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Who are we?

We are partners in your digital journey, transforming the way you think, the way you work and the way you grow.


“We simplify processes and amplify productivity.


We provide creative, disruptive and innovative solutions for your problems. Our passion is to work towards creating a better future of growth and prosperity for everyone.

We are the ‘future technology’ for the current generation-driving to lead and live a meaningful and inspiring life. We are poised to make a tectonic shift in the way digital technology is going to influence and impact millions of lives across the globe.

Digital Campus Services my Company, is an outcome of a decade of relentless dedication and rigorous research & development. Today, we are a leading technology product company creating innovative solutions for accelerating quantum growth in the education ecosystem.


2014 Gartner Technology Report, the global leader in Technology Research states “Digital Campus”, as the emerging player in the space of cloud, mobility and analytics.


 Digital Campus, Nihar Pradhan


Technology Services

We are in the business of building technologies that can make a big difference in the business of running organizations. Our technologies are designed to work for the people not making the user work hard to use the technologies. We believe in simplifying technologies. We work in the field of cutting age information technologies.

The technologies our team works are cloud computing, mobile technology, big data analytics, integrating different platforms to connecting multiple devices and making the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality for all.

  • Cloud has made on-premise irrelevant.
    • Cloud has made work move with user. Cloud has made collaboration work. Cloud has made organizations to extend their campus. Digital Campus cloud computing technologies is changing the way education campuses are managed.


  • Mobiles are making personal computers irrelevant.
    • Mobility is the order driving the society. Everybody is on the move. Mobile access is a necessity no more a luxury. Digital Campus enterprise solution is provided access through the mobile platform and to make life simpler “Mobile Apps” are for every user.


  • Data is the new oil for the new economy.
    • We believe in data driven decision-making. Digital Campus users transact on a daily basis creating massive amounts of data. We manage big data. Digital Campus Analytics works on scanning and spotting the insights for making better management decisions.


 Digital Campus, Nihar Pradhan, Makeup & Breakup, Blogger



Idea Innovation


Innovation Support

In today’s world innovation is crucial to the success and sustainability of any organization. Innovation by nature means breaking grounds and creating break through solutions for a better life. Innovation is about creating ideas.

We have created an organization for idea management. Innovation needs the right environment to nurture ideas to germinate and to grow into plants. We have planted the seeds in every mind that becomes a part of Digital Campus to innovate. Innovation is now in our DNA. The quest for innovation is in the heart of everything we do.

Innovation acquires real meaning only when it useful on a regular basis and accessible to many. Our innovation is on constant work towards designing, developing and deploying transformative solutions for the complex needs of private organizations to government institutions. Our long-term growth partnership is based on foundation of innovation.

  • We have built a strong foundation of research and development for the organization to keep creating innovative solutions.
  • We make these technologies available and accessible to the future generation, extended its arms as a part of center for excellence in education campuses and research centers.


Engagement & Empowerment

We don’t give job. We don’t look at skill. We don’t look at knowledge. We don’t look at experience.

We create careers.

We look for right attitude. We look for right commitment. We look for thinkers.

We provide the environment to engineer your thinking to innovate in what you do and how you do. We stand behind your mistake that is our investment for innovation.

We strongly believe that the growth of our company is directly proportional to the people’s power. We provide everything possible to make employee engaged and excited to work in our organization.

We are growing and we are growing rapidly, we are in constant need of thinkers and drivers, who can take initiative and who go extra mile and get things done, we are looking out employees who are part of solutions not part of problem. We have flexible time and we have complex tasks to be simplified for our customers in definite time.

If you are game for such practice and ready to embrace such rules of the game, we are there to welcome you with a hug. The human touch matters, the little pat behind the back makes all the difference in what you do in the front.

Technology Entrepreneur

Nihar R Pradhan




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