Time Machine

Everything in our life revolves around time.

Starting with the timing of our birth.

Ending with the timing our death.

In between is the lifetime…we craft our own story.

We all have our fascinating stories to tell with the passage of time.


Time is life itself as our life comes to an end when our lifetime comes to end.

Nobody has a control over time. It keeps going and we have defined a method to measure that pace of time movement. Our day, our week, our month and then our year determine how many years we live our life. The number of years we count determines our age. The age is a measure of time we have lived on this planet. The same will be different the moment we change the planet, but unfortunately we don’t have any scope as yet and the age undergoes a change, in other words age is relative.


The age is again linked to the revolution of Earth around the Sun.

Our age is not an absolute figure on this universe.


The moment we live in a different planet, the person will live longer and his age will be different from the age of his counterpart on Earth. It all depends on how much time the planet takes to orbit the Sun, and the last dwarfed planet Pluto takes almost 250 years. If one is 25 years here on Earth he would have been just completed one year on planet Pluto.  Living 100 years on Earth is equivalent to living 2500 years on Pluto. These all phenomena sounds strange but all these unfolds in different life time, so is the elusive thing of time itself.


Watch watches our life.

The time keeper of our lifespan.

The ticking of clock tells us that life is constantly on the move and we have limited time on this planet to do what we wanted to do. Hurry up. Time and tide waits for none. We have to work our way to get our things done before time takes us away from this lovely planet. Nobody wants to leave and every wants to live forever. We keep talking of Time Management. It is the same time that is available to all of us, only that some get more and some get less i.e. relative in nature. The question is not about the quantity of time we had in our lifetime but the quality of time we spend in our life. When we are clueless about our life, we find the motion of time suddenly slows down and when we have discovered the purpose of life we find the same time starts flying.


The lazy look becomes a magic book…


The history of time and the evolution matters in everything that we want to know and learn. Time is special. How did the clock configured into the 24 hours cycle. And how did it get sub-divided into two halves of 12 hours each and how each hour got the division into 60 minutes and each minutes into 60 seconds.  It all started when people started observing the way the day comes and the way it goes away, there is light during the day time and then there is darkness we call it as night. Initially it was the Sun Dial that measured the time of the day. But the question is how do we measure when there is no Sun. People used Water Clock to measure the time during the night. Over deep observation and better analysis both day and night got equated into the 12 hours cycle.


The Babylonians used the sexsagesimal system that was once used by the Sumerians. Greek astronomer Hipparchus to Eratosthenes to Ptolemy played their part in making the division and working of clock that measures our life.


Once it was believed that time was absolute and it is same everywhere. All are actions and activities revolved around that factor of absolute position. This very premise underwent a fundamental shift when Albert Einstein examined the dimension of time. He concluded that time is not absolute but relative. And this was a revolutionary concept and something the people cannot accept and digest. It appears as illusion. It depended on the inertial frame of reference of the observer. When the observer is moving on a frame of reference time dilates means time slows down as the observer moves closer to the speed of light.

The speed of light is the ultimate power of life.


It was measured to be moving at the speed of 186,282 miles per second, beyond our ability to grasp such colossal thought.


The most intriguing aspect of time is that it can travel only one way and that is it travels forward and it cannot come back. Hence we talk of Time Machine. The question that haunts us every time we think of time, can we ever travel back into history and experience the past and change the events of our past. We keep looking back and analyzing our past and we can do nothing about it. Mute witness to the mere storage in our memory bank.

We console ourselves by stating that we have learned our lessons from our past mistakes and now we can make our life better. Time is nothing but a series of event from the past to the present to the future. Only point where we can act is in our present and past is a closed chapter and the future is an open book. The pen that we have is the present does the penning down where everything gets written. This writing makes our future unfold chapter after chapter till we reach the final chapter.

The dead end, no gear to reverse our vehicle of life.


Life and Time

Time is merely a measuring machine.

We take the time out from our life, we have nothing to bother and worry about in living our life. Otherwise everything is time bound and we are governed by the running of the clock. The time we have to get up. The time we have to have our breakfast. The time we need to go to our work. The time for lunch. The time we need to come back home. The time we need to have our dinner. The time we need to go to bed. The week is packed and it keeps coming and going, and we keep sailing with the motion of time.

One day in the week, it is the Sunday everything changes and we are different person as we are not bound by the ticking of clock. We are joyful. We are relaxed. We try doing many things we are unable to do on our week days. We want everyday to be Sunday but that’s not the way we have configured our days and weeks. Sunday is special because all other days we have something to do to make our living and on this day we have something to do love our living.


Time is Money.

No work no money. Work needs the time from us. We need to work our way in work place. We are paid for what we work and how much our work contributes to the good of the organization we work. There are targets. There are deadlines. The time to produce. The time to delivery. The time to pay. The time to collect. Everything works in a cycle and the cycle is controlled by the Time Piece. End of the month there is question on performance, end of the quarter there is question of performance and ultimately it is end of the year financial results that counts how as an organization has spent their time and was that time converted into money that matters. Nothing else matters when the profits are not progressing year on year, the time series that the market and stakeholders keep comparing.


There is this concept of Time Value of Money.

The idea is that the value of money at present is higher the value of that same money in the future. This proposes that it is better to have the money now than later as the benefit derived today is higher than the benefits in the future. We can invest the money and can earn an interest that can add to a higher amount in future. The present money has an earning capacity. This is an integral part of the working of financial managers, bankers, business analyst where money without the time factor has doesn’t determine its true worth. No matter what role we play in working our living, money matters and matters of money determines our quality of life and standard of living. The question can always be asked to what extent but life without money is philosophical and there is disconnect, it cannot resonates with the community at large.


Time is precious because we have limited time in our life.

The art of living is the way we manage our time to get the maximum out of the time we be allotted. It is an art because the science ends the moment the time is handed over to us with our birth. How fast are we able to walk and talk. How fast are we able learn and work. How fast are we able to grow and make our family grow. Each one of us has the same 24 hours at our disposal and how we use those hours is what the difference between my life and other’s life. The Art of Living teaches how best to make the best use of our our given time. Living life is learning the art of managing time and the way we respect time, in the similar way time reciprocates with us. Good use of time gives back good results and misuse of time fires back at us. The equations are pretty clearly defined and have been established.


Time is the fourth dimension that determines the position of an object.

An object has a position based on three dimensions namely (up, down), (left, right) and (backward, forward)  in the space coordinate but that changes with the time, and with time in place the object can always be located even when the object shifts it position. Hence we use (x,y,z,t) instead of only (x,y,z) to state the position in the space-time. Hence space-time is closely related. This very proposition came from the Hermann Minkowski, he was the teacher of Albert Einstein. Though it is the fourth dimension but is treated differently than the other three space dimensions. The behavior time is different from spatial dimensions.


Time is eternal.

Time is elusive.

But our life is definitive and our living is tangible.


The concept of time keep redefining the contours of our life and living. Everything in our life revolves around the circle of the time piece and within the 24 hours bracket and when we add up these small packs we get the week, the month and finally the year that takes away a slice of our life and we are left with the remaining part of the circle.


Life is mysterious cycle of missing dots and time connects those missing dots to complete our cycle of life (the life-cycle) when our time comes to an end on this beautiful planet…


Time Piece


Nihar R Pradhan


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