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Art and Literature in our Life


Life speaks out through the language of literature. The literature manifests in so many different forms of art. There is fiction. There is non-fiction. There is poetry. There is prose. There are short stories. There are novels. There is music. There is dance. There are theaters. There are plays. There are movies. There is painting. There are sculptures. Each form matters.  It has its own flavours. It is the diverse dimensions that change the perspective. Though we keep vociferously questioning the gross absence of the physical matter, literature is all about the artistry of mental makeup.


Life is about work. Life is about food. Life is also so much about play and fun. Life is about fulfilling the basic needs. There is that fundamental need to meet the routine demands of living our daily life.


We need to work. We need to fetch food. We have to struggle. We have to fight for our right. We have to solve our problem. We have to discover our path towards success. Then the profound question that puts us in quintessential predicament. Is this life all about? More work, moderate food and less of play…life become sluggishly mundane and things becomes progressively so monotonous. Life suddenly finds itself in a vortex of vicious cycle. Humanity once confronted with such routine and grinds of life, human beings are then helplessly entrapped. It is deeply asphyxiating. Therein dawns an imperative need to liberate ourselves and escape from the prism of the humdrum of life.


Reality is chained and everything appears deceptively confining and we get miserably wrapped in that very aspect we define as existential crisis of our everyday life.

Literature liberates…art is one form of literature.


Leap into the past and peep into the future


Literature has been in existence from time of antiquity. Just that the forms of manifestation was different and keep differing with the passage of time.  Long before the formation of different forms of language that we all speak today. It was the language of signs and the symbols. It was there inscribed on the stones and the rocks. It was visual. It was oral. The saga of storytelling has been there from time immemorial. It was all about the haunt for food. Once the hunting is done. The stomach is filled. At the end of the day, the night falls and there is this dawn of darkness.


The physical activity comes to grinding halt, and the focus suddenly shifts to the psychological ground.


What does man do to tame his mental churning; it was otherwise camouflaged and silently running at the backdrop during the day with registering any protest. The predominance of physicality eclipses the purpose of mental engagement. The mind is also on the haunt. It is on an altogether different course. The course is lost without any discourse in the engulfing darkness of night. Though with the clear sky in the night one could see the magic of constellations, the dots depicting the big planets to the small stars twinkling with all its glory. What is that man doing on this planet? Questions are flooded and free-flowing. Answers have become misers, none to meaningfully satisfy the restless mind behind those intriguing questions.


What is life?

The existence itself in question…reality is a mirage.

Is it life all about work?


Why some have everything and others struggle to meet the two ends meet. The idea of freedom. The idea of society. The idea of nation. The idea of living life in an ideal way. Is there a panacea to suffering? Is salvation the means to escape the maladies of life? The divine power of life. Is there God? Everything looks like a miracle. The magic unfolds. And then comes the power of science dissecting and decipher the logic behind the magic. We have logical answers to many questions that once kept us in a state of constant spin.


We kept questioning. We kept thinking. We theorized. We hypothesized. We conduct experiments. We derived equations. We established the correlation and the relationships that matters.


As a matter of fact science has derived the plot from the story-lines of art and literature. The wise men of yesteryear have kept pushing the boundaries and their words of wisdom still reverberate with much vigor and vitality in today’s world of chaos and cacophony.  We discover an oasis of joy in the world of old literature and the hold this literature show on art. Otherwise, there is so much of noise. It needs the voice controller and the sound tuner. And it needed the silence to derive solace of solitude.


Reflection though reading and realization through writing


Great Ancient philosophers from Thales of Miletus to Heraclitus to Democritus to Parmenides to Epicurus to Socrates to Plato to Aristotle.

Great Modern thinkers from Immanuel Kant to David Hume to John Locke to Rene Desecrates to Jacque Rousseau to Friedrich Nietzsche.

Great writers from William Shakespeare to William Wordsworth, from George Elliot to George Orwell, Charles Dickens to Ernest Hemingway.

Great artists from Leonardo Da Vinci to Michelangelo Di Simoni to Salvador Dali to Marcel Duchamp to Vincent Van Gogh to Pablo Picasso.


Art and literature has seen a tectonic transformation during the lives and times of these great artists, writers and thinkers.


Literature changes the way society shapes its contours of the evolution of different civilizations in different times. It has been for hundreds and thousands years. It has been century after century. And it has been civilization after civilization. Stories has been there and has been told. Much before human being knew how to read and write. Though to the literature that we all generally refer to written stuff that is well decorated so as give aesthetic appeal to our reading.

Societies have their own set of culture, tradition, belief and practices that make each society unique in it’s own way. These bodies of thoughts and practices keep changing and evolving over the time. This gets captured and recorded in the fascinating chapters of literature. Some in the form of stories. Some in the form of essays. Some in the form of verse or poetry. Some in the form of scriptures. Some in the form of fables. Some in the form of mythology. And there is history, politics, social, science to geography everything share their part of story and literature become that crucible kettle where it get churned and served with little slice of spice and bit of juice.


Cultivating cultures and building beliefs


The Bible is a form of literature that beautifully captures the story of Christianity. The Gita is a form of literature that encapsulated the wonderful wisdom of Hindu philosophy. The Quran is a form of literature brilliantly captures the story of Muslim.  These scriptures are source of wisdom and we are enlightened. We are immensely enriched reading these volumes of literature. It is literature that sets new ideology in perspective and takes the philosophy out of the cage.

The great thinkers are on the prowl. The surreal artists are wondering. The aggressive activists are on the haunt. It is literature that has waged wars with the words. The power of thoughts gets the ammunition to fire the moment it gets firm grounding on the texture of paper. The written and printed paper gets passed from individuals to individuals, from communities to communities, from societies to societies and from nation to nation.


The canvas keeps expanding.

It becomes heavy.

There is an imbalance.

It triggers a disturbance.


Literature is a tool for significant revolution. It is literature that has transformed nations. It is literature that has divided countries. It is literature that divided societies on the lines of religion.


It takes the concrete of form of civil disobedience movement to fermenting civil wars. There are Social Revolutions. There is Cultural Revolution. There are Political Revolutions. It is an idea in social literature that led to the French Revolution in 1789. The revolution was to throw the monarchy and take control of the state for a democratic government. The upheavals were social and political in nature. It is an idea in social literature that led to the Russian Revolution in 1917. People were unhappy with the social and economic conditions. The revolution was towards the removal of the traditional monarchy and formation of world’s first communist state. It is an idea on economic literature that led to the American Revolution in 1775. British government imposed taxes on the American colonist. American became increasingly upset.

It is an idea in political literature that divided the North from South Korea. It was the defeat of Japanese in the World War II that lead to the divide where the Soviet Union occupied the north of Korea and the United States occupied the south of Korea. It is an idea in literature that divided the West from the East Germany. The Berlin Wall divided the communist east from the American friendly west. The wall symbolized lack of freedom under the communist regime. It is an idea in religion literature that divided Pakistan from India. As the civilizations moves ahead and generation rolls on, people find it difficult to reconcile such deep divides and defining dichotomies.

It is the literature of history and humanities that tells us the little hidden stories behind these massive revolutions. The rich fodder to feed our famished souls. The identity of nations are so much soaked and stirred in the ideas of art and literature. The National Anthem is a magical piece of literature. It binds the entire nation with those few words creatively and passionately crafted.


Science and Technology – Art and Literature


Life literally gets manifested through the eyes of different set of lens and in multiple colors of literature. The feeling of joy in our life. The sudden tragedy that befall in our life. The bad accident to a sad incident. The celebration in marriage to disruption through a divorce. These emotions, feelings, state of happiness to state of melancholy, aesthetics to catharsis, musing to reflection needs the fair share of creative and meaningful engagement.


The canvas of life appears completely barren without the plantation of literature.


It enables germination of diverse seeds of ideas.

Imagination is ignited.

Mind is on the move, cultivating those ideas and converting fragmented thoughts into words of collective wisdom. The thinking that is constantly troubling us locates ways to escape that inescapable conundrum. Idle mind is indeed a devil’s workshop. Left to itself mind fills it up with junks and chucks of thoughts that are self-destructive. Mind is positively charged and hence it cannot be in a state of stability. It needs negative charges to be arriving at state of neutrality, the ideal state. Not easy, it is not like a metered pipe with an on and off facility that we can fill it up the desired mark automatically and then get switched off. It needs dexterity. It needs control. It needs that fine act of balance between the positively charged thoughts and negatively charged thoughts. Excess of anything is not good. Even the excess of positives are not good. The excess of positive thoughts makes us excited and exuberant.


We get hyper. We run the risk of getting jagged in the joys of juggernaut. The excess of negative thoughts makes us dejected and despair. We get easily defeated.


Everything around us that we conceive or consume is a product of literature. The books we read. The periodicals we subscribe. The newspaper we flip everyday morning. The classics to the contemporaries. The popular fictions to the critically acclaimed non-fiction. On the hard cover to the soft copies in the kindle. It rekindles new thoughts. It’s the thought that matter. They keep coming. They keep us busy. We need the anchor. The rocking thoughts get to harbor its ship in the seashore of literature.


It is the platform of literature where these chaotic thoughts that finds a semblance of orderliness.


Literature has literally graduated to a different stratosphere with the rapid locomotion of technology. The movie we watch in a movie hall to a serial that we see in television. These are merely the visual representation of the characters and stories captured in the words and images. Movies make the literature move, the title of motion picture. A melodious song soothes our soul. An emotionally moving plot stirs our soul.

Literature is a wonderful vehicle specially designed to take us into a voyage of soul-searching.  Such is the power of literature it literally empowers us. The fragrance of art and literature spreads far and wide, connecting the distance dots and we all have a picture to see. It is not the look but the outlook that predominantly matters. Look is merely physical and outlook is the power of perspective.


Literature is an expression of art.

Literature is a source of entertainment.

Literature is a fascinating ocean of knowledge.

We need to learn the craft of swimming.

We need to learn the art of surfing.


Nihar R Pradhan

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