crossroads of life

Life is a wonderful flight to fly free, attempting to engage on a freewheeling thought with a figment of wild imagination.

There is a catch; this flight has no return journey…only one-way ticket.

Still we all enjoy the flight, knowing well about the ultimate destination.

“Isn’t it an irony?”

Then the destination has no meaning, it’s all in the journey.

In other words, it appears we do everything to die in the end.

“Sounds bit bizarre…”

Not exactly, but this is definitely one crude way of looking at life.

The entire journey of life ostensibly is programmed. We can do nothing about the passage. We have to go through the tunnel of “light and dark”, “ups and downs”, “short and long”, “slow and fast” and so as to manage our multiple channels of life in its rightful perspective. The place we are born. The parent to whom we are born. And the whole paraphernalia that we bring along with us, right from the color, the look, the creed, the religion, the family and much more…


When we pause and ponder, also when we sit down to reflect and look back on our life gone by, so far, we have so many questions to answer, not always as easy to get the right answers but we are largely left with “profound thoughts and brooding feelings” for the wrong doings, nothing that we can do of the past to change our decision or direction that is of any tangible consequence to our life.


I shouldn’t have taken that course and studied in that college, I shouldn’t have fallen in love with that person, I shouldn’t have behaved that way with my close friend, I shouldn’t have left that job, I shouldn’t have moved to that city, I shouldn’t have married, I shouldn’t have spent so much money on that occasion, I shouldn’t have left parents alone in the home town…the list goes on and on. Only way we can go back to our past is in our memory, and there is always that special craving for something that we don’t possess.


And we can regret and we can reconcile on things in life, so as, we want to forget, we want to forgive and we want to change those decisions. We have “choices” in life and we feel we have chosen the wrong one in the past, we feel so today, and we start imagining the good things out of the decision that we didn’t take.

“It is all hypothetical.”


Since we know the outcomes of what decision we have taken we become tad judgmental. Incidentally, it can well be a case of us being prejudiced towards our wrong decisions rather than looking at those decisions as they stand. We want to prove ourselves right that we have taken a wrong decision otherwise everything would have been good with us. We feel everything good would have happened had we taken the other direction but who knows and who can qualify substantially on the so-called missed decision, unfortunately none but we keep ourselves in the confinement of “false assurance” and keep ourselves “deceptively insured”.

Indeed it is dramatically designed deception of reception of life.


May be by nature, we want more than what we have got and we keep demanding more to ourselves for right cause it is a good proposition but such inflated demand on wrong cause has no end to it, and it will never fit to any mould made to design a masterpiece that we would have used to produce the “perfect design” of our life.


On the contrary, if everything in life was known and if we would have just followed a pattern and outcomes would have all been written out there, nothing to maneuver and nothing to navigate just cruise on the auto-pilot mode, the ship of our life, and then where is the fun in life?

What would have happened to Astrologer, Palmistry to Face Reader?

An entire family of occupation would have lost their standing in our society and with all credit to them the kind of research and search they do to decipher one’s birth time to place to line on hand to expression on face. It has its own science though the conventional science has its own reservation on these unconventional sciences. It is another topic and some other time to dissect the logic of science and the magic behind it before science takes over any subject.

“The beauty of life lies in its unpredictability.”

“The beauty of life lies in its mystery.”

“The beauty of life lies in its history.”

“The beauty of life lies in its miracles.”

“The beauty of life lies in its surprises.”


We would have wiped out the whole “range of beauty” out of life and left with “only the duty”…body of life without the soul.


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And life would have been a bunch of barren lands scattered all around us and we would felt miserable and completely deserted. Intriguingly, that thought is bit creepy and how boring life would have been where the plot and the climax of the story of life all openly given away to the readers before a page is even turned.

The experiences of boredom out of known and the joy of exploring the unknown, the mystery of life, are universal.

The life’s story would have never taken off.


Life with scripted journey where thing is premeditated and predicted would have never created the place we live in today.

“Almost no invention…”

“A very little discovery…”


Only incremental changes would have marginally impacted in our life without the tectonic transformation that has truly turned the face of the world upside down. It all appears magic but we start seeing logic behind such changes in and around our life.

There is no discrimination in such magical experience, only perhaps the degree may be varying from place to place when we apply the logic.

We all keep landing at the “crossroads” in every stage of our life and some time it is just the two directions and many other times it the four road crossing and occasionally, may be many more but all these situations forces us to take a direction and follow one particular path where we cannot come back but will face one more crossroad, and we can take the learning from travel, sometime joyful and few other times troublesome, and apply to the new direction that once again comes our away. The constant encounter in life with the crossroads is inevitable…

One thing that eats away our mind is the termite called as “regret”, there are emotions and there is anger, there is frustration, there is angst, there is feeling of deep retribution for things we have done or the things that others have done on us, and we should have taken the other decision. Sometime though it acts as a strong inertia in our life and it keeps on anchored, not grounded, there is a fundamental difference, that pulls us back in life and stops us in moving ahead, though it is more in our mind and less to do physically where we are locked on an auto pilot mode, time fly and we can do nothing about some time putting that watch into a stop watch mode where we can play with the time.

Life is a “game of time”.

What is life without time?

It is like God, formless and imagery but we have given form and placed in reality for our convenience and creating a better connect with the Almighty. Similarly, to the aspect of time we have also given a reference and that is derived from the movement of sun and earth, and then the number of “365 days and 24 hours” has become the ultimate yardstick of our life. If there would have been no count of time and we would have lived life without the imposition of time scale on us which keeps weighing every time we want do something and then we filter through the barometer of time.


There is logic but life gets trapped in logic, and we give little freedom to the magic of our thoughts. But time is the reality and we have no option but embrace the reality of life through the lens of time.


Things happen some are known and some are unknown to us, things happen some are good to us and many appear bad to us, things happens some are expected and many are unexpected, things happen to us some are desirable and many appears are undesirable, things have to us some that we always wanted to do and many that we never wanted to have it…but the combination of contrast continues and we can only assess its impact on our life, and that too in hindsight.

In all eventuality, it is said; and very much felt, that whatever happens, happens for our good and there is popular proposition that we may agree or humbly agree to disagree, we can only learn from those fallout of the actions and we can only check our decision and path, and wished we would have gone the other way, start attributing reasons to it, perhaps valid…but the case not to be and we are where we are and that is our present and we should welcome our present with open arms and with no qualms.

But we have our overtures, we have our tantrums and we have our nature, and it builds with our culture and we keep questioning our past and we keep blaming on things that we cannot do anything about it and there is no time machine as yet to take us back. That is all in present and we have no clue on magical possibilities in future.

“Life is full of hope…”

Everything is possible and only we need to keep our belief in place.

The clock of life keeps changing it planetary place, and we have seen so many changes and we have seen the impossible possible. It is like the thin line of difference between “mythology and science”, till proven it is in the realm of mythology and once done it becomes a science and we then look at the same thing through a different lens, astronomy was once appeared as mythology till science discovered it.


There is a magic in life till we see the logic, and every time we see the logic the magic disappear, hence we have the blend of both “logic and magic”, and it keep unraveling with time and with life of every generation and so many generation have come and gone, and the journey of life continues unabated and it shall continue forever…


Nihar Pradhan

Lifestyle Blogger

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