Trinity of Being

Living is dissected in science.


Working gets designed in art.


Thinking is perceived in philosophy.


There are scientists. There are artists. There are philosophers. These are few of the multiple roles played by us as human beings. As a scientist it is different the way we look at life through the lens of a cell to an atom to neurons to molecules. As an artist it is different the way we look at life through the lens of different lines to shapes to colors to light. As a philosopher it is different the way we look at life through the different lens of purpose, existence, meaning to relationships. It is difficult to set up the exact timelines but we can always put these thoughts of being as human being into perspective with a broader outline of timelines.


Art had its origin perhaps 50,000 years since philosophy 5,000 years and science 500 years.


Philosophy as discipline is widely perceived to be subject of abstract and deals with spheres of speculation.


There is no data to back up.

There is no logic to stand up.


Descartes was a philosopher and a mathematician. He did important work in connecting geometry and algebra that enabled solving geometrical problems using algebraic equations.There is apparently no practical application as it seems in its presentation and manifestation. It is perceived to be a grand thinking that has no tangible outcomes. The intangible.  The abstraction. It is an extreme viewpoint to brand philosophy as non-contributor to visible development of human as being. The problem is deeply rooted in its perception; it is difficult to perceive the stream of philosophical thoughts. By design thoughts are fluid and transient in nature. There is an inherent paradox as many philosophers are also mathematicians. How to juxtaposition abstraction in rationality?


The moment we read French Philosopher Rene DescartesI think therefore I am…it appears abstract but when we dive deeper we understand that we are what we are because of our thinking. The way our mind operates, it is this ability to think that fundamentally sets us apart from the rest of the living creatures on this beautiful planet…


The moment we read French Philosopher Jean Jacques RousseauI feel therefore I am…it appears subtle but we dive deep inside we connect with the substantial amount of emotions that surrounds us. His major philosophical work was titled “A Discourse” on Sciences and Arts. The journey of discovering the bridge between the two spheres of art and science, and that journey continues unabated…


Socrates, Plato and Aristotle…the trinity in the world of Greek philosophy who have defined the fundamental premise from the vantage point to globally look at the world of philosophy. The world is viewed more through western prism than the eastern philosophy premise. Socrates never wrote a book but he had mastered the art of asking questions and such was the significance that his method was termed as Socrates Method of Questioning. Plato as student wrote all the dialogues of Socrates that he had while teaching and discussing with others around him. The way he connected and engaged with Socrates led to similar succession for him in terms of Aristotle who was his best student and later became a teacher of Alexander the Great. Aristotle was a peripatetic philosopher i.e. he liked to teach while taking a walk.


Philosophy is a way of thinking about everything and anything around us.


The wonderful ability to imagine and think makes us who we are as human being.  Whiling doing so we have our thoughts wandering around, and so many of these fleeting thoughts that keeps coming and firing at us, some of them we can manage and reconcile but many we just cannot fathom beyond a point. It becomes highly untenable. The compassion of thoughts navigates around to encompass…the people, the places, the world, the universe, the community, the culture, the traditions, the nation and the society. It is about asking the profound questions for which we may not have an appropriate answer but by asking those quintessential questions we work our away into the working of our life.


Art as a discipline plays a vital role in exploring our innate abilities to express and apply our creativity and imagination in terms of musical composition to visual painting to crafted sculptures.


Art is a verb.


It is something that we do to nurture our deep emotions to feed our curious nature of our deeper thoughts. We all have our dreams, the desires, the love, the cravings and the joy and the delight we get doing these engagement of creative skill with our wonderful world of imagination. Art is a form of artful communication and it has its own crafty language. Many times in life we are handicapped with the language of picking the right set of words and placing the combined numbers to express our true feelings and idea that can usher a creative revolution. The staging for innovation. The great idea takes birth in the form of abstract concept. The feelings are deeply embedded and it needs multi-dimensional wings to fly far and high. Art as an instrument addresses to these nuanced needs of different pockets of our sensitive senses.


Art is a way of interpreting the world.


It has been there from the time human civilization has come into existence. Initial work primarily was in a state of hibernation. Later over a time it could garner its motion and gain momentum to build its private pace and could rightful place where it belongs in the public domain.


Art breaks the barrier of conventional language and it acts as a connecting medium of communication beyond the limitation of language. Art is about aesthetic interpretation. Art is voice for the unknown and unheard facets of life. The boundary of life goes beyond the physical world and there is a fascinating world of imagination. It acts as a bridge and it is a beautiful interplay between the real and imaginative world. Art is a propeller for culture, it is a co-creator. Hence art and culture are used in the same breath.


Art as a word has evolved over the period to stand out and the meaning we attach to the word has undergone a world of change. But during the Renaissance period art has fundamentally undergone a transformation. The movement of art started to take different shape during Classical to Realism to Romanticism to Impressionism to Fauvism to Cubism to Modernism to post Modernism. Art captures the happenings of the real world and what happens in our society at that point of time, it is a mirror to see the changing phases of our growing civilization. Art captures the imaginative world beyond the confined boundaries of reality and it is unreal that gets mystically derived from the world of imagination with a subtle touch of romance.


Science as a discipline explores the bulk of our activities that govern our daily life and living. It deals with the facts and truth, the natural laws that determine the way we live our life.


How human body works? How the physical world functions?

How the nature behaves and why it behaves the way it does?


The proteins that makes up the body structure and DNA that controls the way cell communicates and execute their functions. The way force of gravity makes our life possible on this planet and the way electromagnetic forces to binds the electrons in an atom. There is logic to everything that happens around us and we have managed to develop mathematical formulas and equations to prove those logical relationships.


The origin of life is one of the most intriguing questions confronting the human being.


When did it originate?

How did it originate?


We have complied scientific evidences to supplement few of our hypothesis and we have mythological answers to questions that are philosophical. It is the blend of collective proof that works in building the consensus for the mind to reasonably accept the truth. Life is not always in black and white, there are shades of grey cells.  Life exists because the universe is in existence. The big question, how this universe came into existence and we have the Big Bang Theory to offer some scientific explanation. All these explanations are our analysis and interpretation of events happened billions and billions of years back. Our mind is thirsty of answer and we cannot keep the mind high and dry, keep it waiting for long without quenching its innate curiosity.


Life is a complex phenomenon and to get a full perspective of what life is we need the panoramic view through wide range of lens from art to science to philosophy.


Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist also wore a scientific hat and Albert Einstein as scientist also wore an artist hat.

Charles Darwin deeply interested and studied the works of William Shakespeare.


All the great scientists were not pure rationalist, similarly all the great artists were not pure creative souls. Artists, scientists and philosophers are gifted with the sense of appreciation of art and also the understanding of the logic of science in different degree. The formation of triangle happens when these three angles (point of views) adds up to 180 degree, the trinity of being gets subtly captured within the boundaries of these three lines.


Nihar R Pradhan


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