Cafe Resolution 2019

A pleasure to extend warm welcome to my dear blogger friends to the Cafe Resolution”, the virtual meeting ground to break certain ground rules before we make a new journey into the New Year 2019.


Sounds intriguing, perhaps there is a catch.

It is indeed a popped up food for thought.


New Year resolution is a tradition, why to break the age-old tradition when we can make a difference by embracing such a beautiful tradition.


Yes, we have already entered into the zone of retrospection.

Though we want to forget and forgive those who have hurt us, connect and reconcile with those others with whom we have ruptured our long-standing relationship. It is time to dismantle our unwarranted redemption and galvanize our gratification. Always good to take our attitudes into hibernation and at the same time take our gratitude for a wondrous exploration.

The game is on us, we have to play with precision and plot the passion. Precision because, the scope for error is agonizingly slender, passion because our life depends on its constructive outcomes, hence we have to tread on the edge. Resolution has to have the frontier and unless we place our skin in the game, otherwise the game of resolution is a mere playoff where winning and losing is inconsequential.


Weight weighs on most of our mind and we want to shape up, if we haven’t been heavy on our fitness, fatness shall rule the roost.


The smell of freshly served “Weight Loss” is intoxicating and continues to be the most popular dish at the Café Resolution. It has topped the resolution chart for consecutive fifth year. This has gained concurrent momentum with the obesity chart published by the International Medical fraternity, though the tangy fast food menu has profusely contributed to its top ranking. Unfair to have a singular attribute to its popularity, as it is propelled by multitude of fascinating factors.

Close on the heel is the dish “Book Reading”; it has multiple manifestations in terms of laundry list of books to spectrum of genres in fictional to non-fictional books to the quintessential number game of books to read. The bible of resolutions and we are trapped in a conundrum self-imposed exile. A tall order to announce that we will read 100 books when we haven’t created the space for housing those books but at Café Resolution we have home to all those books you want to read and read while eating our six course meal. “six” because we can handle six of your resolutions at Café Resolution in one full engagement. Only condition is you must have prior booking as this particular dish is served in limited edition.

Precipitously, we become a different person at the fag-end of the year…as we do every year and year after year on the eve of the New Year. The third dish that has knocked the top doors at Café Resolution is “TIME with F&F”, the resolve to spend more time with family members and close friends. Motion of emotion gets the stimulation. We become emotional. We channelized our emotions through our rays of reflection. These rays stimulate our resolute to reincarnate our buried resolutions which we had done so with such vigor and with a touch of rigor same time last year, and the saga of creating and burying continues unabated.


We all need an orchestrated outlet to vent out badly cooked up emotions and Café Resolution is geared up to gasifying those broken and buried resolutions.


Our scientifically designed Chimneys are customized to suck out those buried matters bothering you. And being a carrier of broken baggage throughout the year and when you want to start a fresh journey in New Year you need the refreshment to be loaded as you can board the new train of thoughts.


“Old thought on new track, inherent the danger of derailment…”


The time of the year when we go for a frantic haunt for discovering few more resolutions which could be different from the previous years. Every Year, the cycle continues and we are trapped in the vicious cycle.


We are confronted with the universal challenge of setting it in perspective and then unabashedly breaking the resolutions.


The taste of resolution initially appears sweet but with no time it turns bitter and the moment we take the bite we are a broken heart.  Merely few weeks into the new calendar year and we start sensing the slippage, inevitably to face the harsh reality. The resolution is subjected to critical scrutiny. The Menu of New Year Resolutions which we had designed with such passion and holds good promise so as to experience the digital delight of a new beginning….disappears into thin air.


Another dish at the Café Resolution that has gained sudden momentum in the recent year has been the hash tag “Organic Food”, again a sibling of the healthy thought.


Double Delight


Given the emotional churning we go through the onslaught of the Social Media, we get periodically distracted and our soft sleeping takes a hard beating, and the brunt of the forces falls on the poor chap called eating. We consume more and that’s what we desperately don’t want, on the contrary we work meticulously to control the consumption at Café Resolution.

The system is in place, it will immediately remind you; the Café Resolution is hooked on sensors and ensures that you are not entrapped in your old unhealthy thought. The food for thought is invoked on you with care though it’s exercised with military thrust and you cannot escape the vice-like grip of powerful regime in place.


Breakfast at Café Resolution is only served after the morning workout.

“30 mins walk to the café.”

“15 mins of yoga at the café lounge.”

“15 mins of meditation in cafe.”

It is only then you are allowed for a 2 hrs of sumptuous buffet breakfast.

We call it “Double Delight”


Remember it is Café Resolution; you cannot break the rules once you are enrolled. You are now left with just one week to reconcile and reconfirm before you venture into an adventure trip into the Café Resolution 2019.


It is not one, two or three, but six course meal, and it is a seasonal spread with special flavour for each season on display during each season and though the day at Café belongs to you but the rules belong to the Café Resolution.

Electronic devices are strictly prohibited. All mobile phones are handed over at the entrance of Café to the security guard. During the entire course of the meal, we will serve you “Facebook” starter. We want to make you feel homely, where you can have face-to-face talk while eating with your family and friends, if you are alone we have the Café Resolution tribe to join you and they are specially trained to provide appetizer to tantalize your talk. You can like them or dislike them, and of course you can share with them. We have antidotes in terms of grams that we call it “Instagram” and that will instantly diffuse your urge to touch and to chat.


We have our secret recipe prepared by our Master Chef Mark Maker that blends the two powerful dishes of “Facebook” and “Instagram” with the hot saucer “WhatsApp”, making it a magical dish of Café Resolution fondly tagged as “Face Time”.


Face Time


The Resolution and Dissolution (R&D) team at Café Resolution is constantly on the job of dishing out new dishes and Café Resolution 2019 will be full of surprises…the Main Menu is under overhaul. We are working on expanding the spread, and you will soon receive our new announcement through Twitter where we are doubling our offerings on our menu from 140 to 280 dishes, at the real cafe we don’t want to be left behind the virtual café that keeps tagging and nagging us.


We stand by the pledge of providing wholesome entertainment at Café Resolution.


At Café Resolution we will foster your spirit without serving the spirit. Nothing hogosh pogosh about it. The focus is on the connotation not on the denotation of the word “spirit”…


We have waiter Wordsmith to clarify, if any, the confusion that is served on your table through the wording of “liquid” or “spirit”. Of course during the course there is imperative need to liquidate the fermented thought on whether it is to be served as “digestif” or “aperitif”. The timing of drink technically overrides the taste, the purpose of drinking is declared at the outset…the meal is then served accordingly.

Aperitif, is to stimulate the appetite.

Digestif, is to unwind the metabolic process after the meal.


We at Café Resolution also have specially designed raft to quench your thirst for elusive spirit, diffuse the fire through food for thought and take you through a mystical quest for spiritual sojourn.


Much like Gardening outdoor, Cooking indoor is a good activity to keep you gainfully relaxed and allow you to see the other side of the table before you could sit on this side of the table to feed our taste buds. The Café Resolution goes beyond the boundary of eating and expands the space to accommodate cooking. At Café Resolution we will provide the space to be with our celebrated chefs and learn the “Art of Cooking”. It is beyond the basic activities of cutting, mixing and frying. We just don’t serve palatable food but we create a powerful experience that is profound in its engagement.

We diligently keep working on our top dishes year after year, and this year the lens is focused on re-branding the top one as “Fat to Fit” with a range of mouth-watering platters and perfectly placed to placate the constant craving for excessive consumption.

We are garnishing the dish with extra layers of exercise to entice and enchant your physical engagement. We are committed for the cause of shaping you up. On job to mapping your hidden matter to make you mindful of your openness to fitness.


Intriguingly, fat has been demonized. But all fats are not bad, there are good fats and it is not discrimination but stating the distinction…oil to boil, red to green and bread to spread.


These are just teasers from Café Resolution 2019 and top of the list dishes will keep lingering your mind and you will rest assure be licking your fingers.


Café Resolution 2019 is committed to your resolution and please come with your broken resolution, we are makers and we are resolute enough to resolve the unresolved. We have the café rules and once you ratify with us on the rules we will take over your broken resolution and make your resolution a reality, servicing your resolution is our sole motto…


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing all my wonderful blogger friends a Happy New Year that merrily opens up the floodgate of goodies and this powerful flow becomes the harbinger of loads of “Success, Happiness and Peace”


Cheers, Hugs, Charms!!!

Nihar R Pradhan

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Nihar R PradhanCreativity2018,Book Reading,Happy New Year,New Year,New Year Resolutions,Resolutions,Weight Loss  A pleasure to extend warm welcome to my dear blogger friends to the 'Cafe Resolution”, the virtual meeting ground to break certain ground rules before we make a new journey into the New Year 2019.   Sounds intriguing, perhaps there is a catch. It is indeed a popped up food for thought.   New Year...Break the barrier and Make a difference...