Rene Descartes had said; I think, therefore I am

There have been different approaches that were adopted to explain the mind-body philosophical problem. Dualism maintains a clear distinction between the realms of mind and matter. Monism maintains strong stance on the unifying nature of the reality that mind and body are one and the same.


Everything that exists around us is nothing but a form of matter or energy. And these two are merely different forms of the same thing, energy is matter and matter is energy. We can neither create energy nor destroy energy. The total energy in our universe remains same. So what matters is how we manage the energy within our body and the energy that circulates around us.


What is that channel of communication?

The mode of communication between the energy sources outside our body that provides the energy to the functioning of organs inside our body? The sunlight we get. The food we eat. The water we drink. The air we breathe.


Brain is matter but what is mind?

Brain clearly comprises of the billions of neurons and cells. But when it comes mind, we check the state of our mind, we put mind over matter, we asks people to mind their own business, we ask people to make up their mind and the saga of mind over matter continues but what exactly is mind.


Do we know the inside story?

Is mind also matter in a different form?


Matter is tangible, Mind is intangible. Thoughts works in our mind, thinking makes mind work its ways when the electrical charges passes through the spectrum of neurons spread in our brain.

Matter is defined as something that has mass and occupies some space. Mind does cognitive functions and gets the support of neurons to do its work. It is the subject of neuroscience that deals with the functioning of brain and mind. Mind is not matter per se but can influence matter intuitively and can change the state of matter from one form to another.

That’s what we call the power of mind.

The subject of philosophy to psychology deals with the matter of mind.  It is the process of layer by layer unraveling the mystery of mind. There is a physical process that goes in our body and there is also a mental process that goes in our mind. This very intriguing phenomenon that mystically interplay between the physical and the mental processes is so essential to the overall functioning of our life.

Metabolism is the process that converts the food we eat into the energy that the body needs to work. It is a complex biochemical process, all the chemical process that takes place in our body where the calories of the food we eat combines with the oxygen that is released in our body to produce  energy that we need to function. Certain type of proteins in the body controls the chemical reactions of metabolism. The physical activities that we do burn the calories and the more we do, the more body needs energy to work out.

For instance, Iron is essential to carrying the oxygen to our muscles that needs to burn the stored fats. Similarly, Vitamin-D is essential for preserving metabolism, reviving the muscle tissues. Enzymes are crucial to metabolism because they allow organism to initiate chemical reactions that will need energy and cannot function by themselves. Enzymes act as catalysts to foster the process of chemical reactions.


Are we waging a war of mind over matter?

Are we pitting a battle between mind and metabolism?

How metabolism moves the matter?


The art of thinking is about learning the craft of using the tool of mind prudently and purposefully. Keeping the thoughts away from mind when the thinking that we need to do is over is the true essence of the art of thinking. And this needs unyielding practice that requires the regimented training of our mind.

Our mind is constantly in that space of fluttering and fleeting.

It is about treating the mind as a tool in the toolbox when the working of the tool is done, it should be back in the box. And not exposing the tool eternally to the churning of thinking. Then there is no time left for the mind to take rest, just like the tool after the work is done is again sharpened. The question that perennially haunts us, are we the master of our mind or have we became a slave to command of mind, if so then we have lost our mind. It is time to be mindful and get back the control of the steering of our body that matters.

Mind is a crucible of thoughts where it gets churned and burned depending on how we are stirring and what we are feeding to that container. It is essential to keep freeing the vessel of mind so as to enable infusion of fresh bout of thoughts and thinking to keep filling and refilling.

The flow matters.

The cycle needs to keep going.

Meditation helps in mastering the mechanics of mind and nothing matters when we have our mind in control.


According to Rene Descartes body of work in Treatise of Man to Passion of the Souls; mind and bodies are distinct kind of substances. Bodies are spatially extended kind of substance that cannot think and feel, whereas mind are thinking and feeling substances.  He believed that mind exerted control over the brain through the pineal gland, and it is the principal seat of soul in which all thoughts are formed.  His positioned relation between mind and body is known as Cartesian Dualism.

According to Immanuel Kant, beyond mind and matter there exists a world of priori forms are necessary preconditions for understanding. He was intrigued with the very idea of the “philosophy of mind”. Mind shapes and structures our overall experiences of life.  All human experiences share certain common structural features, and have these two facts of space and time as integral feature to that composite experience.

It is so much about what we think when we see or hear about the food stuff. There is a connection. The sensory organs translate these inputs into physiological responses.  Our general characterization on what we are thinking of food that is served to us subtly sends the food for thought into our brain. In turn the brain signals to create physical response on how to process the thoughts on those food items.

All the organs in our digestive system get the instruction about the spread of the delicious ingredients. Only when they get positive vibes the tissues of the organs gets stimulated and then the metabolic process is fully actualized.  If we are thinking negative about the food that we are eating and then it is bound to have a negative consequences on our body. The process of metabolism is affected and instead of adequate burning of the fats there is imbalance in the storage of those extra fats in our body.


The power of mind controls the process of metabolism, and for good metabolic process to happen we need to put the food that we are eating in its proper perspective.


The perception of food makes food for thought.


The thought derived out of the product of perception is all that makes the metabolism to go one way or the other. There is a delight in our mind the moment we see a delicious food placed in front of us. The food that we love makes us happy shall make our metabolism proceed smoothly and swiftly. The food that we don’t like makes our metabolism slow down and there is fiction in the process and falls short of the desired outcome.

Much like the sound wave frequency where good notes make music and bad notes produces noise. Words and Thoughts also have frequencies and when the frequency meets with good food we have resonance, and when frequency doesn’t meet with not so good food we have the dissonance. The quality of thinking creates signals and the biochemical process result in harmony or disharmony in our biological cell.


What is in our mind does matter to us and what matters to us may not necessarily be in our mind.


It is classical paradox of mind over matter.

The thinking is a state of mind.

The mind thinks of the matters around it.


The phrase “mind over matter” is about employing our will power to overcome our physical problems.


According to certain definition on mind, it is the space and time in which thought and feeling exists and it is the brain that perceives these thoughts and emotions, and create what we term as the physical reality.


Human thoughts get processed in the mind and provide form and shape to our experiences. It the conscious awareness, that gives the solid substance to fluid form of thoughts and fleeting feelings in our mind.


Nihar R Pradhan     

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