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Life is intrinsically imperfect.

We all know it but we pretend to protect.

The protection of perfection…

The innate  irony of life is that inspite of knowing the power of dabbling with imperfections we work profoundly towards perfecting the perfection. We are deeply skewed towards perfection. We are biased. We carry those prejudices against imperfection. There is this intriguing illusion of being a perfectionist. We are imprisoned by the prism of perfection. In the process we create the inherent tussle in life that never gets settled. Life is full of uncertainty.  We want to get defined by the confinement of certainty. And it never happens. We involuntarily enter into an unending contest with the world of uncertainty. When nothing is certain in life, well one can say that death is certain, we are talking of life and the best thing to do is accept the uncertainty the way it unfolds. Rather than attempting to hold onto the illusions of certainty. Life is unpredictable. We are desperately in the business of predicting the outcomes of life. And we never get our prediction right.  More so, in the process we abjectly falter and miserably fail to fathom the façade of unpredictability. Nevertheless, it is indeed so fascinating to decipher this intrinsic dichotomy of life.


We are in that illusory game of relentless pursuit of perfection in life. We are in that riveting game of feverishly fighting with the tantalizingly intangible players of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Life is simple…

We are frantically in the business of making it fallaciously complex. There is so much beauty residing in the simplicity of life but we have corrupted our conscience to get convoluted in the contours of complexity. We are wrapped. We get the whack. We are widely lost in the wilderness. This is in search of the true essence of life and we essential end up caught in the complex web of trying to live a meaningful life.

Beauty of life…

It is so much out there in abundance, the beauty that is not highlighted but is hidden in the rustic nature of things around us. It is cushioned in the rawness. Beauty harbors in the originality of thought. Beauty harnesses in the authenticity of things. Beauty embodied in the body of imperfection. Beauty is assimilated in the boundary of asymmetry. Beauty is poised in the balance of imbalance. Beauty is the literal joy of life.

We have become illiterate as far as the reading the language of joy and joyfully living our life. It is the language of imperfection. It is the language of flaw. There are these grammatical and syntax errors in the things that we see around us. This is not the language we speak where it is needed to be error free to communicate it correctly.

In joy and beauty it is the language of seeing things the way they are and not reading through the language we know.


Nothing is permanent.

Nothing is perfect.

Knowing pretty well the things around us we still live our life in search of permanence and researching for perfection. We are muddled in the middle. There is nothing as something that is perfect and permanent. Mind has its own means. Modern life has its own search for meaning in life. It just doesn’t accept the facts of life.  It loves fiction. In the zeitgeist we embark on an eternal journey of fighting the battle between the fact and fiction that governs our life.


There is a fusion of fact and fiction, and we have forgotten how to figure out and fathom these facets.


Therein lays the art of acceptance. Accepting things the way they are. Accepting people the way they are. We are in mission of fault-finding. We are in a mission of catching the complaints. We are deeply driven into the cycle of rejection and dejection. Acceptance is perfidiously rattled in between these two states and precariously leaving us in a state of utter delusion. It is such a vicious cycle that is so vitriolic we are camouflaged and misguided caught in cyclic commotion.

Today, we live in a Binary World. It is not just digital. Life is beyond. And it’s defined between the extreme of materialism and minimalism. We are randomly tossed and erratically pulled between these extreme forces of life. Materialism has invaded deep inside our territory and tightly holding us in its terms. We are asphyxiated. We want to break free. We want to make space for ourselves. The free space is there in the other end in the form of minimalism. Unfortunately, we are glued to material things in life. We seek to derive pleasure from the power of possession. We are emotionally fooled. We seek to derive pleasure from the roots of relationship. We are tempted by name and fame. We seek to derive pleasure from success. We are overwhelmed and we don’t realize that these are mere illusions and it will keep eluding us.


The more we strive for deriving pleasure from these fragile facets of life the more we face the facts of life in terms of disquiet, stress to deep depression.


Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese philosophy helps us to derive pleasure by celebrating things in life the way they are rather thinking the way they should be. It is about accepting and being with the things the way they are and not rejected and doing the change in things to suit our thinking.

Wabi is defined as rustic simplicity and understated elegance.

Sabi is defined as deriving pleasure from the imperfection.

The idea of wabi-sabi is all-pervasive and omnipresent. It is there. It is here. It is there everywhere. We just need to be open to the idea of learning the art of how to see things beyond the science of merely looking at things. It is the same camera but the lens changes to get the panoramic view. This gives that wider perspective of life through a new point of view. It is appreciating things the way they are rather than trying to perfecting things the way we want it to be. There is no end to this pursuit. And for everything around us we shall keep finding that element of imperfection and we will be busy in amending and mending. Much like the way we experience things when we wear the hat of a photographer we get so deeply engaged in the process of photographing that there are those small things we miss out. The simple act of being there and observing things in naked eyes get blanked and limiting our senses to search and soak in the sublime joy of nature.

Gezellig (pronounced heh-SELL-ick), is a term that encompasses the heart of Dutch culture, as the Dutch tend to love all things gezellig. Its meaning includes everything cozy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, and from enjoyable to gregarious.


According to Wikipedia;

“A perfect example of untranslatability is seen in the Dutch language through the word gezellig, which does not have an English equivalent.

Literally, it means cozy, quaint, or nice, but can also connote time spent with loved ones, seeing a friend after a long absence, or general togetherness.”


Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish art of creating joy & coziness in life’s everyday moments, whatever the season or time of day. The word originated from Norway. The Dutch have gezelligheid. The Norwegians have koselig.  The Germans have gemutlichkeit. The Swedish have mysig.

These similar terms across different countries encompasses the feeling of human connection and bringing people together. It is a motivated mood you get when you are cozy, comfortable, safe and savoring the moments. It is like chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee. It is like having a dinner with close buddies. It is like having a candle light dinner with family. It is like watching a movie with friends and family. Unfortunately, we have ceased to do these little things that matter in our life and we are instead materialistically driven and digitally drown.


We have created a layer around us.

We have perfected a projection of our self.

We are no more our own self.

We are a product of people’s perception. The way people around us define us. The way people around us talk about us. The way people around us make us feel. The way people around us quote us. There is a sugar coating around our reputation and then suddenly we start imagining that image to be our real self. We can call it our false self. Bluntly speaking, it is our bloated ego. And we cannot easily let it go. It has its own vice-like grip on us. We start posing. We start pretending. We try to perfect that perfection within ourselves. It is a non-existent state. It is like building castles in the air and then trying to craft physical artifacts to get artfully placed.


Life is a battle of race.

Life is bundle of problem.

Life is a fight.

Life is so tight.

It is hectic. This is one way to look at life. And we have been sternly conditioned to look through this way only. How do we recondition ourselves? Start looking at things afresh. Where to start? How to go about? It is about learning the other ways to re-look at life and fundamentally changing our outlook itself. There is so much in the outlook of life still we are deeply dependent on the look of life. It is to move away from the hurdles and muddles of life. Not to be misconstrued, it is not in any way suggesting the escape routes from the hard and harsh realities of life.


It is a temporal halt not a permanent breakdown.

It is a drift not a rift.

It is merely taking a step back.

It is not about going backward.

It is about learning the art of maneuverability. It is not being manipulative. It is about consciously applying a break. It is about taking a measured pause. It is about the muse that matters. Mind needs quietude to appreciate the beauty in solitude. It is the game of mind over matter. The mind to cherish the symbols of imperfection. The mind to cherish the signs of uncertainty. The mind to cherish the signals of unpredictability. The muted mind. The untutored mind. The liberated mind. The mind that is on its own not programmed. We then mystically gravitate to see the realms of magic beyond the boundaries of logic in our daily life. It is everyday. It is everywhere. It is within us. It is the way we joyfully play with the different perspectives of life and living.


The joy of life resides in its simplicity and dwells in the space of imperfection rather than racing with the pace of perfection. To unwind. To relax. To ease. To embrace. It is about nurturing the naturalness in life. It is learning the art of nurturing our nature. It is the grace in embracing the greatness in its grounded humility.


It is the final attitude of creating that ability to express gratitude with full gratification.


Nihar R Pradhan

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Nihar R PradhanLifestyleBeauty,Gezellig,Hygge,Imperfection,Joy,Life,Living,perfection,simplicity,Wabi-SabiLife is intrinsically imperfect. We all know it but we pretend to protect. The protection of perfection… The innate  irony of life is that inspite of knowing the power of dabbling with imperfections we work profoundly towards perfecting the perfection. We are deeply skewed towards perfection. We are biased. We carry those prejudices...Break the barrier and Make a difference...