Imagined Order

We are all living in a state of imagined order.

Not all of us are well aware of this order of imagination that governs our life.

This state of order is a product of collective production of human thought and trust of humanity. The mind is a dynamic machine. The thought keep changing, the moment one such thought gathers larger momentum it becomes the harbinger of new set of belief in our society. It is the idea that disrupts the harmony and creates the cacophony. Bigger the idea and stronger the belief, larger the thrust on the trust to change and we see a paradigm shift in our societal order and new order takes over the control from the old order. There is nothing perceptible in reality but we fear facing the harsh reality of life and we often take our flight into the world of our imagination.


Reality is a myth.

Illusion is truth.

These statements are starkly confronting our deep-seated assumptions. It is strikingly confusing. We contest this hypothesis proposing a contrarian view of life. After all, life is all about learning the very art of facing the reality and accepting the truth. How can truth be arbitrarily questioned and how the complex answer for reality is simply ensconced in the world of myth. Nothing is absolutely true outside the purview of the law of nature and that it also ventures into a realm of falsehood, the rule of gravity changes it rules when we land on Moon. Law of relativity remains relative. Limiting ourselves to our own space of operation is again an imagined order. We start our work in one country and that state changes the moment we migrate to another. The imagined order in other country is different. What is true to us may not be true to someone else. Sunday is a holiday for most of the world but Sunday is a working day in the Middle East. It is a myth. Here in this part of the world, it is the religion that determines the reality. Development is a function of democracy. We see a pattern in most democratic states. The pattern is used as a path to prediction. Though, we are in a constant state of predilection in life. The wheels of development progress only when we are improving the life of people below poverty lines in developing countries. Naively buying the prediction as it is deeply rooted in the historical data. So, we play with data to diagnose and determine our future prospect.


The imagined order across the global landscape is under reconstruction where these new personalities in the position of political prowess are redefining the new global order. USA is the oldest democracy. It is developed state. Mexico is a developing country and is a democratic state. Immigration between America and Mexico generates high decibel cacophony. Under President Trump’s regime it is garnering the fuel to fire the imagined order in the immigration policy. India is the biggest democracy. India is developing. Pakistan is a developing country and has a democratically elected government controlled by the military machinery. India and Pakistan are historically trapped on a geographical conflict. There is a constant commotion in the Border States. Under Prime Minister Modi, the imagined order is on a heighten state of surveillance. The imagined order is rooted in the chaos of Partition. China is the fastest developing economy and is a communist government. Under President Jinping it is on an aggressive path of achieving global dominance. The moot question, is China a communist or capitalist country? These are conflicting thoughts. It is the political governance that determines the reality. This was not the reality in these countries before the change of guard at the helm of the affairs in respective countries.


Temperature is a measure. It measures how we perceive our reality. It is a felt perception as there is no such thing called reality. It is a metaphor of imagined order. The temperature outside is 40 degree Celsius. Heat is not a reality.  We step out of the air conditioned chamber, we feel the heat. The temperature in the Antarctica is in minus 40’s but when we step into the air conditioned heat chamber, we feel the warmth. When we are in the sandy Kalahari Desert we experience a different reality and when we are in the icy Himalaya we experience a different reality.


Reality is myth.

Illusion is truth.

The quintessential questions keeps staring at us and we keep confronting the truth and we are in tussle of words between order and chaos, confusion and clarity, motion and commotion, and cacophony and harmony, and finally perception and reality. The truth that matters, it matters to all of us. It needs a window for reflection, the door for reconciliation, the confluence of the house of imagination, the intuition and the inspiration.


Is the world around us in a state of order? We are trapped in the illusionary vision of myths and Maya’s of this world otherwise beautifully captured in the Hinduism philosophy. We sleep and we wake up. There is day and there is night. There are weeks and there are months and we go through the years. The life is counted and we are confined to the order of calendar in our life. There is a political order. There is a religious order in the Church to Temple to Mosque. There is financial order in the stock market. There are schools and colleges, and these are in order. Only that the state of imagined order changes from state to state across countries. There are hospitals running 24 and 7 is in definite order. There is Television News Channel running 24 and 7 is in chaotic order. The legal system needs to be in order to keep the disorder in bay in our society. The courts keep functioning and judges keep announcing order, order, order…all appears in perfect order and we perceive to live with that state of orderliness in our life.


That’s an illusion and the reality of order is a colossal myth.


We are in reality in a state of chaos and confusion. We are lost in wilderness of cacophony, commotion and heighten state of conflicts. We are here and they are there. That is an imagined state of divided existence in this world order. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen have been the cradle of the evolution of civilization, and today they are at the crossroad standing at the destructive devolution of civilization. The springing ethnic fight to the erupting civil war to religious segregation to political supremacy to territorial domination the cradle has become a burning crucible. Is disorder a reality in this part of the world? Does reality changes it’s colour as it moves from places to places and as it gets examined by different people from different part of the world. There is a contradiction. If reality is a myth and reality is an illusion then how come it can get depicted as a colourful avatar?


As we shift back gears in life and move from the drivers seat to the back seat, take a pause, take a breather, stop to reflect, we realize we are not in a state of perfect order, and it is in our imagination. It is the imagined order. We change the job, we change the company, we change the work, we change the location and we have changed our reality and we have a different world in front of us. We forgo our full time job to pursue full time on our hobby and work on our hobby to pay for our living. Is living a reality? How come that changes it connotation when a poor wants to live a life and when a rich wants to live a life. The profession gets a backseat. We want to work on our passion. We want to do something different for the self and society. When we give up selfishness, we seal our bondage with socialism. Our reality has changed. We relinquish all our accumulated wealth and wholeheartedly embrace wisdom to lead a spiritual life. Capitalism is a reality. Our reality has changed. Spiritualism is perceived to be a myth and a Maya, and many resist and when they do so it persist and they give up and join the journey of spiritualism in life. There is an intrinsic commotion of learned thoughts when intellectual minds maneuver through labyrinthine of life to figure out the state of order from the state of chaos. Since chaos is perceived not to be healthy and harmonious, we are forcefully imprisoned in embracing the state of order as the default state of existence.


The myth we are yet to break and make way to accept the reality of illusion.


The various states that are in state of conflict with its people are a well orchestrated designed agenda and where imagined order supersedes the underlying state of chaos. Till today between India and Pakistan it exists, till yesterday between South Korea and North Korea it existed. For a short duration the state of imagined order between China and India was in disorder and now that Doklam chaos that was threatening to show its hideous head has been hibernated. Why hibernation, because it is not a reality that is permanent and packed for eternity. The chaos gets normally suppressed and when it reaches the inflexion point, it abnormally surfaces and sacrilegious spills all over the surface and we can see the confusion amongst the inhabitants and the cacophony emerging out of political or religious propaganda and social pandemonium. When the chaos goes out of control, there is this skirmish, we have the little battles going and big wars take our mantle to bestow an imagined order through a state of commotion and conflict. It goes through its self-generated power and then externally infused energy to sustain the movement and then it reaches a stage where the political or social or religious momentum losses the gathered steam and it is halted abruptly.


We suddenly start seeing the state of order.

We are rebellious.

We are non conformist.

We resist the state of perceived order.


We are in intuitively imprisoned in that primitive frame of conflict and commotion. We are in perpetual loggerheads with our own earlier state of mind and we contest the state of order and our fertile imagination is deceptively hijacked and we are no more in that state of imagined order.


We are conditioned into a state of imagined order. We are in orderly state of constant hesitation. We are hard pressed. We are confused. We are in a state of conflict with self. We don’t go to office for few days, the organization will question our absence and the boss will demand our presence, the clients are dependent on us. We need to communicate with them and support in addressing their concern. But all organizations are not engaged in mission critical works and an automobile company can halt its work but a healthcare company cannot halt its work it is about life and death, a fraction of delay in service can cost a life. That is not the reality, an automobile company cannot afford to exercise an unscheduled halt in its production, it will instantly have an implication on the sales target and the financial outcomes and the stock market performance and we operate in that state of order and we make no comparison and between manufacturing a machine in the automobile factory and managing the system to save a life in the hospital. In either case we are conditioned to work in a state of imagined order but when the imagination punctured through the reality of organization strike everything comes to a grinding halt and the organization rechristened itself to cope with the state of new order through the engineered engine of chaos and commotion. There are of course immediate consequences to such conflict and results in collateral damages and in some cases irreparable casualties.


In all such cases the confusion leads to cacophony, and then the chaos gathers momentum and leads to protracted commotion in society and eventually to prolonged conflict between states. The confusion in the interpretation and understanding of the state of imagined order. We are constantly in this state of disorderly churning and we are in that motion of commotion. The turmoil is a culmination of a tickling effect. We allow the leakage and it creates the rupture. We sideline the simple misunderstanding brewing with us at present and then we are preparing to embrace the reality of confronting the complex conflict in the future. The confusion between two individuals leads to the cacophony in a group and the chaos in a process and system leads to a disruption in the organization and deep differences between groups, organization and communities results in conflicts within and between states and countries and that is the state of world we are living.


Perhaps ironically, the dawn of reality.

The diffusion of illusion.

Demystifying the perceived thoughts on imagined order. The order is what governs our life and living and we have become the hapless servants of our orderly master. The master of imagined order. We follow it religiously, we adhered to it relentlessly, we are highly indebted and we are hyper immersed in that state of order and little realizing that it is a state of imagined order and we can change that order and in case it is bigger in nature it perhaps would need an awakening of a collective wisdom of humanity to confront the confirmed order.


Nothing is embedded in matter; as a matter of fact these are merely agreed rules of understanding to manage unnecessarily playing with frequent state of chaos and confusion. Nobody likes to be in that constant state of fight for right. But at the same time once we get our rights that doesn’t anyway takes away our right to fight for changing the state of order to a higher state of imagined order and that it can achieve only by going through that cycle of chaos in life. The more we go through the state of chaos, not always disorderly chaos but orchestrated and organized.


The blur is wiped away.

There is a method in this madness.

It appears and it disappears.


We graduate in our learning curve. And the better equipped we are to handle that state of transition, the more powerful we become as an individual and the same applies to an organization and to a state though in different degrees and denominations. The nation states are in a simmering state of conflict for establishing order through its prism of political chaos, economical commotion, social confusion and religious cacophony.


This is the world’s story of an imagined order…


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