It is the culture that nurtures our perspective.

Nurturing our culture is an art. The art of communicating. The art of propagating. The art of revisiting and realigning. Culture has a history and it has a mythology. Legend is a story handed down by tradition, yet loosely based on history. And our history and mythologies are full of fascinating stories. Music and dance enhances the nuanced meaning of myths and legends. We all love to listen to stories. We also love to tell stories. Cupid the ancient Roman God love and the counterpart of Greek God Eros.

The perspective of love…

The stories generally can get categorized in the aspects of history, myths and legends. History are recorded facts. Myths are fairy tales. Legends are heroic actions. In biblical mythology Leviathan is a sea monster from ancient Canaan, associated with Satan. Dragons played important role in forming Chinese mythology. Kappas are intelligent water spirits in Japanese mythology. In Greek legend Achilles was the hero of Trojan War.

The perspective on mystery to mythology to the mightiest.

Life itself is a scripted story. It is scripted as someone has written the stories for each one of us. It is unfolding. We are mere spectators. The mystery remains who is this someone who directs and controls our life and living. There is a philosophical undertone. Why things happens the way it happens. Why we are still clueless even after billions of years of our existence.


What is our existence all about?

The reality of life as it stands.

Life is nurtured in the culture we live…


It is the culture that creates its own frames and references to convince and continue the dialogue on the ways of our life.


The stage is set. We are mere puppets and as actors playing our respective roles. We have a definite place in this infinite space. We are intrigued, trapped in the paradox of place and space. The Universe with millions of galaxies that dazzles us and we are in awe and wonder. We are captivated with the ocean of cosmos. We enjoy watching movies. The movies tell us a story…

The movie of Interstellar. The move of Gravity. The movie of Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie of Serenity. The movie of Avatar.  The joy is stemmed from the fact that each movie tell us a story. There is a joy of reading the story in a book. There is the joy of seeing the story unfold on a big screen.

The movie has its wider connection with the culture.

The stories of Percy Jackson. The stories of Chronicles of Narnia. The stories of Lord of Rings. The story of Harry Potter. It’s the fascinating characters and the magic that mesmerize us. It takes us into a magical world. The story of Iliad and Odyssey in the Greek mythology. The epic story of Ramayana and Mahabharata in the Hindu mythology.

The mythology has a deeper connection with the culture.


There are few which sways us and we sing with song.

We connect. We are there. We have a changed perspective.

We visualize ourselves in the silver screen.

It is just that we are out here and not there playing that part of the role. It is some else. Everything appears so real and as if the scripted writer and movie director has taken the scattered pieces from our life and has weaved together a beautiful fabric. We love our history and we love our mythology.

The love is strongly rooted in the plethora of stories stacked in the chapters of the myths and legends.


The story of Trojan Horsethe subterfuge that the Greek used to enter the city of Troy and win the war.

The story of Pandora Boxthe first woman on earth and was created by Zeus as a punishment to mankind.


The folktales. The legends.

The protagonists. The antagonist.

There are so many fascinating characters that keep us in constant awe and wonder. In the Indian to Greek mythology where there is this story of God acquiring a human avatar and becoming humanely in doing the earthly work devoid of the heavenly experience. The story of the fight between the God and the Devil. There is that battle and war over the supremacy of power to control of territory. There is that negative character. He goes crazy. He is blinded. He is hell-bent to destroy himself and the society. The society is fractured. The victory of good over evil. The way God liberates man from the misery of pain and agony. The way God creates the possibilities and opens door for growth and prosperity. These thoughts and ideas so much a part of society we grow up. Each society has its own flavour of culture.

We are voyaged into a world of imagination.

The metaphors.

The imagery.

We love the magic.

It shows that everything is possible.

We look for the miracles.

There are happenings and we yet don’t have an explanation how it happened. Who was behind the scene? Science expressed its limitation, as there was no hand of science they have lifted their hands. We are in search for the answer. It is stories from mythology we connect and convince us that anything is possible. Just that we haven’t yet discovered the connection. We talk of our culture and tradition, the moment other’s appreciate our history and our mythology. Culture needs an influence and we need to brand our culture, otherwise it changes its color with time. It so happens if we don’t preserve and conserve our culture we look at every culture in black and white. The color of uniqueness gets faded. We need the much needed appreciation…we are peeped up.

We are motivated.

We get inspired.

We feel empowered.

We have a legacy to carry forward. We have a duty to discharge. We need to take charge of our culture and our legacy, and work towards providing the energy and strength to transfer from one generation to the next. We all play our part and depart from this earthly responsibility. We land either in hell or heaven. There are stories which narrates to us what work will lead us to heaven and what workings will land us in hell.

The story of life after death…

Otherwise what is there to think and do for the society where we have nothing to do once we are dead?

The chapter closes.

The story ends.

It is everything in now and the life we live.

The rational thought and scientific conversation has no space for such talk. Science keeps trying its level best to throw the myths and such stories out of its purview and partakes a new path to true discovery and invention. The discovery based on facts. The invention proved by data and analysis. Each culture has a story of its own. The perspective how we look at life after death has different interpretation in different culture…


Culture creates a context to commence a conversation about a community or a society.


There is something different. There is something interesting. There is something inspiring. The dots get connected when we look at different cultures and traditions. The story of Homo sapiens. The story of Human Evolution as told by Charles Darwin. The story of Cosmology as told by Carl Sagan. The story of Big Bang Theory. The story of hunters and gathers. The story of Greek and Roman civilization. The story of Mesopotamia and Egypt civilization. The story of Indus and Arabic civilization. The constant evolution of society and the progression of civilization.

There are written stuff and there are so many unwritten stuff that has passed the baton through hearsay and in oral form without any written evidence.

This saga of storytelling keep going from one’s storehouse of memory and from the land of imagination to another house of memory and another land of imagination. It gets nurtured. It gets a different culture to add-on.


There is fermentation. The taste changes.

There is pigmentation. The color changes.


These small changes add up to tell a bigger story. The story owes it allegiance to different generation who have spiced up and who have tossed up with flavours and with such variegated flavours on display, every generation loves to latch up the classical taste and contemporary trend.


Is there a language for culture?

The language of culture is the perspective we develop and nurture…

The bigger question is how do we do the development and more importantly how conscious we are of our culture and its nuances that needs to nurtured and preserved.


How do we capture culture and harness the power of diversity in the changing culture across generation and civilization. Not easy to articulated and calculate the value culture brings into our life and living. These are shared beliefs that create a web of rich ecosystem. The ideas get tested. The thoughts get churned. The boundaries get redrawn. The trends are created. The questions get answered. And also more questions are asked. The cycle of question and answer leads to the graduation to a new orbit of human operation.

We are lifted. We are elevated.

We start seeing a new world. We are evolved.

We are the thinker. We are storytellers.

Mythology, they say is fiction or half-truth. But we learn so much from half-truth that we keep full truth aside. We enjoy so much the fiction that we keep the fact aside. That’s power of myth and science of mythology. There is a science because myths have a basis and myths have connection, myths are intriguing and engaging. The theory is there. The hypothesis is formulated. Only that we need collate the data and prove the equation. It is a different set of equations and more to do with imagination and creation.


Mythology also becomes the rich source for enriching the thoughts and beliefs of many religions and the deities we worship.


Theogony means birth or genealogy of gods. It is the name of an epic poem by Hesiod and he was the contemporary of Homer. Titanomacy, the wars between the Titans and the Olympians. This was called as the Battle of the Titans or Battle of the Gods.

Chimaera, is a fire-breathing creäture that has become one of the most famous female monster in the Greek mythology. The word refers to a genetic puzzle and there is a mystery surrounding this creäture.

Harpies, are a mythical monsters in Greek mythology. They are in the form of a bird with female face of a human. They are supposed to be employed by God to catch the guilty and punish them.


In Greek Mythology Apollo, the God of Light. He was the son of Zeus. The task was to take the sun across the sky in his four horse chariot. According to Greek mythology Amazons were tribe comprising of only the female warriors. It was believed that they lived in Themiscyra near the Black Sea.

Human beings have looked at the night sky and wondering on the light that glitter and the galaxy of dots that paint the black canvas. These dots of lights where once a mystery and the constellation was a story.


The perspective changes as the stories changes it contour.

The stories changes with changing facets our culture.


It is the stories that create the culture and it is the culture that creates the community and builds the society.  Every culture has its own set of stories and narratives which is shared with the community to foster the common bondage and keep the values intact. Culture and Values goes hand in hand, if we strip the values of the culture then the culture becomes exposed to the vagaries of the environment. The harsh and bitter environment will hit hard and crumble the castles of culture. Values are so vital to culture and a culture without values are building without the pillars of foundation, and it might anytime crumble and collapse.

Nothing can stand the test of time…and it is the period of preservation that matters. The more we develop newer perspectives and nurture these thoughts, the more likely we are to conserve our culture.


After all it is the culture that nurtures human nature…


There is a symphony in the cycle of nurturing our culture and circle of telling our stories.


The culture needs to be nurtured.

The nurturing has its feeding from the roots of diverse perspectives.

We get to build different perspectives only when we listen to other’s stories and also tell our side of the story.

The change comes with the exchange of ideas.


Nihar R Pradhan

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