God used the model of Geometry to create this wonderful world, and hence geometry was there before the creation of this world. Geometry is God…Hippocrates to Pythagoras to Euclid to Archimedes all great thinkers have masterly played the game of geometry in their own turfs and they have connected the dots to the lines to form the shapes and together have taken the subject into a whole new realms of wisdom.


Geometry is part of a grand matrix called as mathematics has always come to our rescue every time we wanted to unravel the mystery and history of the universe.


We are arithmetically in the game of storytelling, our life stories. The streaming is live. We narrate those lively stories through our language of communication. It is composed not only that of symbols and words but of numbers and shapes that connects the missing dots in the grand scheme of plotting the story of our life. Everything in the story is not black and white and there are enough grey areas. It needs a different brush and a stroke. There is this interplay of words and numbers. It is about creatively crafting the logical correlation. Literature is intertwined with mathematical composition much like music. All such elements of notes and tones are an integral part of the majestic nature, it nudges us, it pushes us, we are literally provoked and we start seriously mulling over the facts of figures and we then surreptitiously get wrapped up wandering on a philosophical path.  It merely adds to the geometrical riddle of life, the jigsaw puzzle and it gets much more complex and critically complicated to comprehend the forms of life.


Everything is in Geometry…


Geometry in art…all form of arts we see is a manifestation of the myriad shades of geometry. When we look at any art form, the form itself is a mysteriously crafted product of the geometrical composition. Everything in nature is a natural form of art. When we look at the night sky and connect the stars we have the constellation and that’s a beautiful geometrical composition. The inspiration of art is so much deeply nestled in the heart of nature.


Geometry in science…calculating the surface area to the volume of mass we have the equation of geometry. The validation of science is through the geometry of maths. Right from the electricity to magnetism in physics imaginary shapes are created around the charged objects and the use of geometrical shapes makes the calculation of the electric or magnetic flux. The source of science is somewhere subtly cocooned in the philosophy of life.


Geometry in philosophy…sacred geometry ascribes symbolic meaning to different geometric shapes. It is deeply rooted in the belief that God is the geometer of the world. It is God’s divine touch in nature. As we pick up one fruit after another or for that matter one vegetable after another or the fledgling flowers that develops into a full fledged fruit or a vegetable are a natural product of geometrical calculation and the principles of geometry. Just dissect the composition of pineapple to cabbage; rose to lotus, the magic of geometry is mysteriously shrouded in the calculated glory of nature in its full arithmetical display.


Geometry in nature…is a field of mathematics that deals with lines, angles, shapes to surface to volumes to make us understand the nature and universe around us in a way that we are in a better position to understand and appreciate its beauty and bounty. There are mathematical formulas and algebraic equations that dismantle the hibernated mystery in nature and display the hidden logic behind such magical phenomena in nature.



The history of geometry can be traced back to 3000 BC. Geometry comes from two Greek words “ge” meaning earth and “metria” meaning measuring. Ancient Greek started the use of geometry in their everyday walks of life and then it was then taken up to the next level by the Egyptians in the construction of pyramids. Geometry initially started as a means to merely explain shapes and expand the concept of measurements. Gradually numbers got included into the frame of lines and shapes by Pythagoras and thereafter it was the addition of coordinates by Descartes. Euclid (325-365 BC) is considered to be the father of geometry and his form is the basic one continues to define the world of maths after thousands of years and is known as Euclidean geometry. He was a Greek mathematician and also known as Euclid of Alexandria. This geometry was all about the study of lines, angles, triangles and circles. Euclid created a set of axiomatic form in which propositions could be proved through a set of statements. In the 17th century Rene Descartes considered as the modern philosopher played a vital role in the evolution of the science of geometry and created the new branch known as Analytical geometry. Coordinate geometry opened the door for the development of calculus and physics. Principles of physics and physical world have a strong correlation and world we live are a creation of geometry. Differential geometry uses the techniques of calculus and helps us understand the principles of general relativity. Geometry plays it magnanimous part in making us better understand the vast universe of astronomy.


Geometry sensitized our senses to visuals and conceptualized things around us. Dots add up to make a line and line connects to get us angles to triangles. Similarly, shapes and surfaces are related and the relationship happens when the shape is continuous it becomes a surface. And surfaces and volumes are connected when the surface with its length and breadth has as depth attached to it as a dimension. We can then have a whole array of forms from cylinder to cubes. These different forms are the fascinating facets of life.


Is mathematics an art or science?


If so, then what is that geometry does in shaping the subject of art and science? It is essential for us to know the importance of interdisciplinary role different subjects’ play on each other.


Science is driven by solid observations and experimentations. Mathematics is a part of science. Mathematician analyzes different patterns and formulates into equations. These formulas and equations form the language that makes us better understand the universe. Science and maths goes hand in hand and different aspects of maths from arithmetic to algebra to calculus to geometry have explained the unexplained phenomena happening around us. But geometry has uniquely placed itself in playing its part in deciphering the mystery mired in the art, science, philosophy to nature.


Mathematics is everywhere around us and in everything that we do. There is a parallel stream that goes with the development of civilization where the mathematics has contributed to the progress and prosperity of each civilization from Sumerians to Babylonians. The mathematicians started to work from simple to complex geometry and it has then become the epicenter of the development of humanity.


Artists are driven by aesthetics and creativity. They play with lines, angles and triangles. They play with shapes, spaces and solids. They play with colors and composition. They synthesize and they sing the tones and there is a beautiful tune that engulfs the surrounding with immense joy and bliss.


Is it then a scientific process or is it artistically programmed?


Mathematics may not be either but perhaps a fusion of both and there is path to figure out its figurative positioning in our life. Artists use it as a tool to hone their artistic skill. Scientists use it as a tool tone their scientific discovery. Mathematics is a language of number the computer uses to communicate between them and they do so in a way that is bigger and better than what we do as human using the language of words.


Is there is point where geometry and art converge?


Artists use geometrical elements of lines to shapes to create a space for their artwork.  Art and geometry share a vocabulary. Perspective is an application of geometry where the artist uses to organize the space on the canvas. Artist’s visual the geometry in their mind before they can project the concept on the canvas.


According to Pythagoras everything around us is arranged and organized in accordance with numbers. Plato extended the Pythagoras doctrine into the document of proportion.  Plato has been the father figure of philosophy explaining to us the beauty surrounding the mystery of nature. Mathematics and art has been related in multiple ways, so has been mathematics and philosophy, so has been mathematics and mythology, and mathematics and science has always had the strongest connection.


In the evolutionary period of arts, two revolutionary forces started to drive the artists towards the principles of mathematics and geometry. One is that of how to depict three dimensional objects on a two dimensional canvas, and the second was the power of geometry as a perfect language to communicate the composition of physical world. Geometric abstraction in art has been an integral part of the development of art.


Leonardo Da Vinci use of golden ratio to Piet Mondrian use of different geometrical forms has made their defining mark in the sphere of art to Wassily Kandinsky explored geometric approach in his abstract work of art.


As a child we are attracted to different shapes, new patterns and colourful designs. Toys play a big part in our childhood development of our brain and the way we think. The development of two sides of our hemisphere, there is a connect between the creative and the analytical dimensions of our thinking. Geometry is all around us and it is in different forms. Learning to play the game of geometry is the art and science of life. The lines, the angles, the shapes, the forms are the foundational level that builds up the subject of geometry in mathematics. Lines are the basis where the geometry takes its position to form different shape. Angle is formed when two rays of light meet at a single point or when a ray of light gets reflected. Shapes are formed by enclose a space and it can two dimensional and it can be three dimensional. Some interesting shapes that keep us intrigued and we are fascinated by the facets depicted by pyramids and the prisms.


Geometry is abundantly displayed on the canvas of nature. The moment we scan the landscape of nature we are at awe and wonder at the wonderful repository of geometrical shapes that has been naturally emerged out of the cocoons of nature. It is there everywhere, from the flowers to the patterns on the butterflies to the leaves to the fruits and to the seashells to the corals to the valleys and mountain ranges. Geometry spread across the nature are the source of inspiration for designers to visualizer.


And it is the geometrical principles that govern our life and living. The house we stay and the design of the building by the architect to the design of the house inside by the interior designer, and they all play with the rules of mathematics and the geometry that creates the magic in the look and the outlook of the house.


Shapes form an important aspect of any designing exercise. Much like color, the different shapes has a different influence on our mind and it provides a new dimension into our thinking and working. We love playing with different shapes, patterns and combination to derive a new meaning and connection in our life. Right from architects to interior designers to graphic designers is shaping our life the way we stay and the way we see at things.


It is believed that each shape has a connection with one of the four elements of life i.e. air, water, fire and earth. The balance of these elements is what brings harmony in our life and in other words if we have a balance of shapes in our life and that’s how we will be able to compose our life the way we want to provided we know the right combination. Shapes are nothing but a part of the world of geometry.


A square shape represents stability.

A rectangular shape represents growth.

A triangular shape represents belligerence.

A circular shape represents gratification.


Shapes and spaces play a vital role in organizing the energy around us and any disorderly presence shall have a negative effect on our energy level and energy is the foundation on which our life revolves. The shape of our room to house and the position of the building to the direction of the earth and the planetary position determines the positive or negative energy that generates around the place we stay. In effect it is about following the principles of geometry and connected the missing dots on the space we have occupied.


It is a world of wonders, for us to understand and appreciate the wonders of the world we need to learn the language of geometry, the shape, the space and the relation between the position of the shape and the projection of the space…the spatial dimension in play. Many of us think and visualize things through shapes and forms, and that acts as catalyst in galvanizing our imagination and it becomes the battle field for creative disruption.

The artists and the scientists make their idea take a shape through the creative canvas of geometry…the lines, the shapes, the pattern and the design all emerges through a beautiful convergence of imaginative construct of the abstract into the real world.



Nihar R Pradhan

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