• Placebo

The Positive…

A placebo is something that appears real, but it isn’t. Placebo is Latin. No active therapeutic effect. It is used in clinical trials for testing the effectiveness of drug and treatment. It is a disguised way for our brain to tell our mind to feel better. “Placebo Effect” is one of the most intriguing aspects of the science of discovery, and there is a scintillating slice of common bread baked out of the woven of psychology and physiology.

But it provides a positive result.

A person takes a medication where he perceives that it will help in the mitigation of the pain. It can straightway mirror into our daily life. There are alternative ways to approach our problems and pains, and we need to cut the convention and get out of the way to get the desired result, not necessarily extraordinary ways, the means could be merely different to get the same outcome. In life we get trapped in the standards and the formulas that have led to resolving problems or dousing pains, and it is so happens we do so, many times we haven’t unearthed the root cause and we have applied a standard ointment meant for a different pain.

It is cryptic, but life is never simple.

The solution was in the perception but we have carried a wrong diagnosis, and so when we are stuck in life, it is wise to exercise an alternative way to address a simple entanglement. We are good at complicating life and we have developed complex formula to solve simple problems, we need to keep periodically embracing the Placebo Effect in our life.


  • Hubris

The Negative…

The concept that got its genesis from the ancient Greek and it becomes the precursor to a nemesis. Oedipus the Greek king. It defines the nature of behaviour beyond the norms which ultimately brings the downfall. It defies humility. The excessive pride and that is believed to get punished by God. Hubris is the pride that comes before the fall. Over the period of time we have seen it synonym with arrogance and pride, summarily missed out the other side of the story where we need the assertiveness and profoundness in achieving bigger success in life.

It is never easy.

The glossy appearance is highly deceptive.

The vanity is many times vital to vanquishing the status quo and beating the mediocrity.

Success leads to some form of inexplicable aura around the person and thoughts gets the wings to fly high and higher, though it needs some anchoring but unless given the freedom it cannot get the exuberance to exhort beyond the limits. It is about breaking the barriers. It is about crossing the boundaries, and no boundary is insurmountable. A bit of hubris is needed in our life and we should learn the art of prudently using the hubristic power within. Bit essential, salubriously unshackling from the contours of convention and the predictable patterns of perceptions that has been wrongfully pounded on the word “hubris”.


  • Musing

The Thought…

A brief period of reflection, meditation (not the conventional mode) or a deep thought, not a shallow venture. Ruminating, it’s about pondering in life. Contemplation that counts, making a difference in our approach to life.

We need a break from the cacophony of life, taking a diligent detour from the routines, conscientiously moving away from the defined patterns…drawing random sketches of life.  Exploring the unexplored. Also, it is about residing in the cocoon of solitude and savoring the delicacy of silence of life in true reflection out of the clutches of deflection that is constantly behind us like our Halloween shadow. It is about the wonders of life and living. Wandering is such a wonderful engagement in life that gets unceremoniously left in the lurch in the presumption it’s a profligate work out if purely looked from an impure prism.

Musing gives us inspiration and we derive the ocean of hidden aspirations, it is an ignition of new realms of thoughts, much needed to get our passion the fire and discover the purpose of life, ultimately we all tread the path of less traveled to discovery through the journey of self discovery. Nothing can be more beautiful and fascinating than the process of musing on our existence, being, living, laughing, working to our acquired nature to nurturing our new nature as we meet new people and move to newer places…


  • Iceberg

The Cold…

Iceberg is a chunk of freshwater ice that is sliced off a mountain of glacier and floating freely in open water. These are formed on land and move to the water, and get drifted into the shallow water of the sea. They get disconnected. It happens. They have to adapt to the new terrain that they tread. The iceberg phenomenon is where a large part of the problem is undercover and a small part of the problem is presented to outside world.

Hence, “Tip of the Iceberg” phrase gets its genesis.

It gets conspicuously cited not just in management lesson but in the lessons of literature.

Hemmingway followed the principles of iceberg where he essentially touches on the surface of stories and leaves the readers to surf the sub texts and sub layers in his magical plots and magnificent characters. It is about the fascinating aspects of what lies beneath, we all undermine and underutilize our own potential, it so happens that we are unaware of what is our intrinsic potential and we keep cribbing rather than keep exploring. In the process we lose the plot, the story of our life goes for a toss.


  • Crucible

The Hot…

A container made of porcelain or graphite which can withstand high temperature, used for metal or glass production.  It is a vessel of refractory material. Crucible furnaces are used for melting non ferrous metals and alloys.

Reminds of the story of Alchemist where the idea of removing impurity from metal can transform the same piece of metal into gold, the fundamental change is property. There is a chemical transformation, change of properties. The furnace contains the metal charges. The charges are heated through the process of conduction. The heating fuel could oil, gas, coke to electricity. The heating fuel is like a metaphor in our life changing experience. Hard work, risk taking ability, dogged determination, empathy or empowerment, could be anything…to emerge successful in life and to achieve bigger and better things in life we need to go through the “Crucible Test”.

The test where we need to put ourselves in the grid and the grind to get the mental block dismantle and the mind occupies a new form for a better outfit. Going through a crucible test is a transformative process where one sees a new side of oneself that was either unknown or was in a state of hibernation.


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