Trend and Bend

There is an innate desire.

We all want to set the trend.

The urge to surge ahead in life.


We love to be the trendsetters. It is about crafting that love affair with trends. It is about creating those defining moments. Those special moments delicately redefines the way things have been usually happening around us. Making it unusual. It is not always about a new boat. It is so much about rocking the same boat. Sending the signals. The vibes that matters. The signs that shines. It is about changing the trend. Knowing how to tread the trend. And there are multiple ways to do so from subtle to significant. The colorful spectrum is there to be seized. It is vibrant. It vivid.

There is that critical shift.

And it is not a causal drift. It is not the usual detour that goes undefined.

It is a tour that sets the agenda…


It about creating a new curvature.


The question of how do we bend the trend and then trend with the curve that gets deftly created. Learning the art of creation. And we are at the genesis of that fascinating creation.  Life is at the epitome of amazing creation. Each one of our life is unique. Billions have been created over the millenniums. Each has a different story. It is universally designed. It is not about following an existing path…beaten treads, the followers but it is so much about creating new path…the trendsetters. It is the curve that craftily connects the past with the future. There are different ways to do so and we keep creating the ways differently. It is an art of doing the same thing differently. And there is a craft of doing new things. There is that significant difference in one of those different ways, we need to spot. Once we do then it grows to stands out as the trendsetter.


It literally does so but we need to recognize those subtle signals and acknowledge the symbols of difference.


In general, we all go back to our past to make meaning out of our past things to prove our present. The fallback strategy is what we are married to. It is then becomes marriage of convenience. The core conversation goes to the back burner. We attach meanings to things to make life mechanically meaningful. It is quite contrary to the premise of living a purposefully meaningful life. Past is frozen in intangible form. Present is in the tangible formation. It is only the present what we possess to powerfully empower us for our future. Past is all about recounting a scripted story because present is where the action resides, it is so much about crafting one such new story, and it is not an easy process.

The process of creation.

The constancy of production.

While doing so we propel ourselves into the realms of future. It is this inevitable interplay between the past and the future that we tend to identify ourselves and embed a sense of sanctity to our existence. Otherwise, what is that present can offer us without having a profound past and without looking forward to a promising future?


It is not the text that merely drives us but it is so much in the context that does the defining difference in our life. Every story in the past has a historical context and a constructed narrative that is so deeply contextualized in the present.


Today’s trend is so much driven by classical contemporary and it is an oxymoron. There is a craving for the past. The vintage. The classical. The royal. The heritage. But we are so much muddled in the maze of modernity. There is a tussle. May be we are bit more restless. May be we are not finding what we want in our present moment. We are not comfortable with our present to be precise. We haven’t fully embraced our present. There is a visible disconnect. The tones are not in tune. The chords are in absolute dissonance.

We are so often off from the present disposition.

We are in state of constant flux.

It is a paradox given that we should be on with our present. After all it is the present that does everything for us and even the past is merely a product of our present engagement. And whatever we want to create our future it does happen through the modes of current engagement. There are no other ways and means to make meaningful space for our existence. It cannot be without accepting the present and acknowledging the knowledge in hand. It’s all in our hand but that hand moves to create our future only when our mind is motivated and maneuver our thoughts to align with our emotions and feelings.


All these comes in a power packed package and we cannot randomly compartmentalize and differentiate between these nuanced elements of thinking, working and living our life.


The inspiring stories of the past just didn’t come onto its own overnight. These stories have grown and matured over time. The essence is the time. Unless it goes through the grit and grind, it doesn’t do the honing and fine tuning needed to sharpen its presence. Much like the sculptor who chisels a dead stone and craft a lively story from a lifeless object. The artist extracts the emotions and extends the expressions in the face of the statue that makes us connect. We see a reflection. We relate. There is a story that we are able to resonant. Many of our past stories gathers momentum and it gains its relevance at an appropriate time in life.

We cannot define nor can we predict.

We just need to have the patience and pursue.


It is the way the story gets it full flow and the form that establishes it credence in the trails of time.


We are emotional people.

Emotion is what keeps us in our lubricated motion.

It is our past memories that we get emotional about and memories without emotions are a meaningless engagement. We make meaning of our present through the lens of our past.  We love our past. We love to live in our past. The emotions are there in our memories. These are loaded and ready to fire. There is that ignition needed to get the memory and moment make a difference in our life.


The moment, it is now is what counts and the memory is what cultivates with time.


We reflect.

We muse.

We are amused when we get deeply engagement with our reflection. It is the past and we are drawn into our past where the stories have been scripted, crafted and directed. It is good to rewind and review. That is what so much we can do in our mind and imagination. Nothing to do with the physical state and the present moment.

It is amorphous.

It is fungible.

It has its own charm and we cherish those memories of past in the present. It is in a way a Placebo Effect. We are unable to bear the perceived pain and we are in a state of projected hallucination. The dichotomy is clearly evident but we are deliberately avoiding the passage to profound reconciliation. The connection between the past and the future is in the present. It is not an ease state to be present in the present. It sounds philosophically intriguing. And it is indeed convoluted in its present composition.


The cycle of past, present and future is construed state of being where we are conveniently placing ourselves to be crafting an arrangement with the span of time.


There are learning curves in life. We make mistakes and we learn. Life is cycle of lifelong learning. It is not about making mistakes. We have to make mistake to learn new ways of doing things. It drafts us to craft better ways of working. The only problem when we start repeating the same mistake. It has a cost and repeating mistakes have a high cost and sometime it becomes our Achilles Heel.


We need to be periodically conscientious and we need to sometime exercise prudence in our radical experimentation.


Bending the trend is going wild and going wide. It is about breaking the pattern and setting the frame for a new pattern to emerge. The learning curve in life has to shorten and we need to be smarter in our learning. The question of how to stay ahead in the trending curve. It is so much about anticipation. It is so much of visualization. It is about reposing faith on our intuitive thoughts that keep knocking our door and we are inherently reluctant to open those doors of opportunities. Sometimes it is factor of fear to venture into an unknown territory and other times it the lack of drive to strive for such heightened achievements.


We are practically entangled in own theories of conspiracy.

We are anchored in our past.

We are imprisoned in our memories.


It is the creative curve that we need to carve out in the journey of life. Life is not always about following things but it is more important to lead certain time and set the trend for others to follow.


Nihar R Pradhan

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Nihar R PradhanLifestylefuture,Journey,Learning Curve,memories,Moment,past,present,Trend,TrendingThere is an innate desire. We all want to set the trend. The urge to surge ahead in life.   We love to be the trendsetters. It is about crafting that love affair with trends. It is about creating those defining moments. Those special moments delicately redefines the way things have been usually...Break the barrier and Make a difference...