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I’m wearing multiple hats as do so many of us who have already mastered the very art of juggling with heart of managing multiple hats. There is a learning curve. I am learning the art, the art of living life the way it should be lived. Though there is no defined way. It is all about exploration and experience. Before I could throw the different hats into the fray, here are those galaxy of masters who have deeply influenced my thoughts and philosophy, my fundamental way of thinking has undergone a tectonic shift and transforming the very basic way I do my simple things in life.

I am employ Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hat and I adopt Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Tool, and practice Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It would be unfair if I don’t add the galactic names of Franz Kafka, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, O Henry and Oscar Wilde, who have literally transformed the way I think and I write. I was feeling the absence, a palpable gap between these two space. Bridging the space between thinking and writing are the new age entrepreneurs and bloggers who have influenced me are Brian Clark, Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak.


I keep juggling with different hats of being a Technology Entrepreneur, a Management Consultant, a Creative Writer, a Digital Strategist, a Blogger, an Author and an amateur Photographer.


Hat is a lovely metaphor. I love playing scrabble, though I enjoy the discovery of new words in each game but what I am really looking in the game of scrabble is innovating ways to handle multiple roles and meeting many goals in the game of my life. I keep loosing the game but keep learning the new words…


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Engaged in an animated Discussion


Why the title “makeup and breakup”?


This is the first question I face every time I talk on my blog. The answer I start with is that it is nothing to do with fashion and it is everything to do with my passion.

This is not always enough stuff to qualify my statement.

There are eyebrows raised.

They question the equation.

I have to further clarify that it is not about the facial makeup and not about the breakup in relationship.


It is all about breaking the barriers and making a difference in other’s life.


This philosophy of life that I’ve really fallen in love, now it is no more a passion but it has become an obsession. I admit obsession in love is not good for relationship, it needs space to grow and it needs place to glow.

I’m constantly questioned why select this title “” when it not conveying what this blog is all about, though there is a history behind it and I have a personal liking for it. There is no rationale; it is defying the logic of domain name choice. It was an emotional affiliation and it was sharp contest between the heart and the head, I allowed the contest to continue for a longer period and wanted to adopt a time-tested result. When the result was out, I got convinced that my heart rules over my head.

I didn’t have to further break my head to find out where to make the ground, the ground to nurture my philosophy to build on my passion and to discover the true purpose of my life. This blog of mine is a small effort to break the virtual barriers in making a real difference in the twin worlds of virtual and augmented reality…


Time Passion Trail, Creative Writing, Nihar Pradhan
Receiving Memento from Mr. Javed Akhtar India’s Best Poet, Lyricist & Scriptwriter


What can you expect from this blog?


Yes, we all have expectations. When I go to any blog I go with some expectation to meet some of my requirements…the need of learning something new, the need of doing something different, to question my assumptions, to get answers to my presumptions, to explore a new world; the world of blogosphere and to expand the horizon of our imagination.

The horizon of thinking, thinking is critical to blogging; to harness creativity, creativity is the foundation to blogging, to tell a tale, and also to add that self-signature to the story. Blogging is about stories. Blogging is all about writing, the art of writing. Yes, the heart of blogging revolves around quality of writing.  Here are few posts to qualify my statement.


It is just not content but high quality content. Content is not king, for me content is queen. The old metaphor “king” has crumbled and is giving way to the new metaphor of “queen”. Content can connect and connect deeply through being authentic and relevant. Content is brand.


Content needs a new fabric to weave a new fashion statement.


Creativity constantly needs newer avenues to venture out. Nature has always been a constant source of nurturing our creativity. There are different art forms, and each form plays their part in putting creativity in right perspective.  In true sense Creativity is “Queen“.


Consistently creating quality content is a commitment to creativity. Consistently creating quality content is test of our thinking. Driving high quality thinking is essential to blogging. This is just one side Blogging mirrors life, it has two sides; content, writing, and creativity reflects one side. The other side is equally important though not more in a blogger’s life.

There is a different side to the same story of blogging, it is just not about the stories, the writing, the creativity it is also about the technology, it is also about entrepreneurship, it is also about the consulting and it is about the lifestyle that goes with blogging.

The backbone of blogging is the technology and the more we know about it and the better we do. Paradoxically, technology and writing are two ends of spectrum. One is vastly analytical and the other is deeply creative. To know more and do better, we need someone to help us, to support us, to guide us, to mentor us, to help us, to consult us, and in short some one should show us the right path. As we start exploring this new world, we start discovering the hidden patterns of our life.

This is where, we all can startup and create a world of our own, a world of freedom and finance, not just a financial freedom or a creative freedom. It is twin strike.


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Convergence of Creative Minds at Times Passion Trails


What is personality of this blog?


Every blog has a personality…it is live and the posts are always alive.

The personality of this blog is that of bold and beautifulsolid and silence, aspire and inspiredrive and strive, and finally to make and break

It is the place to explore and enrich one’s engagement with creativity, with literature, with philosophy, with entrepreneurship, with writing and with different art forms like photography to just musing with the happenings in the digital technology space.


It is a place to get intellectually involvedemotional indulged and spiritually inspired.


A personality that should get us challenged and to get us charged up, get us with newer ideas and get us to think differently and get us ready for our long-term mission and of course at the same time make us ready for our daily manifestation.


It is the place for innovative titles and intriguing topics.


Time Passion Trail, Creative Writing, Nihar Pradhan
Shaili Chopra – India’s Top Business Journalist


How blogging has changed my life?


As a writer I was lost in thinking, and I was frantically looking for an outlet to extend the expression, the expression was merely revolving around me, and I was not getting enough space to engage with the world outside.

The print space was restrictive.

The interaction was not diverse.

I did discover the extension in expression through blogging.

I was relentlessly in search for a medium to get engaged, just not engagement but meaningfully engaged…my thoughts had undergone a catharsis (purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration).


We need to re-balance our equation of life so that we get the best of both world… co-existence is inevitable and our existence gets redefined.


Disconnect to Reconnect…



Today, I am happily married to blogging.


I have made up my mind and I have no intention to break up.


Life has changed for me, and has changed forever in the way of my thinking and living and I have obtained answers to all my questions…

It has disciplined me, which I thought I was good at when I was in school and had lost it shoddily when I graduated from college and joined the corporate bandwagon to assess my economic engagement but lost my creative thinking. I have been since then desperately searching for the right means to mend my way of thinking.  My search ended with discovery of blogging.

I am back to my original way of creative thinking…

Thank you for reading my story.


Nihar R Pradhan

Makeup & Breakup

Breaking the Barriers & Making a Difference

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