light and color

The five fascinating facets of nature mystically intertwined into the formation of our physical existence…paradoxically a mental riddle deceptively complex to decipher. These mystery elements are subtly touching on the nuanced layers of the universe we are inhabiting and the very reason why life is beautifully thriving on this vibrant planet.


It is a magic when we look through our eyes as human being until we derive the logic and it is indeed a miracle when we attempt to see through the eyes of God, and it continues to remain a mystery.


Nevertheless, there are five other aspects, quite fundamental, the elements that govern our living (air, water, sky, earth and fire). These two sets are not independent of each other; there is an umbilical cord, the relationship, it is a subtle one. These five elements (space, time, light, energy & matter) are enacting in a prefect symphony behind the scene of those other elements; the clandestine players making a fundamental difference to our living…the beautiful harmony we see in our life.


Life is truly beautiful…

We live our life mysteriously wrapped in these five fundamental elements of crafting the artistic composition of our very existence.


The underlying phenomenon of connecting these elements was a mystery till science knocked the door. It took time. The knock was loud. It went louder and the door opened. Once we manage to barge inside the house of these elusive elements, then it was left to the safe hands of scientist and it was their clinical work that did the rest.

It is now history.

Everything got unraveled.

It was methodically sliced by the precise scalpel of science. The subtle dissection displayed the captivating story behind the body of intangibles and beyond the boundary of invisible. It was an intriguing mystery; until the powerful camera of scientific world focused its set of precise lens on these inexplicable elements of universal phenomena.


The journey has been long, frantically grappling with our naive interpretations to satiate the innate curiosity. The snooping bug…after all it is the potent power of human curiosity that has been the driver of discovery and vehicle of invention. It has swiftly navigated the civilization from one era to another…a tectonic shift.

Space is something we equate it to the emptiness surrounding us. It is three-dimensional . Time is what we equate to the passage of moments, and we measure it with the 24 hour clock. Light is what makes us see the world around us. Color is what we give a name to the appearance of an object or a subject we see. Everything around us is nothing but a disguised form of energy; matter and energy are seamlessly interchangeable. All that our senses can absorb are translated into mental observations for our mind to meticulously analyze and critically interpret.  This is what we see, feel, smell, taste and understand about these components that form the vast universe and the earthly world we live.


Everything around us is so promptly governed by these mesmerizing elements of the mystery of nature that we are in awe and wonder.


The mystery of space, it is empty.

The mystery of time, it defines our life.

The mystery of light is in the speed at which it travels.

The mystery of energy is in the different forms it can enact.

The mystery of matter is in its composition, the inside story of atoms and molecules.


An object occupies a space. The object is nothing but a body of mass or for that matter it is composition of matter. The space has a three-dimensional coordinates…the length, the breadth and the depth.

When some one asks us where the car is and for instance we say; it is parked on the second floor of the Galleria Mall on the Fifth avenue Street. The position of the location of the car, so we have three coördinates to find the object called car, is that enough information to suffice the place.

Not exactly, this not enough to find the car unless and until we add one more dimension to the coördinate and that is the time dimension. The car was there at a given point of time and when the time changed and the car was moved away later, one cannot then find the car with only those three dimensions. Here comes the connection between space and time.


Newton had its proposition on the constancy of time till Einstein brought the dimension of variability on the factor of time. It is the debate that dissects the classical physics vs. the modern physics. The fundamental perspective on how to look at the factor of time did change dramatically and thereafter a new foundation was led that set the quest for future scientific rediscovery.


Time is not absolute. It is relative. The time on a moving clock is slower than the time on a static clock. It sounds bit confusing. It is then the fundamental role that a ‘frame of reference’ plays in solving such science conundrum.  The clock is a just a measuring device.

How can the clock measure the time differently with changing speed?

The clock measures slowly with increasing of the speed. In other words the clock comes to a halt when we travel at the speed of light. This concept is what we know as time dilation. Similarly, the space undergoes change with the speed and reaching the speed of light the length of the object appears zero. This concept is called the space contracts. Einstein transformed the entire concept by converging space and time into a single dimension called as space-time continuum.


Is time a variable part or a constant factor?


We perceive time to be a constant factor as measured by the calibrated clock and it is same for everybody when we look at its movement. The time on the clock may be different in two different parts of the world, the reason is well known. But when we see a difference in time in the same clock with the variation of the speed of the observer…we confront the million dollar question.

The moment we have this new hypothesis on our table, we are perplexed, and then to resolve this paradox enters the mystery dimension of light into picture.

space, light and color

We are illuminated…

Little intriguing what is light got to do with the time factor and how can these two components has an equation and a relationship that changes the very definition of our longevity. We can dramatically augment our longevity if we change the frame of reference in which we are living.


Time moves at a certain speed when we are static, and the speed keeps reducing when we start traveling and with the increased speed we can see the slowness of time clock. The phenomenon is known as time dilation.

And at the speed of light, the clock comes to a standstill. It is observed that we as human beings have a standard lifespan on Earth. Little bit here and there but nothing can drastically change that span of life under the normal circumstances. Here comes the interesting dimension where speed of light has some magical power and it travels at the speed of 300,000 km per second. It seems hypothetical to assume that anything can travel at the speed of light and if we as human being can board say a spacecraft and travel the universe and return back to earth say after a year as par our clock we will be see our friends here on earth have become pretty old. It seems magic but there is logic behind such transformation.


Is light a wave or a particle?


Initially there was a dilemma but lateral scientists unraveled the mystery and declared light is a joint phenomena. Light can travel in vacuüm. Light are photons with zero mass, hence can travel at such mind blogging speed? The world is mesh of electromagnetic force field and the wave of light travels through the vibration of these force fields.

Light has a spectrum and there are two part to that spectrum, the one we can see is called as the visible spectrum and the human being cannot see through the naked eyes are called as non–invisible spectrum part. One end it is the Gamma rays and the other end it is the Radio waves. The wavelength and frequency varies and that makes all the difference. Human eye has a capability but there are other species they have higher ability and they can see beyond what the human eye can see.


Color has no meaning without the power of light, it is the light that empowers color to get the lift and it is only in the shift that the world gets the colorful illumination.


In fact color is light itself. Imagining world without light is insidious and how dull the world would have been without the emotions of color. Each color evoke emotions and emotive feelings are so deeply connected to the color we love and the way color plays it’s beautiful part in the design of the world, a large canvas where we all play our parts as artists.

Color has no standing without the support of light and light are the composition of the pigment of color and it gets the wavelength transmitted that object bears. Every color represents a band of the light spectrum having its wavelength and frequency.


Mass of an object increases with the speed of the object and compared to the mass at rest. As speed reaches the speed of light the mass becomes infinite and requires infinite energy to move the mass. There is a relationship between energy and matter.There is a general confusion between mass and matter. We use it interchangeably.


Einstein famous equation E=mc^2 substantiates that claim. There is a relationship between the motion of object and that the relative motion of object led the discovery of the relationship between the mass and energy. The special theory of relativity, Albert Einstein in 1905 set the contours of modern physics.


Matter is the material that occupy the space, and mass is what we measure the matter. And then it is the energy that aggravates the perplexity. A good way to clarify the confusion is by stating that mass is a property of both matter and energy. It is well known that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It merely changes from one form to another and the core content always remains the same.

For instance, the energy that gets generated when we explode an atomic bomb is nothing but the role speed of light plays on the mass, it’s the Einstein equation that scientifically governs the process of such massive nuclear explosion. The process is about splitting the atom, and not easy to split atoms of elements unlike Uranium or Plutonium are exception.


Energy has mass, not the reverse that energy is mass. Mass is transformed into energy, there is a massive amount of energy per unit mass. In this larger analysis where the factor of time or time is becomes a completely separate entity…


What happens when time and space is placed against energy and matter, the relationship is equally important to be established. Matter equals energy, energy equals space and space equals time; in essence these are seamlessly interchangeable and form one unified aspect of our universe.


The Universe comprises of space, the space in turn comprises of matter and matter is nothing a form of energy, and when the energy moves we connect using the reference of the time. In way can derive some form of equivalence between the two sets of elements.


Matter is equivalent to Earth, Time is equivalent to Water, Space is equivalent to Air, Energy is equivalent to Fire, and Light is equivalent to Sky…the play of these fascinating five characters that make our life beautiful.

energy and matter

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