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Mind is a Machine. Every complex machine around us is scientifically designed with a clearly defined simple purpose to serve. We make it complicated. The way we have done with our mind. The machine that operates has a control. There is a mechanism to command the control using switching button for the “on and off” option. The machine needs maintenance. If we don’t do the preventive maintenance we have to face consequences of complete breakdown. The equating of mind with machine is a simplified analogy to decipher the fuzzy logic and complex thinking that is so deeply installed in the basement of our mind.

We are thinking all the time.

We have literally become a thinking machine.


There is an innate paradox.

We have stopped thinking about thinking.


There is one thing to think and there is that other thing to understand thinking. We have made our mind a feeble slave of thinking. It is holding our mind in a vice-like grip. Much like any other machines if not put to proper preventive maintenance program it is bound to crumble and what we call us machine breakdown. There is a much bigger cost attached to a psychological breakdown when it happens in our mind. Unlike a machine where there is option of replacing the defect parts and eventually replacing with another machine, mind is a mandatory field in the programming of life. There is no other option. We have to fill it and we have live with it. If we are filling it with thoughts we need to empty it as well. We are so hooked to the process of filling it that we boorishly miss out the essential work of gently discharging it. The mind needs to be given a break. The break it needs from the default programme of being in that state of perpetual thinking. It is so much about spiritually training our mind not to keep on thinking. There is this art of meditation. This is perhaps the most daunting task human kind is confronted with its own mind. There is a tsunami of thoughts that keeps flowing into the colossal cavity of mind. It has the power to destroy the structural fabric of our mind.

The foundation of thinking matters, knowing our mind operates over matter…


Left with little option the mind has to keep churning the thoughts and it has to keep concurrently burning the negative thoughts.


The more we think, the more we generate more thoughts, and not necessarily in any way does it guarantee that we can only restrict our thinking for the positive things in life. It has its shares of negative thinking. We work in an ecosystem surrounded by both music and noise. We get the brickbats with the bouquet. We cannot get the good without going through the churning of the bad. There is a byproduct of bad that comes with the production of good thing. It is the residue. What do we do with the bad thought? If we don’t release these polluted thoughts, it devours us. It does so covertly commencing its rooting, then overtly corrupting as it grows and finally rusting the mind completely. The process of screening and discharging the bad thoughts from the good thoughts is a disconcerting task. It needs dexterity. It needs rigorous practice. It needs meditation. The mind needs to cool down. The mind needs to calm down. We can then only separate the process of thinking from the body of mind.


Thinking is like a parasite to mind.


It doesn’t want to leave the nutritious surface of mind. It attempts to relentlessly clutch onto the mind to inflict that collateral damage. These damages later turn out to be quite fatal. It is important to be aware of the fundamental functioning of mind. And this is a simple act of being mindful of things around us. It is about thinking and learning the art of how to stop thinking. On the contrary we are taught how to think and we keep on thinking. It is about learning the functioning of the ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch that is there for the mind. It is learning to save the power and conserve the energy. Taking the thoughts and learning how to filter the bad from the good and facilitating the exhaust of the bad thoughts. The surrounding of ours is viciously circled and we are encircled with sounds of cacophony. We are at the center of the centrifugal vortex. The magnetic forces are there to massively pull the negative fields around us. We are energy and we are surrounding by the vibrating fields of energy.


Mind then becomes a battleground of ferocious forces.


This is not an easy battle to fight and win. Some battles are quick to combat though dramatic but many get prolonged and are an arduously long drawn process. We need to keep supplying the ammunition. We need to keep reworking on our strategy.  We keep doing the course correction to get on course. The smart game plan always has to be flexibly adaptive and also equally aggressive. After all it is a mind game. As they say, the game is on. The players have to think on their toes and keep maneuvering their ways in the plotted field. It is the mind field. And thoughts are merely players. It is a game between the good thoughts and bad thoughts. It is a contest between the power of positive thinking and negative thinking. There are no standard rules that can be applied to this game of thinking. It is inherently dynamic in nature. Though it is contextual. And there lies the magical trick.


The skill to kill the bad thoughts.

The might to fight the negative thinking.


We think we have become smarter than machine. It is highly deceptive, today machines are controlling our mind. We think we know. We have started making the machine think using Machine Learning language. We have made the machine become artificially intelligent. There is an inherent irony. We are creating the rift in intelligence. Intelligence is inherently natural. In a way we have opened a new front of confrontation between the man and the machine, and the epicenter once again is in the mind. The power of mind to think is the most powerful machine man has invented through the mightiness of the almighty. We are venturing to adventure the supremacy of supreme power. It is not an impulsive outcome. The way mind minds it business. It has come into existence over millions and billions of years of evolution through a gradual and natural process of formation and later reformation. The resultant logical product that we see today is indeed a product perceived to be magic.


It is in between these spaces of logic and magic that mind plays its most crafted mindful games.



Some are conscientiously crafted game and many others are crudely designed game are played to mete out injuries in the opponent players. These are ulterior motives hidden in the cerebral cortex of our brain. The intent that matters. The infliction of pain is ploy of deflection. To deflect from the purpose of playing a tough game in the spirit of the game. There is another part, in this part of the world that is summarily immersed in digital distraction and facing the deluge of delusion. The mind has become a minefield of mindless thoughts. We are constantly plagued by unwarranted thoughts. The rejection. The dejection. All are there waiting to instantly pounce on us. We are imprisoned by implosions of our self-inflicting mind. Most of us are generally ignorant of the means to mitigate the state of not being mindful and liberating our mind from such self-imposed embargo. We can stop the inflow of such gratuitous thoughts. We can keep ourselves at bay from such perennial brewing of downbeat thoughts. It is about being mindful and being fully conscious of the negative things.


It is about knowing the art of keeping the thoughts and things in their respective zones.


The generation of thoughts is natural. These thoughts shall keep flowing. It is counterproductive to suppress these free flowing of thoughts. The art lies in crafting the very art of channelling such sudden gush of thoughts. Anything that we do against the nature is negative. There is a force that gets generated and it turns out to be a negative force of life. The flow cannot be curtailed randomly only it can get constructively or destructively channelized. The moment we attempt to abruptly curtail our flow of thoughts, it becomes brutal. It creates a sudden vacuum in the space of conscious and sub-conscious mind and the resultant differential pressure produces a kind of tumultuous storm in our mind.


Blocking our thoughts is inherently counterproductive.

The natural flow of thoughts has to nurtured and guided.


We need to see that the flow is not erratic or abrupt. We need to see that the flow is properly managed and maneuvered reasonably well. The control and command is critical. And this ability comes through the practice of meditation that trains the mind to be mindful of things. The thoughts to be the masters of our mind and are not to be a humble servant. The moment thoughts are given a free hand to play the game the way they wants, they go berserk and make the mind a minefield of treacherous thoughts. Good thoughts come; only problem is that these thoughts are occasional visitors. They need special invitation to come unlike the bad ones they keeping shamelessly knocking our door. It is the bad thoughts that get the most screen space. We are personifying the personality of thought. They are aggressive. They are restless. They are on the constant haunt to hunt the good out of their way and mercilessly grab the space in its totality. They are cunning. They are parochial. They are deprived souls. They are in incessantly searching for places occupied by the good thoughts. Their strategy is to mercilessly displace them everywhere they confront and shrewdly replace them anywhere once spotted. They are on the mission of demolition.


Thinking is an action verb.

Thought is an outcome of that action.


By thinking we invent new ideas. By thinking we get newer insights. The series of thoughts that get generated out of the process of orchestrated thinking needs space to occupy or needs the outlet to exit. The memory bank is not equipped to store millions of thoughts that get constantly generated. It is not designed to do so. Many thoughts are fleeting in nature and they just disappear if we are not mindful of those thoughts. The thoughts have a purpose. The purpose of life is lost in the hazy maze of thinking. We need to discover. Thoughts and thinking are much like the way we build human relationships. The moment we neglect our relationships or stop caring and sharing with others we know, they start moving away from us and they create their new sphere of engagement with new set of people. The thoughts in our mind attempts to wait for the mind to respond, if it doesn’t and pretend to be busy for some other things, they escape the space of thinking and give a miss to our memory. Though they are fair, still give occasional chances for the mind to recollect and restore them into the storehouse of mind, it is the memory bank. If we don’t bank on them they play the pranks…


Unless we keep the bank account open and ready to accept deposit of such diverse denomination we are only to return the potential customers of thoughtful thinking unceremoniously away from our doors.


There is this thought on conscious and sub-conscious state of mind. Also there is that state of unconscious mind. And this state is crystal clear we are literally lifeless. All these states add up to make the model of mind. Though it is the conscious mind where we get recognized and identified with our routine dealings of life. The thought of sub-conscious mind is a surreal thing to think. It is a programmed and follows a predefined pattern. As most of things we do in our life is done so sub-consciously. Our current memories are stored in our conscious mind. The cache memory that we can relate in terms of the computer language. Our old memories are residing in our sub-conscious mind. We just do it. It comes quite naturally. It is conditionally reflective in nature. These are two such intrinsically linked states inherently difficult to differentiate. These difficulties in no way deter us from exploring the mystical state of differentiation. It is the conscious mind that connects with the outside world. It is the sub-conscious mind that connects with the inner world.


It is the interplay between these two states is what makes the model of mind manage between the logic and magic of life.



The gift of thought to mankind is the ultimate game changer, the game we all play in this beautiful universe. But universally thinking on thoughts only is precariously detrimental to our life and health of living. The art of living a good life is not about knowing what to do but so much about knowing what not to do. Things we resist continue to persist. At the same time to desist the thoughts is not the exposition that mind needs. The ground rules are already set for operating our sphere of living and the space for working our way out in thinking. We need to earnestly abide by these set of thoughtful rules to be a responsible citizen of our mind. The mind also needs to get constant training to be well-trained to think accordingly.


To think positively…

To think productively…

To think creatively…

To think constructively…

To think thoughtfully…


Otherwise we are being naively unwise in operating the mind machine. And allowing the negative forces to negate the power of positivism, and these nefarious militants are stealthily waiting in the corner to strongly corner the positive thoughts. These thoughts are unmindful of the impending perils are playfully hovering in the spatial space of mind…thoughts get hijacked and mind goes into a state of provisional hibernation.


The making of thinking needs simplification through surgically dissection…it then is discerned clinically to be fully thoughtful of our thoughts!!!


Nihar R Pradhan

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