Playing Multiple Roles

With the rapid convergence of real world with the virtual world, there is an overlap of roles we play in our work place and the role that was once reserved for our personal space.

There is a moot question that mocks at us.

Is there an invasion or is it an expansion?

Interestingly, the place and the space are willfully playing hide and seek with us. The roles are getting redefined. The work is getting undefined. The moment we talk about consultancy or entrepreneurship or writing or for that matter about the never avatar blogging, there are a barrage of questions that gets instantly popped at us.


Are you working in the digital world? Are you a startup entrepreneur in the internet space? Are you a consultant for the online business? Are you a writer for the web? Do you blog? Are you a blogger writer or are you a writer blogger?


This is precisely what happened to me when I was treading through this newly evolving landscape and I was warily trying to wade through the checkered path. It was not the established route. Each set of roles (consultant, entrepreneur, writer, blogger) were evolving in their own ways, it was unchartered and with the overlapping of roles, the newly emerging profile was tad complex and it was truly not easy to comprehend.

I’m a consultant and I’m an entrepreneur. It was confusing.

I’m a writer and I’m a blogger. It was confounding.

Tell me who are you actually?

What do you do for a living?

Which role pays you money?

Are these acting or does this action translates into reality?

“It was prolonged paraphernalia.”

“It was indeed highly cryptic.”

“It was palpably intriguing.”

As I deeply venturing into this new emerging space I subtly started to realize about the pearls in the oyster, it was serendipity, in those apparent complexity resided the power of simplicity and it was in disguise. It was a designed act of the principles of evolution even when there is a revolution of roles that we have played. The play ground and the ground rules have swiftly changed. It has been radical in its disposition and unquestionably doubly resurgent in its manifestation.

It was a tumultuous journey. It was a roller coaster ride. It was occasionally pushing the boundary, it was bordering derailment. It was taxing and it was testing. The litmus test was different. It had automatically acquired a more aggressive dimension in its transformative assault. There were those high tide waves robotically attempting to push the sand farther away from the shore and recover its lost ground in the low tide.

It was a tussle of titanic.

The rapidly evolving to the overlapping roles of a consultant to an entrepreneur to a writer to a blogger and then delicately attempting to keep everything in a balanced frame to fit into our required frame of reference for working seamlessly across such different roles.


The role of a multitask master to mastering the art of playing multiple roles is where the world is moving with the virtual world virtually taking the real world for a jolly good ride.


The question of whether such rides are undesirable or desirable doesn’t arise at this stage, what ultimately matters to us, are we able to navigate through these rough rides which are constantly throwing at us ocean of opportunity. These are rough. These are opportunities. These are not mutually exclusive sets, these sets overlap and the extent is not fully defined, yet to be refined. It is evolving. It is a revolution in playing the roles, the diverse roles and there is definitely a challenge on hand in these new role plays that are impulsively thrust upon us.

I was trying to map my disorderly journey and make a roadmap that can throw some light on the heaviness that land on our mind the moment we think on wearing such multiple hats. It is told to us that it is always desirable to stick one or two roles and remain there for long to go the long haul, and most of us take up one or two roles and work hard to go down the depth and discover the hidden gem inside the well of wealth.


Till yesteryear, juggling was never a serious skill needed in the work place; it was more so, on the playful stage for the audiences to enjoy an act of ambidexterity of a skilled performer.


Today, juggling and shuffling or multiplying roles are the defacto frame of working and the frame of reference is blurred and the boundaries are shifting their goal post outside the ground.


I made a career shift as a Management Consultant after my brief sojourn in the corporate world Initially I played the role of a freelance consultant and I was testing the water before I could take a dive and go for the distance. My job was to study problems and design solutions and deploy those solutions in organizations. It was challenging, every time I met a client and went through the cycle of consulting I was learning something new, every time I was feeling confident after the completion but then as I started the next I was again confronted with the same set of questions that how little I knew what I was doing.


The subject of business transformation and organization development was vast and it was constantly evolving.


I was not able to keep abreast of the shifting trends. With all these changes and challenges I was feeling excited to be in that coveted space, the space of transforming organization. I was climbing fast on my learning curve. The more I reflected, the more I was convinced to take the next step, to start my own venture offering the consulting services, it needs a team, to be precise a good team and it needs structure to be able to take up more and grow as a business.

“It was the moment.”

I started my Entrepreneurship journey. A journey over a decade and so many things happened once I started swimming for the long stretch. It was the beginning of the journey of self transformation. Being on this side of the fence I was seeing things from one lens, the lens of a consultant, the moment I moved to the other side as an entrepreneur, I didn’t realize that I’ve changed my lens and kept taking the snaps using the same skills, the pictures were blurred and evidently it was far from capturing the perfect picture. It was suppose to be a graduation to perfection. While in the journey of entrepreneurship I was relentlessly encountering newer set of challenging situations and I was constantly reflecting on my body of work. Perhaps this reflection gave me the reason to restart my writing which was abruptly stopped years back and was lying shattered and scattered at one dingy corner. I had not visited that cluttered corner for long.

Writing was haplessly in hibernation…It was not deliberate. It was lack of motivation. It was lack of drive. It was missing the inner calling. And there was the turn of event. It was platform of blogging that did the magic. I again started writing, I knew it was my passion and it was somehow buried and I knew entrepreneurship was something I am enjoying it.

“I started doing both.”

It was the hyphenation of “entrepreneur-writer”.

Consulting is such a fascinating aspect of the role I played, it was unpredictable and it was exciting, it was unstructured but it was engaging, the role took a turn for better when I started undertaking my journey as entrepreneur and the learning that came my way doing was more powerful than saying as a consultant what to be done and how to do it better. There is osmosis of ideas and actions.

Both started taking shape and started growing big and better. It was becoming much brighter everyday. The cobwebs unraveled. The sun was shining with all its glory and might. I expanded my venture and adding the software development to my consulting practices. It was more exciting in the digital space. The niche I chose was the cloud, analytics and mobile. Things were happening simultaneously. I moved from writing management articles in newspaper and periodicals to writing fiction. I migrated from academic writing and technical writing to creative writing. This was wonderful transition. I still cherish those beautiful moments.


Playing multiple roles was a wonderful confluence of “passion and profession”.


Both were supplementing each other, writing was giving a break from the work and the work was giving the writing the right makeup, the experience at work place was constantly churning fresh ideas and was bringing new thoughts onto the table. It was at this very moment, I was looking for a platform that can accommodate both and offer the space to dabble with multiple roles and where all roles could flourish simultaneously. It was the virtual space. I was passionately involved in the entire gamut of new roles and I just couldn’t make one out of the multiple roles an orphan and start caring about the other. I was not against the practice of differential treatment nor was I in favor of giving one an edge over the other. All these roles were equally close to my heart and I had no option but to care for the multiple roles and do so equally without any undue partiality.


This led to the discovery of the platform called as blogging for me.

I was then got slowly and certainly clear about my purpose, my passion and the direction I need to take in my life. The platform became the melting point for all these roles to play their part and co-exist in harmony and as an actor I starting engaging effectively and started enjoying the engagement in a much more meaningful way.


Today, as I stand on the crossroad of two different worlds of real and virtual, the Business of Blogging has emerged as a wonderful juxtaposition of consulting, entrepreneurship, writing and blogging.


“The digital consultant.”

“The online entrepreneur.”

“The content writer.”


Blogging has emerged the new point of convergence. It is turning out to be a wonderful recipe and a perfect cuisine to savour for long time to come…


Nihar Pradhan

Multiple Hats

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