artist and a blogger, a consultant and a blogger, a storyteller and a blogger, and an entrepreneur and a blogger…it is all about passion and expressing those passion through blogging.


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Myth of Money:

To make a difference we don’t need money…it is a myth; what we need is to align our mind with our heart, it is all in our thinking, our idea, our involvement, our time, our persuasion, our perseverance and clarity & conviction on our own purpose in life.


Attitude of Gratitude:

One of the fundamental way to shift our mind towards making a difference is shifting our mindset itself, and our attitude plays a significant role, building an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference.

It is all in our attitude, right attitude is a harbinger of ideas, it doesn’t matter whether the idea is small or big, even a small idea can make a big difference, it’s the idea that makes or breaks the way we live our life.


Big Changes are hidden in the Smaller Things…




Nihar R Pradhan

IDEA Blogger

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