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Brain is the most complex organ in our body. According to scientific observations brain is fully in use, and that general observation i.e only part of the brain is used is largely amounting to a myth. This has been extensively corroborated by scientific study using advanced technology like fMRI, PET & CAT scan to map the brain while we are doing our work. It is true that the degree varies by the kind of work we do.

There is that ten percentage myth widely prevalent…this figurative figure it seems are largely propagated by urban fable. How little we use our brain we realize only when we start using it. The usage is entirely on us. It is nothing to do with the configuration of our brain structure. The more of activities we engage and different tasks we do, the more we unravel the hidden potential of our brain.


Simply speaking it is about the way we train our brain.


The brain weighs merely 2% of our body’s weight but consumes almost 20% of the total energy that the body needs to work.


Every neuron in our brain keeps firing, there is a speed though the speed may vary with age and stage of life. And neurons those stop firing get perished. Neurons are the information messengers, transmits information between different areas of the brain through Synapse. Information flows from one neuron to another through a gap known as the synapse where the electrical signals get translated into chemical signals to cross the gap.

Though we have subjected our brain to rampant abuse and less of reflective use, and there is a big difference in the wording the moment prefix is added to the very word ‘use’. We don’t know how best to use it. In fact we have gradually forgotten to properly use it; we are arbitrarily trapped in a motion of misuse. A vicious cycle ferments venom. Before it becomes lethal, it is time for us to wake up and shake up the way we have regimented our brain to process the information.


Mind has become a puppet in the hands of machines that we are surrounded by and life is garrisoned in the fortification of garrulous gadgets.


In good old days when our surrounding was largely devoid of any such electronic gadgets… it was the field games, outdoor activities, demand of work and purposefully engaged in diverse occupations we were happier and we were in that churning zone of creative disruption. We were in a state of constant delight.

Today, things have dramatically changed and now these digital distractions are keeping us in tumultuous tenterhooks and we are mounted on the edge of a cliff. We have become deeply vulnerable. We are in a state of constant distraction and that is resulting in deep deprivation. We don’t give our mind the breather or the space to offload these obfuscated thoughts and garner the fresh ideas to get stirred and move the mind to get adequately refreshed.


We need to purify our thoughts and brighten our shiny ideas.


Either we have to take a forced break, invariably we do so or abjectly cut ourselves from the digital implosion and then detach from the clutter of the real world explosion. Obligation of meeting a friend to attending a relative function to participating in an official dinner gathering to responding to mails to checking the phone calls to watching television news to reading print newspaper to visiting shopping malls to watching movies to connecting to the social medias to commuting on the bus to train to flight; we are relentlessly on the move and our mind is precariously meandering through these complex maze of commotion and mechanical motion.


Literally we are lost though in the mild wilderness.


There is an inherent paradox between the state of being mild and becoming wild, and we are then acutely trapped in that perfunctory paradox. In this galaxy of functions we see the glamour and glitter and our mind is meshed up with mortified comparison.

In the Television news we see the stories of death and destruction and our mind is sullen and tempered. In the Shopping mall we see the fashion and the price tag, exorbitant and we get tagged with muted passion. We land in the Social Media, nothing social about the medium and we find ourselves unsafe and we get a sneak peek into the virtual world at large, a mad bad world and where is this world going, and what are the inhabitants attempting to carry out by being hooked in the anchors of human ecology and cooked in these eco-chambers. And then we are forced to take that fractured break and go into a spiritual sojourn to discover the lost time, the missed opportunities, the broken relationships, little things harboring our happiness and the realization of the deceptive prism of imprisonment that we have inadvertently ventured.


It has become a sanctuary of surveillance.


There is a science behind and there is equally an art of using our mind power. We are camouflaged, lost in the science of artfully living. We are yet to diligently test the art of using the mind. Designing the Piano is a science and using Piano is an art, mind has played its part differently on a piece of musical instrument. Mind plays multiple roles and we are cognizant of our collective wisdom capable of delivering avatars as trained and nurtured.


Mind can be mindful and can also quickly become miffed of things unpalatable to the cerebral cortex.


Brain is deeply conscious of its sub-conscious state of its mind and there is an invisible channel of communication that keeps happening between the conscious and the sub-conscious state of mind. Observations, experiences, impressions and impacts of things over a period settles into these sub-conscious layers of mind and during extraordinary circumstances or situations of exceptions compels the sub-conscious layer to stimulate and signals newer perspectives into our life.

Today, we live in a world where everything is wired and numbered. The computers are connected through the internet. The numerology of life to financial number crunching to academic numbers to number on scoreboards decides our fate. We have become puppets of number, it goes up we are cheerful and it goes down we are dejected. The numbers have become the levers of life and we change the lever by changing the numbers, some are in our control but many are not just in our control. The distance we want to walk daily is in our control but temperature outside is not in our control.


We need to build our temperament to play with numbers without bias and prejudices, without being emotional and intentional.


Almost everything is measured or instantly gets evaluated on different scales like star rating to thumps up & thumps down to likes and dislikes.


Mind is in the mode of counting the achievement and not in the mood of caressing the contemplation. We are madly and badly immersed in the number game. Is the sale target met? Is the quarter result in line with the business projection? What percentage of mark the students obtained in the tenth grade? What is your annual package? How much is your bank balance? What is the price of your new vehicle? How many Twitter followers? What’s the number of likes on Facebook? Are you still not in Instagram? How many countries have you visited?


The saga of narrating the story of number continues unabated…


It is important to first liberate our mind from the clutches of number. Number per se is never bad but when it gets madly entangled with our life and living, we are affected. There is an emotional working that goes around the reason of number. Emotion is doubled edged sword and we need to be careful and control our aggression and make our emotion more progressive. After all number is merely a number unless we color code it and attach meaning, it is no way invading our cerebral cortex and hindering to our psyche. It is art but when we make it seem as an absolute science we miss the trick.


Playing with numbers is good but getting numbered and losing sight of the text without context is not good.


We live in a digital world.


Every step we take and every move of ours are captured digitally. The inbuilt GPS in our mobile tracks us and the moment we login into the cyber space we are under the scanner; there is a cookie which catches us when type the URL. Searching has become synonymous with Google. Everything we do on Google, it keeps a tab and every time we search something, and it has the AI in action and predicts based on our past engagement of data points and tell us what to do next. The text on the mobile we type is also governed by AI which records our previous typing history and instantly suggesting the words that need to follow a sentence we are forming. We needn’t have to type the words, we merely have to touch the words that get popped up and we have the sentence formed, and with the voice command even the touch is becoming a history much like the typing.

Mind is a different animal and it works best when allowed to do what it wanted to do. The movement we try to control and condition it, we kill that animal instinct which is important to ignite us to think differently and do different things. Otherwise, life is a load of drudgery.


At the same time, allowing the animal instincts to run riot is also not good.


Also in today’s digital and fast paced world, our mind is so much like a Vacuüm Cleaner, it picks up everything including all the accumulated dusts and the dirt’s from the surrounding as it keeps getting generated…buzzing ring tones, streaming twitters, catching a flight, changing a career, presentation deadlines, attending a party and many more. We don’t allow it to clean up itself; we don’t have an instrument like vacuüm cleaner to clean up the noises and disturbances that gets into our mind.

Mind is bombarded with millions of bits of information every second and we are incessantly getting roasted in the spices of diverse sources of data. It is not like the roasting of the Coffee Beans where we get the aroma, here it is agony of information glut. Data are ruling the roost.


Mind is mind-boggling.

We have become pressure cooker and we are getting cooked and hopelessly hooked in the crucible of data explosion. We have now more data scientists than ever before and we have created labs to analyze data and discovering patterns and predicting user behavior from such big data.


Brain needs better training.

Brain is the most energy hungry organ of our body. It doesn’t matter whether we are sleeping or awake and working, the brain needs to be fed with lots of energy and it needs while we are still asleep. The organ uses one-third of the total calorie we burn to function our body. If the organ is such a big energy guzzler, it is important to be prudent in its usage and so that the energy is not wasted in haste rather the energy put to optimum use, and that is only when we have the brain properly trained.


Nihar R Pradhan

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