Solar Beauty

Matter that matters comprises of elements that make up this truly fascinating planet. These atoms and molecules of elements follow the basic rules of chemistry and physics. The rules make all the difference, oxygen and carbon are elements, so are gold and iron, and we know what oxygen does to us and gold means to us. Matter is anything that has mass and occupies a certain space. Everything around us that we see is matter, the plant to the planet that holds these plants. Energy is that inherent capacity that causes the change. Indisputable fact, energy cannot be created or destroyed. As a matter of fact energy can only be conserved and converted from one form to another; the total amount of energy remains the same. We play with its multiple forms. In Sanskrit, both ‘form’ and ‘name’ has the same word…is it a coincidence or is it a providence?


Is matter energy condensed?


Energy in science is used to describe how much potential a physical system has to change its state from one form to another. Particularly in Physics, energy is a property of matter. Albert Einstein has shown to us that matter and energy are two sides of the same coin, it is just that matter is frozen light, and light is matter on move.


The glowing of bulb, electrical to light. The ringing of mobile, electrical to sound. The growing of tree, light to chemical. The running of car, chemical to mechanical. The burning of candles, chemical to light.


These are means and mechanics of transforming energy from one form to another for practical use in our day today life…that’s what matters to us.


The fact of the matter is that the entire world is nothing but wholesome matter. Everything around us from soil to sand to rock to mineral to air to water to plant to animals to human all are nothing but a body of matter, some are tangible and visible and other intangible and invisible and it is the hand’s of the designer who shapes them differently. The Designer is the Almighty, the God and the Supreme Power. And we have given different names to the supreme power in different religions and we have different ways to pray and protect our life form. There, somewhere in the mystical world is the magical power we attempt to connect through our spiritual quest but in the practical world we keep harping on the logic in scientific queries to get our work done.


In every matter there is some energy and the form changes and there are natural and artificial converter or much like the language translators, converting one language to another, similarly the energy converter converts one form of energy into another. Just like the way Google Language Translator does the translation so simple and have made life tad easy. So are these man-made gadgets like battery cell to mobile phones to air condition to water coolers have made life technologically comfortable but nothing can beat the natural phenomena of plants. The energy converter and the energy transporter are such a vital cog in the sustenance of life and living in this world.


The ultimate source of power comes from the Sun God.


The world that we see brightens up with sunlight and there is so much greenery and glitter in faces of billion of species inhabiting the blue planet. We take Sun for granted and it is natural for Sun to rise in the morning and we wake up, and when Sun sets for us in the evening and we take a break and it is time for us to sleep, but that is not the case with Sun, it keeps glowing. The Sun is 150 million kilometers from Earth and the sunlight that comes to earth takes 8 minutes to reach and the light travels at 186,000 miles per second. The facts are well known to us only that we take it for granted and rarely sit back reflect the mind boggling mathematics that surrounds the ball of fire that it is the creator of life.


The fire that lit our life…


Our Sun is a very stable star and has been a long lasting star unlike many other stars in the universal galaxy. There are stars much bigger than our star Sun they are hotter and unstable and haven’t lasted long its set of planets to work like our planet. There are stars much smaller than our star Sun and they are lesser hotter and are unstable and blasts their planets with burst of radiation. It is the relative size of the planet and the absolute positioning it has with our Sun that makes us the magical planet with source constant source of energy for sustaining life. The planet receives the energy from the Sun is perfect positioned to keep water as liquid on the surface, if it would have been too far, the water would have converted into ice and if it was too close, the water would have been evaporated into gaseous form.


“It is Sun, the force behind our life.”

“No Sun, no Life.”


The amount of energy that Sun sends to earth every hour can be sufficient to mange the requirement of energy needed by mankind to sustain its life and living for an entire year. It’s that we haven’t build the reservoir and the mechanism that can collect the immense amount of solar energy and preserve it for future use, we have just been able to deploy solar panels to capture and convert the energy and extend its utility for a very short time period. This is in the context of human evolution and the invention and innovation that has happened in the field of energy management. At the heart of all energy converter is the plant that matters the most.


Solar Power


The production factory in the plant called as chloroplasts conducts the process of photosynthesis. This very plant factor takes up the water from the soil and absorbs the carbon dioxide from the air and it is the sunlight that facilitates the cooking and the conversion into oxygen and carbohydrates. The energy plant generates makes it grow and live its share of life on this blue plant. Similarly it is the production factor in the human cell that takes up the oxygen from air, carbohydrates from the plant and sunlight and produces the energy needed for the body parts to play their respective part in making our life move and living possible.


There is such a magical symbiotic relationship that has been established between the plant and the animal species, human being the torchbearers of the evolved life and living. The Human Body comprises of trillions of cells and the chemistry between these cells is what makes the life tick and living our life is a function of these cell and the cell chemistry that governs the working of different organs in our body. It is the nuclei acids in the cell, the proteins that matters. The body is nothing but a box of matter and the function of various body parts are to play their respective part in absorbing, converting and using the energy that the body needs to survive and stay its course on living. The heart has to pump blood to reach out to different cells and make the cell work out its set of instruction and these are connect and communicate to each other and see to it that the overall body function is performed as per the schedule.


The process of “Mutation and Selection” in species needs to follow a space and pace, if the process is extremely slow, certain species may not able to adopt to the fast changing environment in the future and if the process is extremely fast, certain species may lose the vital ingredient of the life that is essential for continuity of life form.


The human species as a matter of fact has evolved over millions of years and has done so with the process of mutation and selection…what we see as human species has gone through a prolonged evolution period. Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, contributed to the Theory of Evolution. It is the DNA that determines the design of human being, it is the body of knowledge that moves as a hereditary connect between one forms of species to another. The DNA that is made of two strands, a helix, like a spiral staircase comprises of the sequence of nucleotides that holds the information and instruction needed for the life to navigate its way in the journey of life. It is in fact the language of life. The amount of information if translated into written books would turn out to be in hundred of volumes that can fill up any decent size library. DNA is just not the language of life but also the library of human body…


Life as a matter of fact is made up of matters and the energy converter in our body makes the life do its daily activity and the center of these activities is the ultimate source of energy, the Sun.


Sunshine is the Lifeline…


Cell is the foundation of life, the basic building blocks of all living beings. The body structure comprises of trillions of cells and the chemistry between cells that matters and communication between different organs is a fascinating orchestra in harmony, we are simply left with awe and wonder at the complexity of the functioning of human body structure…


The quintessential question remains whether we are made of matter or energy, is matter and energy the same thing or is there a fundamental difference between matter or energy, or everything is energy and nothing else matters?


According to Quantum Physics, the deeper we dive into the inner world of atom, there is nothing else in the ultimate analysis; it is just the energy waves. It was way back in history when the great philosopher Socrates has said that human beings are made of energy and not matter.


Nihar Pradhan

Creative Writer

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Nihar R PradhanDesignChemistry,Darwin,DNA,Einstein,Energy,Human Cell,Matter,Mutation and Selection,physics,Socrates,Sun,Theory of EvolutionMatter that matters comprises of elements that make up this truly fascinating planet. These atoms and molecules of elements follow the basic rules of chemistry and physics. The rules make all the difference, oxygen and carbon are elements, so are gold and iron, and we know what oxygen does...Break the barrier and Make a difference...