Walking and Talking, Make a Difference

It was Sunday. I woke up early.

I had dedicated the day towards self-discovery.

It was wee hours, waiting to be discovered.

Sun was yet to show the sunlight for the day.


I walked straight to the nerve center of KBR National Park (spread over 400 acre) situated in the heart of the city of pearls Hyderabad to discover some pearls of wisdom. The weather was warmly welcoming. I had no prior engagement. My usual schedule was unusually unlocked. I had enough time to explore. Explore self which I had not done adequately for pretty long. I wanted to take the support of walking, my all weather friend. It sounded intriguingly little more philosophical


“It was a philosophical walk.”

“There was a profound talk inside.”


I was randomly reflecting on the Frederic Gros book “A Philosophy of Walking” where he has so wonderfully explored that very elusive connect between people of different walks of life and how people’s life have shaped with walking…though walking is the most mundane mode of transport but it has it’s beuatiful manifestation in multiple ways from evoking freedom to revoking fatigue to inspiring creativity to aspiring generosity to triggering thinking beyond imagination.

I walked through the park on the well crafted walkways to find out where I stand in my life…the irony.


Therein lays the paradox of thinking on the toes while “walking” and locating the feet of “standing” in our life.


I was trying to solemnly unearth myself.

I was trying to deeply reflect on my work.

I was trying to critically question my assumptions.

I was trying to literally comprehend my proposition on life.


I was walking in the midst of lush green trees and I could see the blue sky through those cluttered branches of myriad trees, while I was consciously maintaining my full grip on mother earth. I could sense the surreal beauty of nature. I could see the butterfly flying with ease and grace. I could slowly fathom the symbiotic connection between the nectar of flowers and the need of butterflies to suck those nectar. Not one but many colorful butterflies in the backdrop of crystal clear skythe myriad colours were magically disruptive and my mind was erupting into volcanic joy.


The sky and the fly were lyrical.


I was romantically enjoying the tender dialogue between the prose and poetic side of my thoughtfulness. I could feel the whiff of breeze that ruffled the silent treaty I usually had with nature, the flowers were shaken and the butterflies started fluttering. I could smell the purity of nature. I could hear the silence of sound. I was looking outside but I was watching a movie inside me, a movie of self-discovery, a story on true self.

Though life routinely records the happenings of life but the designer of life has other plans in mind, a wise decision or otherwise we really don’t know, we are not given the rewind button in our hands, it is the mandatory forward button with no option for manual control. The control is completely programmed. Life has an uncanny mirror reflection of the reality manifested in the world of nature. I had distinctly dissected the correlation between nature vs. human nature, but I was not ready to accept it.


I was warily tentative.

I was oddly hesitant.

I was taking it for granted.


I was ignoring the free teaching from nature at my own peril. I was taking the nature’s teaching as preaching. I hated preaching. I was committing a blunder. I was fortunate to have ridden the mercy of nature. Not once but many times. It was high time to stop the free ride.  I have seen the fury of nature and I have seen what nature can do if I don’t learn the lessons of life.


It was the day.

It was the day to acknowledge.

It was the day to truly reflect.

It was the day to change my perspective.

It was the day to start writing these stories of self-discovery.


I was trying to spot the music from the wealth of sound that was getting generated from the instruments of nature, it was like a game of musical chair…the sounds of chirping birds and the sounds of roaring animals, the sound waves that emanates from the oscillating friction of wind and wood. The clear sky changes with the changing hues of the sky from dawn to dusk, the vast canvas for our imagination to go wild and wander in the wilderness. It’s the wonderland.

I was walking in sheer solitude and I was silently observing and surreptitiously absorbing the little movements that matters to nature, suddenly I realized that I was disconnected. I was disconnected from self. It was time to get connected with nature. As I was trying to connect with self and to script a story of self-discovery, I was slowly but certainly getting connected with the inner world.


Though I was lost, but I was happy that I was lost in the right direction.


I knew I had to change my world and I knew that I have to change my use of words inside me and the world outside me will change automatically. I was inspired by the subtle changes in nature that I was witnessing through the walkways, the path of love that I was harboring in my heart. I had never composed myself to care and cuddle the sense and sensibilities of my senses.

Listening to the silence of sound, watching the splendor of colors, feeling the power of touch and smelling the fragrance of rustic nature…it was a magical coincidence, all my senses were there in active mode, all working at the same frequency to connect and converse with the soul and I was trying to embrace the symphony of senses attempting to strike a perfect chord. It was truly soul-stirring experience and I was unlocking all the buried treasures lying low and unknowingly unused.


It was epiphany for me.

It is here on my walk while wandering and I was searching everywhere.

I was exploring frantically.


Finally it happened, I happen to discover the structure of my story of “walking, wondering and writing” (wow) but plotting the life story is the real challenge, I was about to think through, there was that familiar pat in my back by my walking buddy and I had to stop my walking but the process inside me had already started, it was the beginning of a new chapter on wondering and writing that I had gathered while walking for years.

The perceptible nature of reality or the perception of the reality, there is an alliteration…these two facets are literally defining the extreme ends of the reality spectrum…we migrate our mind from one end of the spectrum to the other end to profoundly realize that both end tends towards infinity.


Writing is infinite imagination.

Wondering is infinite exploration.

Walking is infinite discovery.


Walking through the multiple memory lanes and by lanes… Wondering on the myriad aspects of life and living… Writing on the wonderful facets of love and hope…


Walking vitalizes and invigorates the mind to move…


We all have fascinating tales to tell but when all three seamlessly synchronize to work in tandem, a magical symphony is created, melodious music is composed and momentous story is narrated which on passionately hearing we all utter the word “WOW” to ourselves…signifying that such a wonderful word best depicts the pooled dexterity and a reflective sentiment of harmony of our expression.


What is the “WOW” factor in our life?


Nihar Pradhan

Blogger Walker

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Nihar R PradhanLifestyleFrederic Gros,Philosophy of Life,Self-Discovery,Walking,Wondering,WOW factor,WritingIt was Sunday. I woke up early. I had dedicated the day towards self-discovery. It was wee hours, waiting to be discovered. Sun was yet to show the sunlight for the day.   I walked straight to the nerve center of KBR National Park (spread over 400 acre) situated in the heart of the city of...Break the barrier and Make a difference...