7 WONDERS of Living

1) Breaking the Barriers

It is about pushing beyond our stated boundaries, unknowingly we keep building walls around us and we keep encircling ourselves with concrete rooms. And slowly we find ourselves physically housed but literally speaking we become psychologically caged in our hijacked thoughts.

Incidentally, the barriers are not always visible and tangible as generally pronounced, in fact the invisible and intangible barriers are the toughest to break and conquer those unseen challenge randomly thrown at us.


Life has its own mysterious way to wage its war against us, it does so when we are exhausted, battered with wounds and when we are left without ammunitions.


We get deeply flustered and are forced to test our brink of frustration.

“The lines are feeble and the fences are fragile.”

“It is not the barriers but the fortification, indeed deceptive.”

The mental barrier is more like a Mount Everest for a non climber unlike the physical barrier for a swimmer crossing the English Channel.


2) Ego letting it Go

Ayn Rand Fountainhead is one the childhood classic, the fountainhead of human problems are epicentre around the ecosystem of egocentric thoughts that we keep accumulating and hold onto so tightly that it hurts, still we don’t let it go, such is its vice-like grip of our ego. We get overtly obsessed with our vanity and we become a prisoner of our own delusions.

And it so happens that we start sadistically enjoying those clutches and clumsiness of our wretched life, deceptively imagining that is what our life is all about and that is how we can only beat the heat of misery and protect our sense of false pride.


Our hubris is controlling us and we lose control of our own independent thinking and seeing things pretty hazily around us.


This is the “ego” is indisputably a weird species wickedly wired in our mind and it is like the Blue Spotted Octopus whose venom once injected on the prey inflict instant lethal blow, and ego enacts the same act of deadly annihilation on human body.


3) Give More & Take Less

We have over time mastered the role of an accumulator and we have become the hoarders not of knowledge and wisdom but of wealth and parochialism.

“It is a honey trap.”


The more we acquire things in life, the more we entangle ourselves in our way of living.


It is not that we do without knowing the consequences but we still continue to do so without knowing how to liberate ourselves from such a tight tangle.

The idea of charity applicable only when we are rich and when we are old is a flawed proposition; it is an idea which should happen in small pockets and at every stage of our life. We all want peace of mind and we all want happiness in our life, ironically accumulation of wealth is inversely proportionally to the degree of peace and happiness.

“No empirical data but a derived assumption.”

Though there are cases we get swayed but those are exceptions not the norms where people with all these accumulated mass of wealth are harboring peace in their mind and living a happy life.

The motto of “giving back” is gaining momentum but it has long way to go to mitigate the gargantuan problem of poverty in our society. The divide is stark and striking blatantly at us. Knowing well that giving back more to society augurs well for us and taking less from society augments our status, still we don’t know how to do more with less and it is ultimately about learning the nuanced thought and practicing the fine art of parting wealth and imparting knowledge.


4) Forgive & Forget no Regret

Life is in a state of constant encounter with people around us, not a happy face off all the time and in the process, mostly we are in a state of endless conflict, disagreement, fight, disheartening to perpetual dismay. The bigger question is how do we deal with such recurring dilemmas and dichotomies of life, how do we resolve and reconcile, otherwise we are stuck in a static state and life comes to a standstill, life in such state of affair is never a healthy state to reside.


There are things that happen to us and we feel cheated and we react viciously that we are treated shabbily and we want our right and we attempt to raucously show our might.


The moment we enter into that narrow zone we keep playing the “tug of war” with ourselves and it is game of force and if we don’t give away that negative force we are trapped in the vicious cycle. The game doesn’t differentiate between the positive and negative forces and we keep playing the game, we get inevitably checkmate and we become the ultimate looser.

The only way out is forgiving people around us for making mistakes some time unknowingly and many times taking us for granted, forgetting such things and not getting haplessly trapped in the recesses of regret, then we keep repenting…takes us no where in life.


5) Living in the Present

Life is living in the present moment and not arbitrarily landing in the perils of past or constantly launching ourselves to desperately peeping into the prospects of future.

Life is truly in the moment, “past is a mirror and future is a mirage” and we can keep looking at the mirror nothing is going to change unless we do something in the present with our physical look, and also nothing is going to be achieved by running behind the mirage unless we change the things we are doing at present and picking things from our present pockets and stitching new pockets for a future with better outlook.


It may sound cliché but “present is a gift” and past is a history and future shall always remain a mystery.


This profound statement has so much sublime message, for that we need take a break, we need to stop and see things around us as they are, and not adding meaning, sub-texts and giving titles to justify our premise.

Life has become asymmetrically busy and things around us ostensibly hectic and we are constantly hard pressed to find time, ironically the time for ourselves and we get tied up with things that are inconsequential. We keep complaining about everything not complying with so many good things that are around us and we literally become a badminton cork that get smashed between the two players much like the past and the future.

Badminton Cork becomes the metaphor, we would not like to associate, quite understandably but we manufacture plethora of reasons to contest that classic comparison.


6) Disconnect to Connect  

The phrase of “disconnecting to connect” is a perfect paradox.

The mythical question is with whom are we disconnecting to whom we are connecting…intriguingly indeed, we are doing with self.

The digital world is not about the digital divide but is sadly about the deep divide with us, between our thoughts, minds, soul and heart. All these are not in sync and we have lost the key to unlock the “symphony of harmony” that once existed with such fragile composition that we kept wondering whether it was a work of human conscience or an act of God we have blessed with and now we have systematically managed to obliterate that precious gift from the Almighty.


Nobody had imagined that a strange gadget like mobile will barge into our inner world and make our life structurally immobile.


“We are digital intoxicated.”

We are virtually hooked to the web and we have clouds of cobweb all around us and mind is intrinsically wired and we get short-circuit every now and then, short of everything and not happy with anything and life is in complete disarray.

“We are incomplete.”

It is time to dismantle the “cabling and scaffolding” in our life and build a new holding to uphold our new value system and become the virtual harbinger of new hopes in our real life.


7) Making a Difference

We are deep-seated social animals who want to be out of self imposed zoo but we love to be very much in our comfort zone, ironically not a comfortable state to be if we want to grow and gain” things in our life which we keep aspiring.


We all secretly aspire to make a difference and leave a mark in other’s life but there remains a giant chasm between our lofty aspiration and in our languishing action.


Not necessarily, making a difference is about doing big things only and doing something that translates things into larger than life, it is in “little things that we derive the greatest joy”.

But we are ignorantly taking it for granted and we are grossly neglected that nuanced engagement in our thinking, working and living where those small windows of opportunity appropriately leveraged can make a huge difference in our life and in other’s life.

A nice gesture, any action towards goodwill, a timely pat, a pep talk, a balm of smile, a genuine listener, a helping hand; all adds up to the intangible but magical space of making a place in the hearts of millions of people who are in perpetual search and seeking words of wisdom.

“It can spark a light of hope to lift their life from a state of acute hopelessness and abject helplessness…”


Nihar Pradhan

Making a Difference

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Nihar R PradhanLifestyle7 Wonders,Breaking the Barriers,Connect & Disconnect,Ego & Go,Forgive & Forget,Making a Difference,Present Moment,Wandering in Life1) Breaking the Barriers It is about pushing beyond our stated boundaries, unknowingly we keep building walls around us and we keep encircling ourselves with concrete rooms. And slowly we find ourselves physically housed but literally speaking we become psychologically caged in our hijacked thoughts. Incidentally, the barriers are not always...Break the barrier and Make a difference...