Walking makes all our senses wake up and starts playing in tandem and they play to enjoy and the creativity gets the springboard to jump on such joy and fun. We have creativity fosters and prospers in the zone of happiness and in the state of joy.


Walking in a garden or a park provides that magical space between the two extreme end of closeness and openness. We need to open our mind and we need to close ourselves from the distraction of the outside world. This is precisely what happens we are walking and thinking, we walk to relax, we walk to release the pressure, we walk to enjoy the nature, we walk to unlock ourselves, we walk to watch, we walk to talk, talk with self, talk with nature, and we walk to unwind and wind with new layers of thinking and distill our distortion and crystallize the design in mind. All great ideas take shape in such places and all plot gets weaved while walking and all characters get their characteristics in place while walking, new ideas strike like lightning while walking though there is no thunder, it is all out of wonder and wandering in the wild is the driver.


Walking is the only place we have nothing to do except think and think, observe and observe, and feel better and better as we build on the momentum of walking and at the end we are completely relaxed and our mind is calm and clear to absorb new things and sort out the clutter that was disturbing us with the load and luggage of old and odd things. We cannot improve our health by walking once or walking randomly, there has to a pattern and there has to a regime to get the health card on track with regular walking.


Walking provides that balance and creates that space for the mind to operate in the creative zone for the creative juice to form and flow.


Writing is not a one off exercise and we cannot be good writing just writing here and there, once a while or being casual or careless in writing schedule, it needs to be regular and it needs to be rigorous. We cannot be improved writer just by walking or walking fast will not make us a better writer or walking long distance once a while will do any good to our writing. There is a subtle connection. It has to be discovered and it has to nurture and it takes time and it takes practice and once we get the pulse, it prospers automatically as it goes into an auto mode. We don’t have do anything, we have to keep doing the two things and keep relating the two activities and once relationship is establishment and we have linked the bridge, our mind crosses over it without stoppage or question.



It becomes a habit of thinking for writing while walking…

This track starts the moment we think of going to walk, we think of what to think while walking on what we write and that is the engine which ignites the imagination and unfold the canvas to splash colors randomly and wildly without any imposition or deadlines. It becomes a free wheelie chat with self. It becomes an informal exercise of mind. It becomes a leisure access to the different corners of our imagination. It becomes a process of exploring. It becomes a process of expanding. It becomes a process to churn and earn something new out of nothing and by doing something we love to think and work in our mind. This cannot be defined or confined. Nobody can set the agenda for it. Nobody put a formal process to it. Nobody can establish a scientific reason to it. Nobody can attribute fully to the spiritual absorption of mind. It just happens and it becomes a habit. All these are very intuitive and very tentative, sometime it is there to cherish everything and sometime we see nothing and we come out with a blank mind.


Walking and Writing is a deadline combination but it produces the liveliness into our thinking, there is a paradox and creative writing loves those paradox and lies in the bedrock of paradox the profound power of writing that can change the way we think, the way look at the world around us and the way we as humanity would love to improve our living and working.


The habit of walking and harnessing the quality of writing…


Once we start walking daily then we cannot stop doing it and it becomes a habit, in fact a very good habit, it is always difficult cultivate good habits. This good habit has so many benefits and one amongst them is the ability to write better and be an improved writer. This is a skewed connection and no conventional thinking minded person would acknowledge this relationship. Even many writers would not accept this hypothesis, it can be a doctoral thesis when we somebody is doing a research work on augmenting creative writing and providing the lever to leverage writing.


Walking is the easiest and zero investment exercise where we can do it anywhere and do it anytime, and we can do it in installment and we do leisurely and do it without much labour. This can be done by anyone and at any age, and more so it is advisable to do so when we grow old and we have keep up our health statics in order. Walking is what the doctor advises along with laughing which has no cost and no side effects but acts like a pain killer and is truly a non-chemical medicines.


Creativity to grow need a healthy mind on a healthy body, writing needs lot of mental exercise and the efforts are not visible but it more challenging and more grueling than the regular physical exercise we keep doing.


Writing is a flow, when it comes, it keep coming and we have just keep converting those thoughts into words, the speed matters, the faster we capture the more we retain and the more we gain. This is time when we can waste a single moment in further thinking and analyzing, it has be allowed to flow and the path has to created for easy and smooth flow of thoughts.


Walking is also a rhythm, it takes little time to start and when we do couple of initial rounds, we have the inertia and it drags us and it pulls us back but with the completion of the initial warm up round, it builds and it catches on us and we are on the move and momentum that builds take us on a smooth journey, we enjoy every bit of our steps we take in the pathway.


Walking is like a music or dance, though the later two are complex and need the skill and the practice to perform and excel but walking is a lesser form needs the skill and the practice to perform on our body and mind, we get into our zone and that is where we fall in love with walking and the wandering of thought that gets the anchor to park in our composed mind. There are no other distractions while walking, we are focused and we are on mission though a very small mission from any standard. Just like music and dance makes us feel good and lifts our soul and there is a joyful atmosphere when we are participating or are just audience to such beautiful performance of art.


Walking and Writing acts exactly like the same, they are separated at birth but nobody knows the origin and nobody thinks that way as they look so different and both have altogether different agenda and they are designed for separate things to do, walking does the work for body and writing does the work for mind. Though body and mind have the connection that is essence of life but the working that walking does in mind and writing does on body is something is not apparent and not known to many, a secret that can turn many things from bad to good, from dark to light and from sorrow to joy and from nothing to something.


Walking brings that nothing to something into writing, when we are stuck in the writer’s block and we don’t know what to do and how to come out, we don’t have think much and get worried and panicked what will happen if this is prolonged we may lose vital time and our writing project that we have started will get hampered. The solution is simple and we don’t have to break our head and lose time, we just have to go for a walk and keep walking in a good environment and the juicer is ready to provide all the creative juice needed to get the writing project on track. It acts like a stimulator and it instantly sets the think gear in place and we can use the gear box to get ourselves unblocked and start creating blocks to build the story for the project in hand.


Writing goes through that bout of ups and down, writing goes through that roller coaster ride, writing goes through that swing, writing goes through that oscillation, writing goes through that vibration and sound, writing goes through that rough ride to smooth ride, writing goes through that silence and the storm, and all these adds up to the variety and array of experience that makes it spicy and entertaining.


Writing cannot be straight jacketed to the convention and we get stuck in the conventional mode of thinking and writing. There needs to be a break and there needs to be detour and there needs to be change in track and when we venture into new places and new ways and we start seeing the wonders so wonderfully ensconced within the cocoons of the different corners and different connections that we have never looked into or have explored, it opens a spectrum of opportunities for a creative person like writer to capture and translate into stories. It is not complex, it is such a simple thing to do and perhaps because it is so simple we take it for granted and since it is intangible we don’t realize and since it is not documented we don’t have the available knowledge to consume, it is not readily available and it is not generally in the public domain.


Walking is about meeting and greeting people on way, it is on the walkway and we keep meeting and keep greeting.


Walking makes the heart work faster, pumping of heart pushes blood and oxygen into different parts of our body and it activates and energizes our organs. The brain cells starts functioning better with the better supply of blood. The neuron which normally degenerates with age takes decelerates its degeneration, rather it also generates newer ones and it connects between different parts of brain cell to ensure that there is better communication. The part of the brain that facilitates the functioning of memory known as hippocampus is in an activated state gets the flow of thoughts going and synthesis of ideas gaining momentum.


Walking is a rhythm between the feet and the mind. As the feet get the muscle flexing, the mind triggers the thinking mode, and it is no more dependent on the mood any more. It is routine and we love this routine and there is nothing mundane or monotonous about it, in fact we love the walking hours and we love the walkers who come at the scheduled time and become part of short journey of daily life and in the process we travel miles together like the every drop of water that adds up to the ocean that is overwhelming when we try to add up the drops visual the volume. So much of distance we travel with some one we would have otherwise not met and it was walking that brings people of different hue together and walking friends are an altogether different circle perhaps having no other connection and no other commonality.


The art of walking and craft of writing emerges out of deep experience and deeper engagement and it comes out a well orchestrated combination of experimentation and entertainment.



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