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It is the quintessential window to the world outside of our inner world…making sense of the world beyond.


Sense is a faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus.

It is about navigating our web of feelings. It is about cultivating our reservoir of observations. It is about the science of comprehending. It is also about the art of apprehending. It is so much about the process of discovery. It is essentially about the divinity of connection of self with the subtlety of nature.

It is the nature that nurtures our nature.

What does this rhythmic thought mean?

It is the way we perceive and conceive things around us. The maneuvering of our senses and sensibilities. It all depends on the way we train our senses to be little more sensitive and more so towards sensitizing our inner thoughts. Sensing sets the action towards various things that we do or the things that we plan to do. Senses are the physical abilities of sight, smell, hear, touch and taste. The word ‘sense’ gets creatively crafted into arrays of sentences to convey different meaning.

There is a connotation.

And there is also something it denotes.

We deploy it widely across sentences for stating a purpose to asking a question. He needs to have a sense of responsibility. It means the same in every sense of the word. Are you out of sense? The sense of my smell tells that coffee is ready. The sense of my taste tells me that the food is spicy. The sense of my touch is telling me that the temperature is high. The sense of my hearing is telling me that there is something wrong in that decibel of sound.


Material things are tangible and Physical world is visible.

The bigger question of life that remains beyond this physical space and material world…it is so much about the subtle connection to something bigger than who we are and better than what we are.


Consciousness is existence and existence is consciousness. We exist because we are conscious and that we are consciousness of our existence is what makes life and living. We experience the world through our senses and we engage our mind with the world through our thinking. Is there anything beyond our body and mind? What is soul?

Soul is the finest part of creation. Spirituality is about the process of self discovery and exploration of the God behind the creation. Soul is a form of energy. As energy cannot be created or destroy soul, it is just transformed from one body to another. Mind is an expression of the soul. Spirits and souls are forms of energy.


Rene Descartes, the modern French philosopher had stated ‘Cogito, ergo sum’. “I think, therefore, I am.”


Albert Einstein, stated the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.


Spiritualism is a universal human experience; it touches us in a very subtle way and definitely moves us all quite deftly. It embodies a sense of connection with our inner self. There is something bigger and broader than what we think of ourselves and who we are.  It transcends our normal sense of perceiving and conceiving things. It is about seeking purpose in life. It is about searching meaning in life.


It is about being connected. It is equally about being disconnected.

There is an inherent paradox.


Spiritualism plays its part in resolving and closing this paradoxically gap, otherwise that gets widely expanded. The connection with our inner self and the nature that nurtures our senses. The disconnection with material and matter.  It is so much about the experience of our life and living. The experience that goes beyond the routines and the mundane engagement. It is about the connection with the divine thought and the world of divinity. The moment we make our senses deeply engaged with the world around us, the more it makes us inquisitive and also tad more curious about the way things happen. And also many things that don’t occur the way we want it to be. It opens the floodgate. There are questions and there are more questions, and we are loaded and we get overloaded with the burden of finding the answers. There aren’t enough.


Mind is not a machine that we can switch off and on, though spiritualism attempts to give that mechanical control to the power of our mind.


Spiritualism is about the discovery of answers to these barrages of questions that keep hitting us relentlessly and we are constantly nudged to a state of disharmony.

We seek harmony in life.

Spiritualism is going beyond the physical sensory sphere and expanding into space of exploration and expanding our abilities to realize and recognize things that appeared mortal and meaningless. The meaning in life. The purpose of life.


The pivotal driver between science and spirituality is about the greatest quest seeking for truth.


Science does its scientific study to reach to the bottom of the matter to find the truth. It needs the data, the compilation, the critical observations, the designing of theory and conducting of the experiment. It is art of reasoning and the craft of deduction. Everywhere and every time these dots don’t connect.  And there are many such places where science falters and then what do we do.  Also where science has not yet reached it is the spiritualism that provides the much-needed succor and solace to the fluttering minds. After all our mind is perennially restless and the ultimate seeker of answer, not just answers but answers that has to fully satiate its taste and hunger.


Mechanically, we can do little tinkering with our mind and it is the sophistication of meditation that can train and tame our wild thoughts.


The quest of science is to find the fundamental principles that are governing the working of the physical world and the multiple phenomena that makes up the world around us.  The quest of spiritualism is to find the basic philosophy that is governing the working of our life and living. Though science and spirituality are two different compartments but these are complementary to each other. The goal is to fetch the truth and there are different ways to search and reach. It is the process of evolution. It is the process of exploration. We don’t have a prescribed or defined path. If so everyone would have reached and everyone would answer.


Science and Spirituality are searching the truth and the soaking the reality.


Leonardo da Vinci was a both an artist and a scientist.

Albert Einstein was also both an artist and scientist.


Then why both were looked at differently. It is just that one pursued more of the scientific exploration and other pursued more of the creative expansion. Science has not been able to solve all the problems faced by us and still many remains yet to be fully fathomed, the mystery of nature keeps us in a state of constant intrigue.


Science continues to explore and expand it capabilities to explain the logic behind the magic of the mystery of nature.


Man cannot wait till science finds an answer, it needs answers and it is through the different ways that spirituality provides us to keep searching for that elusive  answer. The divine search is the engagement mind needs.


It is the elusive search in silence and in solitude.

There is always that conflict between the scientist’s community and the community driven by spiritualism. It doesn’t operate in isolation. There are forces behind the scene that sabotages the purpose and goals set by these communities. It is the political forces and the state power that predominantly determines the way scientific community move in their sphere of invention and innovation. It is the religious forces and the non state power that principally determines the way the spiritual community maneuver in their space of searching. In the attempt towards discovering the true meaning and deriving the final purpose of life. It was the time when classical physics couldn’t explain the logic behind many of physical phenomena.

The thrust led to the development of Quantum Mechanics.


The equation between energy and matter.

The equation between feelings and thoughts.

The equation between belief and reality.

The equation between emotion and motion.

The duality of particle and wave.


Quantum Mechanics or quantum physics is a branch of physics that deals at the atomic and sub-atomic level. It provides a mathematical model to the duality of behavior as a particle and also as wave. Newtonian mechanics was known as Classical Physics. The forces acting on matter. The gravitational forces to the law of motion. The moment we ask question at the sub atomic level like protons and neutrons, classical physics has limitation. It was Einstein that empowered the idea of Quantum Mechanics and broke the barriers inherent in the theories of Classical Physics.

In other words at the speed of light and at the sub-atomic level, science has a different story to tell. Isaac Newton showed us a world. That remained our world till Albert Einstein discovered another world for us. It is not the end of the saga. This only proves that there are more worlds to be explored and the mystery to be unraveled.


There is also a world beyond the world Einstein took us and the mystical world where we all wants to go.

The quintessential question remains, how do we go about answering that question.


Spirituality is an experience of consciousness and quantum mechanics is a science of experimentation to prove an equation or to set up logic. Science speaks of the composition of the universe and how it functions. Science looks at nature as bundle of logic and it needs to be unraveled. It subservient mystery of nature to logic behind the scene, it continues its quest to get the hidden logic.


Is everything in nature to be explained through the lens of logic?


In fact it raises more questions than the right set of answers we are frantically looking for. The profound question what governs us and what is that force behind the working of this universe. Is the universe functioning without the instruction of any supreme power? Everything is just happening without anyone’s influence or control and we are a merely a product and by product of this grand phenomena.

Is there God?

What is life and where is death?


Our mind want answer and we cannot wait eternally for the science to give us an answer. We want a medium to manage our miffed mind.

Spirituality provides us with that solace and solitude of thoughts.


Science has limitation just like Newtonian classical physics had the limitation that was not know and came to light with the enlightenment that we all got out of the work of Einstein. Does it make sense when we have a comparing and an analogy how there is a new world beyond the world we see?

Spirituality is about the idea of controlling thoughts, it generally goes wild and it needs to be anchored. It is about calmly managing our feelings to working our ways on our plethora of emotions that keeps forming. The emotions of fear to anger to frustration to dejection that keeps us in tenterhooks. It is consciousness that is so fundamental to our existence but we cannot see and we can merely conceive.


The idea of consciousness.

We are consciousness but are we aware of our that state of consciousness.


It is the grey matter in our mind that matters that we cannot see and feel unlike the black and white matter around us so vividly. This very physical matter is a derivative of the state of consciousness. The question is about the grey matter. Where from these matter comes into existence? The grey zone where science and spirituality can complement each other efforts in getting to know the truth of life and the art of living. The concept of consciousness is yet to be fully defined and as its definition continues to be in a state of confinement.


Science is frantically trying to unshackled us from that chain of confinement and it is examining and experiment different ways to break that barrier.


Can we make a sense of the space beyond the realm of science?


The question non-scientist asks to the community of scientists.


Science can go so far and there is world beyond science until science makes sense of that world we need to keep grappling with the world outside the physical dimension. The magic of mystical world. It is the world of consciousness. It is intangible. The world of awareness and how we connect our observation with our state of consciousness. It is the world of spiritual thoughts and working through the sphere of spiritualism that we transcend beyond our physical confinement.


It seems ethereal, making sense of the space between the world of science and the world of spiritualism.


Nihar R Pradhan

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