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We are human beings. We are special. But who looks after our well-being. The invisible characters. And we posses all these special invisible characters magically packed in our mind. As we unpack they categorically define our characteristics. The human behaviors are the fabric of our personality. These characters are amorphous in nature, willfully nurturing our nature. Human nature is what constructs the civilization. Inflicted nature will dawn a dwarfed society. Nature and human nature are essential in building a strong civilization. Today, both are at crossroad and the characters are in a state of confusion and needs sumptuous compassion.

These are intangibles that differentiate us from other species. We live in a world of wonderful kaleidoscope of different species.

The cognitive thought is crucial and we are cognizant of its existence.

What are we without thoughts?

What are human beings without emotions and feelings?

These fundamental aspects of life cannot be causally ignored nor can it be consciously avoided. These wonderful characters forms the imperceptible bridge between mind and body. The physical composition, the psychological construct and the physiological characteristics all are inextricably intertwined. We are bombarded with millions of thoughts. We are in a state of emotional churning. We have our waves of feelings. It is an ocean. We fall for our deep desires. The sky is not the limit. We crave from things not within our reach.

Mind is in a state of constant change and keeps our emotions in constant motion.

Thoughts and feelings collaboratively work to navigate our working. Good work come out of an engagement of immense thoughtfulness and working through a spectrum of feel good factors. Many times we face the roadblock and then we venture into the path of spiritual quest and frantically embrace the space for meditation to negate such distractions in life. We are constantly learning the art of living of life. It is important to emphasize that life is a science but living is an art. The interplay between life and living is where thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires to craving play their respective parts. Human being needs to respect the role each play in putting our personality in perspective.

These characters are vital to our ability to tell our stories that the world would love to hear. Intangibles are there in our cerebral sphere and voluntarily operating in our mind. These characters can act positive or negative depending on how we intent to use them. Good thoughts or bad thoughts.

Fear or Anger or Joy.

Frustrated or Depressed or Helpless.

Never done it wants to do it in future…the desire.

We have done it in past and wants to do it now in present…the cravings.

All are part of the mind game and we have to keep fairly playing the game.

Actions are a derivative of these workings in my mind. When we are desperate, we do whatever possible to get out of the quagmire. When we are elated, we will press hard to hold onto that state of ecstasy for as much time as possible. Incidentally, we know pretty well that nothing remains permanent in life. Impermanence is imperative to embrace the duty of life. The change is the cut. Change is only thing that is permanent. It is cliché. It is about acceptance. It is about acknowledgement. It is about embracing change in its natural form. We attempt to color the change and then we are captured in the confusion. We hurt ourselves by being possessive or being overbearing. Mind is a thought machine, and it is on constant motion.

Life is a vehicle.

The way we respond depends on whether we are seating on the driver seat or seating in the back. We react when we are at the back to driver’s action, and we respond to the movement outside when we are at the driver’s seat. It is about taking full control of our own life. In this controlled mechanism are the clutches and gears of thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires and cravings that play their part and we need to know the formulas and the calculation to get the right result. When to apply the break, when to press the accelerator and when to change the gear. It would have been wonderful to have life in auto gear and stay at control on an auto pilot mode. It is not the case.

Life is a juggernaut.

Thoughts and emotions are the gasoline of running the wheels of life. We need to refuel our mind with refurbishing our corrupted thoughts and confused emotions. We are constantly on the highway of our life. And we keep searching the sub ways to detour from the mono rail of life. We have to learn the art of living through the craft of controlling the various elements of the movement and momentum of life. Life is in perfect equilibrium when we selflessly connect to self. It is about mastering not managing. There is a distinction between the art of mastering and the craft of managing things in life.

How do we manage our emotions and feelings?

We get perturbed.

We get angry.

We get irritated.

We get agitated.

These are not happy state of affairs. These fragile states aggravate our fluid state of mind already in state of turbulence and turmoil. Incidences keep happening around us and with us, and some are good and some are bad. We look at our life through this eventful prism. It either liberates us or imprisons us. Some times we get what we want, and we are delighted. Other times we don’t get what we want, and we are dejected. In between there are times we are in a state of limbo and we don’t know what to do and how to react or what to respond, we are clueless and trapped in cluttered thoughts and clouded emotions. The most sought after feelings like love or romance that keep us on tenterhooks, if we get it we crave for more and if we don’t we give up our desire.

We get sucked into the vicious cycle of life.

There is no control.

There is no command.

We get into a conundrum.

We may have solved many mathematical puzzles as a part of our structured learning programmes in life but these are unstructured way of learning. Thoughts keep coming at us, simple to complex, small to big, good to bad, positive to negative and the paradox is an integral part of our life and living, and we get caught in the streams of emotions and storms of feelings. We want something and we get something else. We desire something and we deserve something else. There is this constant tussle of need vs. greed, want vs. rant, pride vs. ride and the tumultuous journey takes us through a roller-coaster trip in life. It happens that many times we can do very little to control things happening with us and all our effort goes in vain and we feel completely ruined.

It is time to wait and watch.

It is time to pause and ponder.

It is time to return and reflect.

The environment is increasingly becoming toxic. The dialogues are becoming acerbic. The atmosphere around us is vitiated. The vituperative debates on diverse subjects are deafening and diabolic.

The state of mind evolves as and when it faces such tough times.

These are hard times, testing our mind’s durability and we have no ready-made answers or quick fix solutions to these complicated problems. It needs ingenuity. It needs intuitive thinking. Intuition plays the vital role in such extraordinary circumstances. It needs perceptive thoughts. Heighten perception is important. It needs a powerful action. All these confluence of intuitions and perceptions are part of learning new ways of approaching and training our ways to solutions by putting mind in an assimilating mode of meaningful engagement.

The quintessential question remains, how to become mindful of things affecting us, how to engage with empathy, how to shower compassion, how to tackle our desires and craving in life and how we make our mind gravitate to a state of adequate mindfulness.

After all, mind is in constant motion and we need to control our emotions…

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Nihar R PradhanLifestyleCravings,Desires,Emotions,Feelings,Life,Living,Mind,Mindfulness,thoughtsWe are human beings. We are special. But who looks after our well-being. The invisible characters. And we posses all these special invisible characters magically packed in our mind. As we unpack they categorically define our characteristics. The human behaviors are the fabric of our personality. These characters are...Break the barrier and Make a difference...