number and imagination

Nature is remarkably structured…


There are fascinating patterns in the nature and we are merely discovering as we are nurturing our nature. The pattern in the Sun Flower to the Honey Bees follow the Fibonacci number series. The tiny to the grand, it is the biological cell to the universal cosmos. The micro in the microscope to the macro in the telescope, it is the behavior of sub-atomic particles that isn’t fully unraveled to the behavior of large matter that are largely matters to us in our daily working. Mathematics is a methodical approach to matter.

Mathematics is number, and it is the cradle of all creation.


God is mathematician and nature is Geometry.


No one knows for sure. There may be trillion species on planet Earth. It is estimated that the number of species inhabiting planet Earth ranges from 10-14 million of which less than 10% i.e. 1.2 million have been documented. The number of species tagged on Earth is 8.7 million. More than 80% of the species are yet to be discovered. The world today is inhabited by over 7.6 billion plus human beings and no two human being are the same.


The DNA of all human beings are 99.9% alike.


Planet Earth is also called as the Blue Planet.

The color blue gets its tag from the vast composition of water. Water covers the majority of the earth surface. In number the volume of water will read like 326 million trillion gallons. 70% plus of the earth surface is made of water. 97% of the water is contained in the oceans as salt water and balance 3% is what we call it as freshwater. To be precise, about another 70% of the freshwater is not in the liquid state but is in the form of solid state as ice. There is a whole lot water vapor in the air. It is in the form of humidity. The earth atmosphere comprises of 37.5 million billion of water.


Our body is made of water. The average human body is comprised on 50-65% of water. The variation is based on age, gender, weight and health. This water resides in the cell which needs water to survive. Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood which is 92% water.


It’s the atom that makes up the matter. It’s the proton, neutron and electrons that in turn make up the atom. There is a different world at the atomic level. The way these elements behave at microscopic level is governed by the rules we call as quantum mechanics. And the number that matters. 99.9% of the mass of the atom concentrates in the nucleus of the atom and meager 0.1% remains at the periphery with the electrons.


The human body is comprised of 20 elements and of which 11 are essential elements. 99% of the human body mass is made of 6 elements namely oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous. In this composition oxygen’s share is 65%, carbon’s share is 18.5%, hydrogen’s share is 9.5%, nitrogen is 3.2% and calcium’s share is 1.5%. Less than 0.1% comprises of other 5 elements namely potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium.


Human body comprises of basic biological units known as cells.


There are about 200 different types of cells. The three distinct group of cells are red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. According to scientist human body has between 30-40 trillion cells and 80% of these are red blood cells. It is the cell that makes up the tissues. The cell is tiny structure comprising of the DNA and RNA. The instruction book for the human body. Everything that we do and how we grow and live is derived from this handbook. It holds a whole world of instructions.


This body of instructions in the DNA can equate to more than 1000 books of 600 pages each as per a broad estimation.


It is the nuclear fusion in the sun that creates the energy. There are four hydrogen atoms that fuses into one helium atom. In the process there is loss of mass. And the number. The loss of sun’s mass is equal to 4 million tons per second due to the process of fusion. This loss of mass gets converted into energy and that energy reaches us in the form of sunlight.


Light and sound are such intriguing phenomena in nature.


It creates a magical fusion of light and sound show. The speed matters. There is such a huge difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound. The sound needs a medium to travel. The light has no such dependency. Sound travels at a speed of 343 meters per second in air. Light is the ultimate speed benchmark and it clocks a mind blogging speed of 186,000 miles per second. To put into perspective the distance between sun and earth is 150 million km, and the light takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to cover that distance.


When we think of light what comes to our mind is what we see but that is a small part of the spectrum of light that is invisible to naked eye. One end is the Radio waves and the other end is the Gamma waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is the term used to describe the entire range of light. Light is a wave of alternating electric and magnetic fields. The electromagnetic waves human eye detects are visible and oscillates between 400-790 terahertz. It is the measure of frequency i.e. the number of waves that pass a point in one second. This number when deciphered is several hundred trillion times a second.


The universe is a body of space, time, energy and matter.


Only 5% of the matter and energy is known, and the rest 95% is unknown as dark energy and dark matter. These gets manifested as stars, planets, galaxies and constellations. How much is the mass of these matters? How long back this universe came into existence? The estimated age of our universe is about 13.77 billion years with an uncertainty of 59 million years. The universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. It is also accelerating in its expansion. The observable universe is the part of the universe that we can see. We see the light of galaxy that has enough time to reach us here on Earth. It is believed that the observable universe is 46 billion light years in any direction and it has between 120-300 sextillion stars.

According to estimates from experts, the number of atoms in our observable universe is ten quadrillion vigintillion and one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion atoms. This mind-blowing number needs no further analysis, this number only paralyzes our thoughts.


The universe is a collection of galaxies are collection of stars.


How many galaxies and stars are there in our universe is anybody’ estimation. It is in billions and the current instruments have the limitation. Today, we have the instrument known as Hubble Space Telescope. The estimates vary from experts to experts and the number widely ranges from some 100-200 billions of galaxies.


The basic element that makes up the human body is the biological cell. Then the quintessential question, how many cells are there in an average human body? After all its body of these cells who work behind to make our life. According to scientists the average human body comprises of 37.2 trillion cells and the exact number will vary depending on one’s body structure. The cells are grouped and each group has different set of task to do. There are 210 different types of such group working in collaboration to make the magic of life. The cells are created and destroyed every minute. It is estimated that 300 million cells die every minute.


We are living in a rapidly expanding digital world. The numbers that are getting generated are astoundingly magical. Though the numbers are working on logic. This world is giving the real world a tight fight. Digital World is exploding from text to voice to likes to shares to tweets to pins. And it is the digital data that is turning out to be the most mind-boggling facet of the number and rapidly churning number has put us in a tectonic tailspin.


Data is literally on an over drive.


There has been a rapid explosion of data. It is estimated that 90% of the current digital data got generated in the last couple of years only. The millions of devices are getting seamlessly connected through Internet of Things (IoT). It is not just the human being talking to the devices, it is the devices they are doing the bigger talking between themselves. The data is getting generated and shared between these galaxy of devices dotted the planet Earth. Two-third of the world’s 7.6 billion people have a mobile phone. More than fifty percentage of these mobiles are smart phones. The number of internet usage has crossed the 4.0 billion mark. And a quarter of that number got added in the last half decade, such has been the growth of usage. With the smart phones and broadband, there has rapid rise in the social media users and it has crossed the 3.0 billion.


It is the social characters like Facebook to messaging character like WhatsApp to visual characters like Instagram to voice characters like YouTube are telling the digital side of the virtual story to the real world.


After putting all these startling numbers in perspective there is a tangential proposition that needs to be placed in its right perspective. The proposition on human nature itself and the nature that nurtures our nature.


Imagination is more powerful than knowledge was the words of Albert Einstein.  Indeed, there is an intriguing link between nature and imagination but what is the link between these large-scale numbers and nurturing those numbers.


In the wonderful words of cultural historian Thomas Berry, the loss of imagination is loss of nature.


It was poet William Blake who said nature is imagination itself.


There is difference between human nature and the nature around us but the surrounding numbers are simply mind-boggling.


Mind finds it too difficult to do the number crunching and connect the tiny dots in vast canvas of number game played by the players of nature.


Nihar R Pradhan

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