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Blogosphere is now bloated with blogs. There are over 500 million plus of blogs in the world of web, this figure keep changing at a frantic pace as thousands get added every hours. Yes, in minutes. Blogging has fundamentally changed the dynamics and the contours of “content management”. Content is irrefutable, it is the new digital currency. Hence, blogging is a powerful money-making machine.

“Who doesn’t want money?”

We may agree or we may disagree, the amount may vary but we all need money and the need keeps growing, it has direct correlation to our desire and human desires are borderless and formless. So unless we step back, and take a detour from the path of materialistic world and start dwelling deeper within in the spiritual world, our desire will keep growing. And today this “virtual world” has complicated our living and we have literally ceased to live life in the real world, the way we once lived our life with ease and grace. It is a contest. It is a race. It is a fight. It is a battle for one-upmanship. There is intriguingly nothing real about virtual life. It is a deception. It is illusion. Ironically, virtual is the real world.

“We are digitally hooked.”

“There is a craze.”

We all want to venture into the space of online business; there is silence and there is sound. Blogging is turning out to be a “magnetic platform” that is powerfully fostering the very idea of online business, and the way it should be done. Most of us do so into the space of blogging with a loosely coupled intent to share our interest and propagate our passion, we want to do so with our own voice and unique style. Therein lays the drive. Our personality is at display.


Blogging has turned out to be a wonderful money-making machine.


It has kept many of us in awe and wonders as regard the money it can make. That too a machine, how much we can rely and how much time it takes to turn our blogging product to a money-making machine. As we walk the lanes and by lanes of the web world, it is illuminated with shining and colourful lights that keeps us distracted and in the web it keeps us digitally hooked. These are no less than the most happening streets from the cities of New Delhi to New York or for that matter any such big cities from Dubai to Singapore. The web streets are similarly dotted with street smarts advertisement dangling all along the path. The “Ad” lines are highly tempting and keep testing our tight temptation and our fight for our temperament. It’s not easy to keep away from such alluring billboards.

After all we are human not machines.

We have desires.

We have aspirations.

We have promises to be fulfilled.

We have commitments to be met.

“Why do we work?”

We work to earn. We work to make more money.

We want wealth.

We want wealth to speak for us.

We want to stand out in our society. Our mind is a machine processing all these myriad thoughts. The thoughts of our life, the thought of things that will make our living better, we all look forward to living a better life. Who doesn’t want? We want to deduce more by doing less. It is not about escapement from work but maximization of resources through effective engagement. There is nothing fundamentally wrong in that practice it is premised on the “principle of leverage”. Knowing how to use the lever and also knowing the right lever to use when making the most of out the given opportunity, it is not just about smart thinking, it is equally important to do a smart working.

Make $1,000 just by working 1 hr a day, make $10,000 per month sitting in your home, make $1,00,000 per year just by blogging and we can run an online venture with little investment and make millions of dollar. It sounds irresistibly too exciting. I bet it is tough to beat, beat the enticement, mind has its ways of working out but the working looses it reasoning the moment it faces the barrage of instant wealth creation opportunities, it is the “symbol of currency” and we start counting the zeros.

Life has its own ways to make us learn before we can start to earn.

“Everything in life is relative.”

There is nothing called as short person, it is relative to others who are taller. There is nothing called as extremely intelligent, it is a relative term to who has a lesser ability to demonstrate that intelligentsia. There is nothing called absolute rich, just that there is more money with the rich than the other who are considered poor, the distribution of wealth is distorted, tomorrow if the poor gets the money, the tag changes and we keep hearing the rag to riches stories, these are the prism of relative comparison.

If today I am making $1,000 working 10 hrs a day what’s wrong in trying a new way of working which promises to get the same earning in one tenth of the investment.


The investment of time, after all time is money.


If today I have to travel 20 days a month to make my $10,000 per month and I am exhausted with travelling, then why not try something that promises to almost cut my taxing of travelling and make me work from home and make that same amount of money. If I have worked for decades and still not able to save $1,00,000 both because of earning and saving, now if some new working can help me meet both in a couple of years time why waste my rest of life doing the same thing and getting the same result. I want a different result. I want a result that meets my wish.

It is quite natural to get “wedged in the web”, to jump into the bandwagon, to get carried away, to get animated and inadvertently fail to understand the true story behind the scene. The opening scenes are magical and the opening lines are catchy, that’s the rule of the game, the game of “advertising and marketing”. It is a game played between the smart seller and potential buyers. The seller wants more people to take part in the game and play the game in his term and in his turf. It is an invitation. The invitation has to be intriguing, it has to be inspiring, it has to be influencing and it has also to be instigating . It has to catch the buyer’s attention. Buyers are increasingly loosing their span of attention and sellers are one of the main culprits and the cluttered market is a disguised distraction. It appears delightful but in reality it is a deceptive delusion.


Whom to believe and whom not to, where to go and where not, what to buy and what not to buy, the questions are there and these are constantly questioning our value judgment and our prudent decisions.


It ultimately boils down to “the buyer”, how much aware the buyer is, how much clear the buyer is, how much smarter the buyer is, the seller is definitely smart, how much the buyer does the search and research not just to take a decision but take an informed decision. The power of informed decision is what can “make or break” a venture, business venture are no less risky, after all a venture is some form of adventure and there is inherent risk to every such adventure. We need to be prepared and ready for any eventually; in the event of such casualty we can face it and dress it and get ourselves off the ground. “Online business through blogging” is not the only thing in life and for making money there are other machines, it is that blogging as a machine has become very popular and there are sound of trumpets all around us about the success of blogging business. We hear the music not the noise, in a way it is good but in this case we miss the wood for the tree.

Once we read between the lines and once we “read the real stories” behind the big success, very very very very few success, in fact we can count them on our finger tips and there is no need to use any machine, we realize what really are we upto, we can slowly but certainly fathom and figure out the work that has gone into achieving what they have achieved, there is a quantum of efforts that they have been consistently putting for years to earn what they are earning.

Today’s $1,000 earning per hour is not today’s result; this is an outcome of thousands of hours put together over years without earning a single dollar. Are we ready for that investment of time and effort, it is “again a game” and “choice” we can choose to play? But not knowing the rules and the history of the game and attempting to become a champion overnight is over stretching the elasticity, it is bound to break.

It is not only one reason that singularly contributes to the success of making money of blogging, it is a “combination of factors and the formation” has to be right and these factors have to align together for enough time to fetch the divided we are looking from the equity. For some few factors predominate and for others the same factors may be of less predomination, they have other factors drive their success. It is again a relative comparison between factors but all factors to be in place and talk to each other. The factors ranges from the “topic we choose” to “techniques we use” in our blogs, the way we are able to brand ourselves and market our products and services that we want to offer through our online business and blogging becomes the virtual vehicle taking us where we want to navigate our way to business success.

For some the factor of writing dominates the success but without marketing the writing cannot sustain the success. There are excellent writers but they lack the marketing acumen. The “art of good writing” and “blogging as online businesses” have been playing hide and seek. For some the factor of speaking dominates but without marketing the speaking cannot sustain the success. For some the factor of acting and presentation dominates but without marketing it may not work for long. These are just few facets of umpteen stories of success and failures in the blogging business. There are “few hundred success stories” but there are “millions of failures”.


“Blogging” and “Money” may not always be a good idea.


Though nothing wrong in bringing them together but when it is done so without a purpose and a plan, then we have a problem on hand. Blogging as a money-making machine. There are others having the purpose, the passion and the persistence to do what they are doing and how well they are able to do that without being bogged down by doing blogging day in and day out. It has to be then fully operated like a machine, the “virtual machine” if we want to make it a money-making machine.

If we have understood the mechanics of bogging and business, making money will not be difficult and building the machine that can keep producing money with little or less effort, is what the “principle of leverage” is all about and all machines work in that principle, instead of using the manual force we use the electrical force to produce the mechanical force.

We can make a machine called blogging that make money only when we have adequately understood not just the science behind it but the art in dealing with it, and the art comes with practice and more practice. The art of consistency, the art of being persistence, the art of being passionate in what we do and the art of selling our idea and money becomes a by-product.

On the other hand if we focus merely on the science of making money we grossly miss both the bus and the destination, yes, blogging has the inherent potential to be the ultimate money-making machine we all desire to have with us, very much like the robot who is programmed to work on our command. It religiously follows the instructions for making money.


The virtual world has become more demanding and we have become widgets between the wedges of the “command and control” of digital space.


The “man”, the “machine” and the “money”…


Nihar Pradhan

Idea Blogger

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