Life of Relativity

Life is relative. The art of playing the game of relativity. The moment we understand this underlying philosophy of life, we have a changed life on our hand. Everything remaining same we start feeling good about our life. We can then navigate through the labyrinth of life with our tool of relativity compass. The moment this compass is intuitively installed in our mind…it leads to revitalization, and we are rejuvenated.

There appears no logic and it is also not an outcome of any magic. Needn’t to get wedged between the “logic” and “magic” of life, it is simply the “power of perspective”. We start looking at life differently, there are multiple perspectives that can make the same life look radically different.

It is all about how we look at it and the outlook matters.


The question, are we ready for the change, change are never easy to embrace in our life; the shift in the way we have looked at our life. It is a kaleidoscope of beliefs, assumptions, experiences, attitude, behavior, and much more…we get into a prototype, not always a desirable pattern.


“It needs to be hammered.”

“It needs to be chiseled.”

There are these perspectives which can make us feel good or bad, happy or sad, joy or grief in life; we are constantly in the grip of the gravitational oscillation, and we also have the choice that is well within adequate clench of our hand.

Just take a cursory example of when we look at a guy who has accomplished much more in life than us, there is a comparison, we feel bad about us, not always the case of envious but we genuinely feel bad about not achieving, perhaps, not up to our own expectations. And take the other case when we look at a person who has accomplished much less than us, then suddenly we feel good about us. Again, it is not about making other scale down or making them feel bad about themselves, it is relative feeling that crosses our mind and we get a spurt of solace. We have the potential; the confidence, we have done it better than many others. We need to continue investing our concerted effort and perhaps it is time to multiplying our efforts, add the lever, to get what we want in life.


There is a shift, and the drift is what makes us build newer perspectives in our life.


And these few perspectives that are transient in nature and there are many which are transformative in nature and stay embedded in our psyche. Life is about how we solve problems that comes our way, there is no “rhyme and rhythm”, and any cursory thought of escaping and avoiding those problems is a definitive sign of treading a path towards failure in life. We are all born to solve problems, some big, some small, some simple, some complex, some interesting and many are taxing; and while doing so we are susceptible to vagaries of the nature of the problem that gets unraveled. We have to face it and have to race against the crusader of problem creator.

Problems are relative in nature.

Life is all about solving problems.

The proposition, hence life is relative.


Philosophically deriving the corollary of “Law of Relativity” which states that the speed of light is same within a vacuum, “Life is Relativity” gets it umbilical cord where the space of life remains same for everybody. This proposition may sound bit perplexing but there lies the secret of living a loving life


Problems in life manifest in multiple ways and we have to make hay while the sun shines and get ourselves well guarded to shelter from the sudden rainfall. The same problem may appear like a cat walk for a novice on the ramp and for another it may appear as a casual walk in the park, though I agree that it cannot be a mirror image, there is a component of mirage which we just cannot wade off and there will be shades of variation but in an entirety one can derive certain conclusive inferences.


Yet, again the needle points at the perspective we carry about problems…the moment we change our perspective the problem seizes to fiddle with us.


Many of us get unduly flustered the moment we face a problem and we try to somehow get rid of the problem, the thought of problem keep us in a state of disquiet, therein we commit the blunder as we assume that once we keep aside this problem we will be free of problem and life will be better off, reality dawns, not to be the case, in fact it acts in the reverse mechanism and it aggravates the situation as we postpone or causally brush aside, rather doing a proper resolution of the problem on hand.

We need the control; the steering has to be solid hold. It is a test and all tests are mandatory in life, the moment we consider it an optional and leave it aside and want to move forward, we are stubbornly confronted with a bigger one, sooner or later and the simple test otherwise, becomes a the litmus test for us. Is there is definition of problem, per se, and is there is proven method of resolving those problems without much difficulty.

“There is the conundrum.”

Problem by nature problematic and that are designed to test us and we cannot set the agenda on what type of problems we should face and how frequently that should come at us, and we have no say what so ever, in what comes at us, though, we have full say in how we want to deal with those problems in life.


The art of learning how to solve problems in life, does allow us to play a structured role in dissolving the ferocity of the impact of those gravity of problem on us.


The problem varies from a simple incident of missing a flight to a complex accident where we are physically and mentally bruised. The double effect of physical pain and mental agony many times takes a heavy toll on us and we take much longer time to recover and recoup on course and properly navigating our way in life out of the quagmire. The hurdles keep coming and those are nothing but problems in different avatars and there are no one prescribed formula to get it solved and use the same formula and keep getting the desired result, there is, no such guarantee in life.

Hence, life is relative, sometime it can happen without putting much efforts and other time it just doesn’t happen the way we wish it to be and we get perturbed and we are then involuntarily get trapped in a prism of the “problem plot”.


problems and perspectives


The moment we enter the rat race and start the comparison in life we become confined to what we see in front of us and get eclipsed to so many things that are happening behind and around us, not exactly in front of us. A small incident that makes us happy happens with us we have a different result for our attempt and a minor incident that makes us sad we have a different outcome to the same effort, in fact there is a lever that plays with our perspective. If we have a positive perspective on certain things we get a better outcome than if we are loaded with a negative perspective on the same thing, and carrying a good perspective and burying a bad perspective is perhaps the art of living a good life.


In a state of agitation and anger we are bound to commit mistakes and the chances are pretty high, and in a state of calm and poise we are empowering ourselves to entail a better result for us.


Life is relative. We should accept and acknowledge the essence of relativity in life. The moment we drift and make it absolute we are trapped in rigidity and we are caught in the enclosure of “clouded confinement”. While life is relative, life enjoys being in the lap of freedom and we should curtailed that very fundamental right of ours where we should cherish the engagement with the romance of freedom.

Everyday is not Sunday, life is relative we have seven different days and we live our life differently on these days as we keep changing our perspective towards life, we are generally joyful on Friday evening, as it sets the mood for the weekend and we are predominately sullen on Sunday night, the Monday blues keep hanging around of neck much like a bottleneck. So is the case with the seasons on our life, just look at ourselves when there is the first rain and the first snow, and not only is the emphasize is on the qualifier ‘first’, the significance lies in the sudden “change of perspective” we undergo, many such time we merely have a little say in such change, stimulated by the nature and our senses are sensibly nurtured attuned to embraces such surge of beauty and bounty into our life.

We derive inspiration from our idols and icons, a win or a success provides us that elevation primarily because we have managed to design and develop a new perspective on our life and the way of living our life, so much it imitates the camera where a change in lens gives a different feel on the moment where the expression and emotions are captured in its multiple layers and threads that depicts the quality of the true fabric of the picture.


Lens are merely an analogy to the perspective of life…much like the camera which when changes it’s position, aperture and speed, and gets a different impression of the expression of life.


There is a difference between an amateur photographer and a professional photographer, the art of knowing where to apply what lens to get the best out of that moment, though the moment is same for every photographer but one get the image on the lens in a way we call it “picture perfect”. So is the case with life and living, many of us having everything that we want in terms of wealth and success but still are far away from leading a perfect life, there is discontent and there is strife. There are many others who have very little in life in terms of success and wealth but they live a life full of joy and happiness, perhaps they have discovered their purpose and passion.

Life is relative and we experience it when we are unaware of our purpose and passion, and the next moment we discover our “purpose and passion”, and that is what we attribute building a perspective…that plays a perfect part to keep us in the game of life where we cannot always grumble and question, keep fighting and shouting, regretting and creating scenes that are not conducive and healthy to going ahead in the journey of life as we keep encountering such myriad situations and that is perennially with us till we perish.


Life is relative and lets take it the way it comes by learning the art of building right perspectives to deal with “plethora of problems” that comes our way and greatness comes when we have constructed the perfect perspective to sail us smoothly through the ebbs and flows of life, after all life is relative.

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