Story of Science

We can talk on the history of “Matter and Energy” but there is a world of mystery surreptitiously concealed in the characters of dark matter and dark energy. It is a story of mesmerizing mystery. The story of energy that matters in our life and it is ultimately the synergy between matter and energy.

Energy is matter and matter is energy.

These are merely two sides of the same coin. Energy cannot be destroyed nor can it be created. The total energy in this universe remains the same. In the emptiness of the universe are the main plots plucked in full vibrancy. And there are those secret sub-plots artistically plotted in the universal story of energy itself.


The solar power empowering the living creatures…


Nuclear Fusion is the ultimate source of energy for the Planet Earth taking place at the core of the sun. It is converting Hydrogen into Helium. Four hydrogen nuclei are combined to produce one helium nucleus. The mass of the helium is slightly lesser than the combined hydrogen mass. In the process releasing the energy as the loss of mass means gain of energy, and the energy gets transmitted in the form of light.


In other words sun guzzles mass to generate energy…we can see the dazzle on this beautiful planet.


Everything we do in our daily activities needs energy. Getting up in the morning needs energy, and for that matter sleeping needs energy. The quantum of energy differs with the state of being and doing. Talking needs energy, walking needs energy, thinking needs energy and working needs energy. It is an essential question to ask where from this energy comes to our body. We need answer to know the sources of energy and then come the vital process of transmitting that energy to different parts of our body. The biological system in our body needs a different amount of energy to act.

The energy comes from the food that we eat and the food that we eat come from the animals and plants. Animal get the energy from the food they eat and plants get their energy from the food they cook in their kitchen. The kitchen is in the leaf in the form of chlorophyll and the process of cooking is called as Photosynthesis. The characters of human being, animals and plants inhabit the beautiful planet. They have carved a space to dwell human beings in the houses and cities, animals in the oceans and in the forest, and plants anywhere and everywhere they get the fuel to grow.

Carbon plays a vital role in biology because of its ability to form multiple bonds. Organic molecule forms storing bond with other carbon atoms combing into long chains and rings. These carbon chains and rings are the basis of living cells. DNA is made of two molecules built around a carbon chain. The bond in this long carbon chain has lots of energy and when these bonds break apart the stored energy is released. The character of carbon molecule is a massive source of energy for living things.


What is the Story of Carbon Cycle?


All living beings are made of carbon. Earth being a dynamic place carbon doesn’t stay still and is always on the motion. In the atmosphere of earth, carbon is attached to oxygen forming a molecular gas called carbon dioxide. Plants use carbon dioxide and sunlight to cook food and that food provides them the much-needed energy they need to grow.

After all, growth is life.

The moment plants stop growing they have a limited life, they die. The planets are buried in the earth crust and it takes millions of year, they become fossil fuels and we what we know as coal. And when we burn fossil fuel we again get the carbon dioxide back in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is greenhouse gas and it traps heat in the atmosphere otherwise Earth would be a frozen place at -18 degree temperature without any life. Earth would have become like Venus without the protection of these greenhouse gases.


The fascinating story of “Carbon Cycle”, we have just made it complex.


This change is a positive character in the story of carbon cycle. It helps.  Carbon is the backbone of life on this planet. Anything extreme is bad and we have burned lot of fossil fuel and doing so unabated. The resultant effect is significant, drastically increasing the atmospheric heat and Earth is more and more becoming a warmer place to live. The same man is behind the scene formulating the recipe for a massive disaster. The story of climate change, unlike most other changes in life that we want to embrace, otherwise change is good, but this change is a negative character in the story. It harms.


What is the Story of Dark Matter?

What is the Story of Dark Energy?


It is the enthralling story of invisibility gripping the universe. There are these visible characters and there are those invisible characters. Together they plot the mesmerizing story of the Cosmology. The visible character merely comprises of 5% of the entire plot of the story. The balance 95% is played by mysterious twin characters of “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy”.

These are hidden characters and as a reader we are trying to visualize behind the scene actions leading to the formation of such absorbing stories.  The character of dark matter is invisible to light and no instrument can spot or catch its presence, it is a proposition derived out of scientific inference. It is inferred due to the gravitational effects the dark matter has on the galaxies. The rules of physics states that star at the edge should be traveling slower to those close to the galactic center but the observation shows there isn’t any difference between the speeds. This is being directed by an unseen mass and we call that character the “Dark Matter”.  The force of gravity is assumed to have slowed down the expansion of universe but to the contrary we have seen the expansion of universe is speeding up. This is a repulsive force and this character is what we call as the “Dark Energy”.


The mystery of this character is further magnified as more is unknown than known about the subject matter of dark energy.


What is the Story of Space?

What is the Story of Time?


Here comes another exciting “Story of Space” as explained by Einstein. Space is not empty as seen by us, it has properties. General assumption is that space is empty. It is nothingness. On the contrary, Energy and Dark Energy are intriguing properties of space. It is quite interesting to see how different characters in the story get connected and in the process unravels hidden layers of universal relations. Extrapolating the proposition, as more space comes into existence with the expansion of the universe, more energy comes into play in this universe. There is an inherent paradox, as it is stated that energy cannot be created or destroyed in this universe.


This universe has the fascinating interplay for accommodating such intangible contradictions.


Albert Einstein, the ultimate director of scientific movies, and it was his movie telling the absolute fantastic story of “Theory of Relativity” having two very special characters “Space” and “Time”. These two intriguing protagonists under the universal banner of General Theory of Relativity and Special Theory of Relativity became a world wide blockbuster, a massive success when released in 1905 and 1913.  Both these characters were perceived to be two constant characters but the director crafted a story where both were shown as relative to the observer. Space and Time are not the same for different observer. The space contracts. The time dilates. This was happening on a grand scale when Einstein introduced the surprise third protagonist “Light” into the scene, the picture became much clearer; it was the speed of light that fundamentally changed the ultimate course of how we see the world.


What is the Story of Light?


Light is such amazing character that the moment it enters the scene, it takes the darkness away from our vicinity and we are all pleasantly enlighten. Life becomes visibly colourful. The colors are nothing but merely a form of light.  And it is only when the frequency matches we see one after the other colourful characters in the spectrum doing the magical dancing with the music of Electromagnetic Radiation playing to the perfect tunes.

There are two extreme characters in the story of light namely the “Gamma Rays” and the “Radio Waves”, one is a neighborer of Ultraviolet Rays and the other is a neighborer of Infrared Rays.

The gamma rays have the most energy and are used for killing the cancerous cell in our body. The healthy cell can repair themselves but not the cancerous cells. And this has led to the science story of Radiotherapy. The radio waves can travel at the speed of light, and therein lays the ultimate strength of this character. It does the work of conveying the message, the science of communication from one place to another. We wouldn’t be hearing the story of “radio” and “television” without the loud action of the character called Radio Waves.


What is the story of “Big Bang”?

What is the story of “Black Hole”?


Nothing can escape the trap placed by Black Hole. Once upon a time under the story of Classical Physics it was narrated that even light cannot escape this hole. We are as living creatures on this planet are born out of the star-dust. The story of life on Earth is story of death of star somewhere in the space of cosmos. The narrative sounds cosmic. There are layers and there are plots and there are sub-plots in the “Story of Universe” we are still trying to fathom the unfathomable, merely scratching the surface, it is a long haul. The journey is on and over a time we have something exciting and revealing coming our way. There is one story that the universe we live was birthed by the black hole and there is another story that the universe we live was a product of the Big Bang theory. They say the story began some 13.7 billion years back, we can tell a story and others can hear.


It is an idea and we can frame this idea into a remarkable narration…


Every moment of our life we live is created by the work of science not fiction. The air we breathe. The water we drink. The food we eat. All these have a scientific process to produce and get consumed by us as human beings. Our life is a magical byproduct of these combined scientific products. There is a molecular composition to our body that gets remarkably explained through the science of chemistry. There is a physical composition to our existence and that gets fascinating explained through the physical science. There is this space of universe that provides us the place to live and it is intriguingly explained through science of cosmology.

The story of science is there with us in every sphere of our life. It is just that we get routinely disconnected with these little characters around us for an animated engagement. We have raised science to such high level that over a time the subject has apparently become unreachable.

We are left on the ground…


Ironically, we are not yet grounded with the basics of life science and physical science that have magically blended together to make life much exciting and subtly so beautiful…


Nihar R Pradhan

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