Goal and Golf

Every profession or occupation or vocation or avocation has a role to play, blogger has also to play not a role but simultaneously has to  perform multiple roles. These are not mutually exclusive roles but are intertwined roles and are so intrinsically dependent for a holistic performance in this magical space for a more disruptive creativity and at the same time providing a virtual place for a deeply meaningful engagement for life in general.

The blogger has to be a passionate writer, an avid reader and a constant wanderer, he has to keep exploring, he has to keep observing and he has to keep thinking, reflecting and musing…a work in the wonderful world of intuition, inspiration and imagination that shall always remain as real work-in-progress for achieving excellence in this virtual space.


Role (1): Writer

There are different writers like technical writers, academic writers, creative writer, journalist writer and many more who are the new breed of writers designated as bloggers. There are many non writers who have a deep knowledge on a subject or have a specialized skills or abilities wants to be a blogger. These are two extreme ends to the bloggers spectrum. Both have to play a slightly different role to their existing roles to make their blogging role more meaningful. The writer will have an inclination to show case the writing skill and in the process there is a strong possibility that the topic may suffer. The non writers will have a proclivity to cover up the writing skill with loaded knowledge on the subject. The blogger should remember the reader could be a writer and could also be a non writer, balancing the content with the language is what the blogger should attempt to do.


Role (2): Reader

The blogger has to be extensively reading not just fiction to non-fiction books but the blogging posts of fellow bloggers to unknown bloggers; after all it is a community. Sharing and caring matters. The more we read the more better we become as a blogger. The constant shifting and switching of roles between a writer and reader is not easy. There is this limited time available to all of us. This is a bigger dilemma for bloggers per se as blogger keep facing where to draw the balancing line of how much to write and how much to read. There is always that feeling that we should have written a post if we would have not spent that time in reading, the tussle between reading and writing is perennial in nature, there is ultimately a trade-off and knowing when to switch off and on is important…it is more of an art of sensing rather a science of mere shifting.


Role (3): Wanderer

More than a writer or a reader, the blogger has to play the role of a wanderer. Unless he is curious of things around him, unless he excited about new discoveries, unless he is an explorer, unless he is a rule breaker he cannot create new rules as a blogger. Blogging is not merely about following the written rules and playing the game in the right spirit. It is equally about breaking the rules and setting new play grounds to play. This is indeed the most exciting part of being a blogger, the role of wanderlust. As a blogger we need to have the urge to travel to different places, and the surge to invade different spaces, and creating palaces of our own, our own castles in the blogosphere.


Blogging is a mission.

This mission much like all other missions in life also has a set of goals to be achieved. The goals may be small for some and big for others. The goals may be a short term for some and long-term for some. The goals may have different flavours. The goals may be constant for some and may be changing for others. The goals may be clear for some and hazy for others.  The goals may differ but the mission remains the same.

The mission is to make a mark in the sphere of blogosphere.

The marking has different connotation and interpretation, and each of those marks, are equally valid.

While we all like to drive golf ball the long yard on the golf course, along with the practice we need to have the ability on which we can build course and have the goals measurable so that we can monitor and manage our performance. And there has to be a cap on goals we take and the more we take the lesser is the focus we can give on all and the probability of success reduces significantly and there is no hard and fast rules to follow but there is a fairly soft measure to limit it to three goals to get the desired results.


Goal (1): Quantitative

  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Money

Goal (2): Qualitative  

  • Brand
  • Value
  • Learning

Goal (3): Qualified

  • Casual
  • Hobby
  • Professional


Blog and Golf

A golf course is the ground where the game of golf is played. Though we speak of the holes but it is landscape design and the architecture, and the selection of site that makes the golf course a great destination place.

Golf is a furious gym session where we keep physically burning our calories and blog is fabulous gym exercise session where we mentally keep gaining our creativity. Golf is a great way to meet new people and blog is a space to keep meeting new people, the real encounters to the virtual conversations are truly fascinating and it is ostensibly an unending phenomena of life and living.  


The various trivial phases on learning a course to phrases that are vital to golf course have literary relevance in blogs such as “Switch on the Power”, “Warm up for Power”, “Own a Release”, “Make the Right Choice”, “Look where you are Going”, “Lag with a Purpose”, “Make up your Mind”, “Don’t play it too Safe”, “Rules of the Course”…


Blogosphere is the sphere where we all play the game of blog. Here are those 18 holes to complete the course on the game of blogging.


Hole (1): The Title  

Hole (2): The Text

Hole (3): The Image

Hole (4): The Look

Hole (5): The Hook

Hole (6): The Content

Hole (7): The Context

Hole (8): The Tools

Hole (9): The Technology

Hole (10): The Techniques

Hole (11): The Design

Hole (12): The Style

Hole (13): The Credibility

Hole (14): The Consistency

Hole (15): The Community

Hole (16): The Conversation

Hole (17): The Promotion

Hole (18): The Purpose


Just like on the golf course we have the applicants of both types of candidates i.e. the role of amateurs and the role of professionals, blogosphere have an uncanny resemble to the sphere of golf on being a hobby bloggers i.e. weekend bloggers to serious bloggers who are onto it every day of the week.

Every professional golfer has goals every season like serious blogger has goals every session set for the year’s performance. The goals get divided into physical in golf and mental in blog, goals get divided into techniques in golf to technical’s in blog, and the correlation is universal and every goal starts with a single step…


It is said that each of our goal should step up the working on the virtual building blocks that leads to good putting from setting to aiming to stroking and finally striking gold in the hole


Nihar Pradhan

Blogger on Course


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