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Oxymoron is a figure of speech where two opposite meaning words are pitted against each other to create an impact to our thoughts. Our communication to be profusely expressive it needs that creative play with words. The examples are “same difference”, “deafening silence”, “act naturally” to “virtual reality”.


Osmosis is the movement of a solvent through a membrane from a low concentration zone to a high concentration zone, in the process attempts to equalize the two states. In this process we are merely trying to explore the means and experiment with the methods that can make artificial become intelligent and fiction become science.


Here is a Trivia…

This intriguing thought innocuously popped up in my mind when I was harmoniously interacting with my technical team. It seems I’ve done much like a robot for some time, though I’ve been minutely observing their behavioral response. They were diligently nodding to what I was telling in an automated fashion and then to every question asked they were religiously following to a standard pattern of answer. Though I’d insisted on adhering to standard operating procedures but they had taken it literally and their mind was imitating a computer operating system. The way someone was shaking his head to the way someone was blinking his eyes to the way someone was talking with few measured words, it appeared to me everything was so perfunctory and much regimented.


It forced me to think, is this the way I am organizing the meeting or there is a fundamental flaw in my communication or this is the way they have got conditioned due to constant engagement with the digital world.


The answers are in binary.

The expressions are emotionless.

The communication seems programmed.


It was then I raised this pertinent point about the way men is giving way to machines. In turn it is appearing as if the Robot & Chabot are claiming their lost positions. The routine works and regular tasks are getting fully automated and shifting their control from the hands of man to the steering of the machine. While we are scientifically busy working towards that paradigm shift to make machine behave like man, there is that undercurrent of reverse influence where man are involuntarily behaving like machines. The emotions are gone, the process of thinking are controlled, the mind is pretty mechanized, feelings are totally fettered, and the self-belief is utterly shattered.


Are we then unknowingly also converting human to behave and act more like robots?


There was a spurt of laughter, breaking the “deafening silence” in the room.


The phrase “Science Fiction” is like an oxymoron. Fiction is all about a figment of imagination in literature. Science is all about the facts of intuition in reality. Science Fiction deals with imagination, speculation to visualization of advancement of science and technology changing the way we live our life. And the way society evolves with such dramatic revolution. We love to envision and project our future with objects and gadgets that can give comfort and seamlessly lift us to that realm of space where we can momentarily disconnect from the present discomfort. We write stories and we make movies to translate those imagination into words and images to experience its excitement. The motion picture…


The oxymoron “same difference”…



Is science and fiction becoming same or shall there always remain a difference?


The phrase “Artificial Intelligence” is also like an oxymoron. Artificial is all about things that is not natural. Intelligence is all about that is natural. Here we have marked these two words to denote the intelligence in machine. We are talking of how much machine can think like man and how much mapping of human intelligence can be done with machine. Man has worked to make their complex work simple through the use of machine. Calculator to Computer have been designed to simplify their complexity of work. Man by nature is greedy and when the need is met he thinks of the want and then the wish to get all his complex work get done by a voice of instruction to the machine. The idea has led to the working of cybernetics and we have robots strikingly nudging their way to replace man from his stated position.


The oxymoron “same difference”…



Is artificial and intelligence becoming same or there shall always remain a difference?


Turing Test, is measure of determining whether machine can demonstrate human intelligence in thoughts and action in others in its thinking and working. It was proposed by Alan Turing in 1950 and has been the basis behind Artificial Intelligence (AI). In other words it is to evaluate how much machine can behave like a man. The aim perhaps is to come as close as a man. It then implies that man becomes God, as he is able to create human beings and replicate them at will and can control them as he wish. 


We have read through various science fiction books, Isaac Asimov remains at the top and also have seen few of them on the silver screen, The Matrix. And we want more and we want those characters to emerge out of the screen and pop out into the physical world. As we delve deep into the depth of development in science and technology we discover the augmented reality to virtual reality that is literally taking us into a world of magic and we have our favorite characters jumping out of the screen…Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana and Google has its assistant known as Google Assistant. Messaging to Music, Weather to Knowledge these machines are there for assistant of the man, and machines are embedded with artificial intelligence.


GPS guiding the car to the Auto Pilot mode flying of the flight are all powered by the Artificial Intelligence. Smart Homes are connected with sensors and everything is seen and done remotely, just the way we had envision in our Science Fiction.


We have read these in our science fiction stories and today science has taken over and fiction is left behind, it is in fact, a defining reality. We are living in an immersive world where the digital has virtually invaded into our real world, and we are at the cusp of ultimate convergence of man and machine.


Machines are becoming faster and smarter. Microwaves to Refrigerators to Television to Computers are controlling the way we are living our life. Everything is getting monitored, scrutinized and getting recorded. We are proudly qualifying our home as smart homes. Though the idiot box continues to stay in our home. Everywhere there are sensors and are embedded in devices which in turn are acting like our extended body.


Mind has subtly getting subservient to those standard set of instructions.


We have also started implanting micro-chips and nano-devices in our body. These machines have almost hijacked our thinking and they are calling the shots. We are the targets. We are dancing to their tunes, maybe few more steps, little hopping and we are there. Man becoming the puppets of machines. We are getting compulsorily conditioned to the command and control of these machines equipped with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


As we frantically stretch our imagination beyond these stated boundaries, we start observing the mist slowly disappearing and there is no end to this expansive thought; what this machine can do to man and where man can draw a defining line in the working with these machines.


The real boundaries are getting virtually blurred, “virtual reality” for man, and machines have started to “act naturally”…the oxymoron in play and the osmosis is bringing the two sides into a state of tantalizing equilibrium.


Nihar R Pradhan


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Nihar R PradhanDigitalArtificial Intelligence,Computers,Machine Learning,Man vs. Machine,Osmosis,Oxymoron,Robots,Sci-Fi,Science Fiction  Oxymoron is a figure of speech where two opposite meaning words are pitted against each other to create an impact to our thoughts. Our communication to be profusely expressive it needs that creative play with words. The examples are “same difference”, “deafening silence”, “act naturally” to “virtual reality”.   Osmosis is the movement...Break the barrier and Make a difference...