Age is just a state of Mind

age, mind, age is a state of mind, state of mind, assumptions, questions, aspirations, inspirations


The other day I was reading a news story on Bagicha Singh, a person in India who has covered five lakh eighty thousand kilometers on foot in the last 23 years. I was trying to fathom the distance when I read he was 81 years old and then I looked at him and he was carrying a 90 kg backpack.

I didn’t know how to react to the story but I did pause and reflected on the factor of age, we keep questioning the state of our life. What should we be doing at a particular age and what we shouldn’t be doing at different stage of our age? I realized that it is nothing to do with the assumption but everything to do with our aspiration.

Assumptions are not always the answer to rely on our judgment. We need to question our assumptions which are followed over the years and get’s passed on from one generation to the other.

The generational shift.

Those assumptions that are questioned and get changed but there are many that remains unquestioned. There is a secret, the secret lies in the question. Why should we restrict ourselves and not do things which have not been done at a particular age. The more we get trapped into the prism of assumptions, the less space we get to explore our aspirations.


Unless we aspire we cannot re-define the boundary of human potential and assumptions can only confine our potential.


Human potential is unfathomable.

It has no boundary.

Age is just a state.

Those who keep questioning the assumptions and conquering the aspirations keep making age defy performance; Bagicha Singh is one amongst them. I am still attempting to figure out how he has covered five lakh eighty thousand kilometers on foot.

He is neither blessed with unlimited resources nor with limitless power.


How on earth he gets the resources to manage his daily life, the life which is on constant move and how on earth is he able to keep doing the same walking for almost a quarter of a century, the consistency.

age, mind, age is a state of mind, state of mind, assumptions, questions, aspirations, inspirations

image credit_timesofindia

He is a case in point.

There are hundreds of Bagicha Singh in different sphere of life and different parts of the world who have questioned the assumptions and have marched on their path of aspirations. They are setting milestones with every mile they are conquering with their feet and feeding our mind with food for thought.

Age is just a state of mind.

With increasing longevity and changing lifestyle, those who are able to work out the work-life balance are able to defy the age syndrome.

Today’s 40, is yesteryear’s 20.

The real shift in age, not just anymore limited to the generational shift.

Retirement from work is nothing to do with age; it is everything to do with what we think and how we do what we think. It is all about the tiring of mind, not just about the fatigue of body.

Bagicha Singh’s aspiration is our inspiration…assumptions cannot always define the boundary of human potential.

Keep questioning the assumptions.

Our aspirations have no limits.

Age is just a state of mind…

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  1. I agree – age does have limitations, but let us not add to them by making assumptions and generalisations. Ricard Branson’s grandmother wrote him a letter when she was 99 and said that the last decade of her life had been the favourite out of her whole life. I love that story. We do not have to believe in the cultural stories about age, nor youth either.

    • Thanks so much Sara. This is such a fascinating aspect of any letter I have come across, I am indeed inspired that someone had the last decade as her best decade, thanks for sharing…it is all about how we look at life and every stage of life has its own charm and own importance, it is only that we keep discounting our life with age…
      This man is with a mission and the more we think about what he has done, the more I think what can be achieved and how much limited we are in our thinking…it is all in our mind but at the same time we just cannot ignore our body and its natural ability…
      Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Such an inspirational post, Nihar. “Age is just a state.” That is so true. We are only as young or old as we choose to feel. If we set our minds to do what we want to do, and set a path on how we can get there, no reason why we can’t get there. It’s only a matter of time. If we keep at it, we should be able to do it. As you said, consistency is the key. And so is patience and perseverance.

    I’ve said this before in our conversations: keep questioning, keep learning, keep moving on 🙂

    • Yes, Mabel it such an inspiration I was moved and wanted his story to reach a large audience and if it can make a little to other’s life, why not… Indeed it is a true story and a story where the days are still be counted, he has covered such long distance and such long time, I am not able to fathom his feat.

      Yes, you are right Mabel, we are as old as as we feel so, and it is all in the mind, it is mind over matter, if we don’t mind it doesn’t matter…so much time it has be told and we keep hearing but when we see such achievement we have to sit down and acknowledge such an accomplishment.
      Never easy to maintain the consistency what we do and yes , it needs the patience and perseverance which is such an important facet of making it happen.
      I agree and I remember your words “questioning the assumptions and life long learning”, makes a huge difference in our life and living.
      Have a weekend with a pleasant surprise, and stay blessed.

    • I agree, the man with a mission and a mission that moved me and something which can inspire many more and why not share a story that can change our outlook on life…
      Thanks so much…

  3. The zeal for life of people like Bagicha Singh is so inspiring for all like us. I agree that age , to a large extent is a state of the mind and also who can deny that today’s 40 is yesteryear’s 20. It is really interesting to see Nihar how you have converted these small but very pertinent and inspiring thoughts into stories in your book ‘Makeup and Breakup’.

    • Yes, Somali, I couldn’t stop myself when I read his story, I was moved and I felt is important to share his story and it is a story that inspire many more like us who are constantly looking for stimulation and trigger to get going in life…he is exception a man with mission and we can just imagine what he has done and that too difficult for many of us just to imagine also what he has done…23 years and counting on walk, I am still to trying the fathom the time and distance he has covered.
      Yes, many stories in the book “makeup and breakup” are inspired from day today life and common people who I have been meeting over the years and I am fortunate to be have met such wonderful people in different walks of my life.
      Thanks so much for remembering those stories, yes “30-60-90” is one such related story.
      Have a good break this Sunday and make this Sunday count…

      • Thank you Nihar, its a fact that we are constantly looking for stimulation and trigger to get going in life.. ..if we are able to intrinsically motivate ourselves for anything that keeps us going, the need external triggers reduces. I guess his motivation and zeal must be making all the difference.
        You too have a nice weekend.

        • Yes Somali, the moment I read the story, I was up and running, not physically but definitely mind was on the move…it is only how we look at these stories, generally it so happens that we read and move on but when pause and reflect and then share, it has a ripple effect not a change in our thinking, but a wave of change many minds…indeed he is such a great inspiration and he has lifted me and my mood.

  4. Being blessed with a great/fit body depends on your genes and how you treat & condition it. Rest is all in your mind….I know many 65 year old who are still young at heart and at the same time a 50 year old feels he has become old. Recently on a Himalayan trek, which is rated as moderately tough, I saw a 70 year old lady who has completed 18 treks till now! And on the same trek, many young people who are in early 20’s quit midway!

    • Yes, each of these stories have a tale to tell, as right pointed out 70 year old lady completing 18 treks is no less a story to get inspired. In fact the more we look for such stories, the more we learn about how people have gone about in life and what all they have achieved and each such feat is like a mountain to climb for us. Yes, body, the fitness, the genes matters but what really matters is the mind…

      Thanks so much for staying by and sharing such a lovely perspective.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Assumptions are incredibly difficult to uproot and expose at the subtlest levels Nihar; they operate within us as conditioned tendencies, doing so at the speed of light. At a coarser level, then indeed we should always examine them, as we ought the whole of life – as per the Socratic maxim. Thank you my friend, Hariod.

    • I agree Hariod. I always believed one of biggest hurdle to breaking the barriers and moving things in life resides in the cocoons of assumptions. The solutions to many problems lies in how we question and question the assumptions, assumptions are in our actions and we keep reacting to the age old practices. Unless we reflect and re-examine our self and go through a process of self discovery and change our frame of thinking, we will keep looking at life from one lens and from angle, the pictures we take will remain the same and the perspectives need to be questioned and newer perspectives need to embraced…
      He is a man of mission and it has triggered a new thought and additional energy into our system, I moved and I felt the story to be shared…
      My pleasure and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Such an inspirational story, Nihar! Indeed, age is only a number. I keep on telling this to every woman who freaks out because is getting one year older. Getting old is a privilege denied to many, so we should enjoy every second of it! I think our bodies degrade in time, but our spirits should never be crushed. There’s nothing we can’t achieve, even when we are not that young anymore. Have a beautiful weekend ahead!

    • Yes Lucy, I fully agree with you. Age is just a state of mind and it doesn’t matter if we don’t mind but we get influenced by others and we get swayed by the things we see around us. Such powerful story makes us belief in what more we can and how much we can go pursuring our goal in life. It is one life and every stage of age has its own charm and own fascination we should enjoy those moments rather than getting bogged down with the factor of age and get diverted and limited in our thinking, we immediately start putting conditions and rules as we climb the ladder of age…
      At any age and at any stage we can do and can acheive if we decide and be determined but many times we are down and out, and it is all in the mind and such inspiring story gives that lift and that enables our thought to really take off…
      I am enjoying your new set of painting and hope everything is going great…
      You too Lucy, cheers!!!

      • Nicely said. Every age has its own beauty. We shouldn’t allow a number dictate the way we feel about ourselves!
        Thank you for your kind words on my paintings. I am enjoying it a lot! Things are busy but ok.It’s good to find some time for something I enjoy doing though.
        Cheers! 😀

        • Yes Lucy, age is a number and we should stop counting all the time, be aware of it but get it rule our mind. Like everything in life we should allow anything to control us, we should always have the steering in our hand and know what to and when to do what…yes, every age has a beauty and we should know how to cherish that beauty.
          That’s a lovely news when you are in full control of your thoughts on what you enjoy the most, the paintings and such beautiful paintings you keep making, it makes a huge in others life like me…there is such a subtle secret hidden in the colors and lines of your canvas…
          Cheers indeed…just cherished your visit after a long hiatus…
          take care!!!

    • Yes, Maniparna. He is indeed such an inspiration and thee are hundreds like him, not known and they don’t speak about themselves, only when we spot and speak about them, we realize how much them have achieved and what that feat is all about…true inspiration, it only takes our aspiration to new high.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hi Nihar,

    This story is indeed inspiring as everyone agrees. The joke around us has always been ‘I am 35 and will remain so till I marry my children off’…and this joke has helped me and all my friends in various ways! Even after our children got married we refuse to move beyond 50 and would never do!! Lol!

    Age was calculated in numbers only when we didn’t have the modern health amenities, only when the elders of the home were considered to be ripe enough to sit and advise. No longer so. I often say that there shouldn’t be any retirement age, it should be left to the choice of a person. If political leaders can work even when they are 85, lawyers and doctors can work till they breathe their last, why not people in other professions?

    The story of this man you have shared has reminded me of an old advt. which said…”saath saal ke jawan ya saath sail ke boode”! Age has got nothing to do with what we think and do, physically one may become weak but mind keeps working as well as ever. Khushwant Singh could write so well even at the age of 90.

    Stay blessed and have a nice weekend.

    • Haha, “I continue to be 35…”, yes I also keep hearing similar stories and I really enjoy hearing such stories which is some way or other is making others happy and why not be a part of other’s happiness by hearing and making them feel good about their number, after all it is just a number, and it is just a state and we give so much importance to it and everything change around it.

      I agree we have to accept the reality of age but can we do anything about it, just nothing, so why not keep it where it is and be happy and enjoy the moments, otherwise we are giving our age an edge in our thinking and it keeps dominating our mind and we don’t live in our present and make a living out of our life, we should quickly learn the art of living and enjoy every moment of our life and making age irrelevant, let other’s speak and this is one thing I don’t listen, I do what I love and what I enjoy and this nothing to with my age, it is everything to do with my mind…I will not allow my age to take over my mind. I want to keep my mind free to wander .

      Yes I couldn’t have put it better “saath saal ke jawan ya saath sail ke boode”…yes Khushwant Singh, he was a prime example and he produced some of his best thoughts in his later part of his life…I very much endorse the idea that there is nothing called as retirement age, it is a choice left to everyone how to interpret the word retirement…

      Always such a pleasure having such wonderful discussion, learning’s from you, I truly treasure.
      Have a lovely Sunday.

  8. Bagicha Singh sounds like he’s on a mission. I wonder what type of mission. That’s a lot weight to be carrying constantly on one’s back for so long and for so far. Hmmmm. Oh yes, the age factor. It’s funny because I don’t think that old people actually feel that way. They’re still themselves inside. Their bodies are just coming to their day’s end.

  9. ‘….nothing to do with the assumption but everything to do with our aspiration.’, such a delightful thought…..I agree time malleability cannot define potential.
    Thank U for sharing Mr. Bagicha story