Childhood Challenges

Ruskin Bond was deprived of the childhood affection as his parents split due to differences in their lifestyle and living. He stayed back with his father who was with Royal Air Force and he had to serve during the World War when Ruskin Bond had to go to a boarding school in Simla and they had planned to move to England after the war was over but destiny had other plans and he heard of the bad news of his father death, he was shattered. He has lived a very challenging childhood, and his stories are a wonderful repository of good old world. The stories in The Rainbow to Rusty Runs Away to The Blue Umbrella are all such beautiful stories are subtly derived from those chequered childhood experiences he has nestled in those unsettling days of his life.


No human heart can ever wear the elusive hat of a writer unless that heart has gone through the grind and the pain, every such human heart which accumulates these deep and painful feelings convert those thoughts and emotions into platforms of profound stories. To be a writer is never easy and so are any artists, artists come in their own beautiful avatar from a painter to a sculptor to a singer to a musician to an actor; they just cannot tell a story without their heart sharing that bondage with them. This craft requires a lot of solitude and focus on self, and then the reflection of the childhood memories. They keep churning those memories and further stimulate their already restless mind into a world of contemplation and complexity, imagination and inspiration.

“The emotional attachment.”

“The financial detachment.”

“The stories that moves us.”

“The stories that touches millions of heart.”

“The stories that changes our life forever.”

These are stories which are real and are presented in an imaginary way just to distill out the distortion it carries with it in the real world. The canvas and the lens with one form of artist to another may change but the essential pain behind the story remains intact, something the artist couldn’t accept in his life and there was that brewing conflict that was constantly haunting him. He always wanted an outlet which can offer the proper channel to express, and vent out his pain in a fashion that is inspiring to others and positively influences the lives of many who are clueless and are in a fundamental state of confusion.


Why many literary masterpieces from great writers are manifestation of their childhood memories?

The answer may very much be in the volatility and vagaries of the journey in the formative years of life.

What is the mysterious connection between childhood and creativity?

The intriguing question that further crops up, what does a painful and unhappy childhood got to do with creativity?


There have been historically many such dialogues and deliberations on the subject and many different perspectives have come onto the canvas for us to see and comment. More so, it is said they have either experienced the emotional trauma or the economical crisis in their childhood…Virginia Wolfe to Emily Bronte lost their parent in childhood, Leo Tolstoy to Edgar Poe were orphans, Charles Dickens to James Joyce had deep financial crisis and the childhood challenge continues to be sources of stories from today’s contemporary great writers.

It is about the childhood life where they have grown up seeing the life in a certain way where they were devoid of the unbridled innocence and the basic freedom which was recklessly snatched away from them.

They were mute witness to the discrimination and the harassment which they were subjected to with no fault of their.

They were born in a place where there were no amenities and they had to walk miles to reach a school or they had walked miles to fetch their drinking water.

They were robbed off their childhood with no fault of theirs.

They have silently harbored those days of pain and those moments of agony & anguish in their tender heart and now the same heart has grown hard, hard like a coconut though it remains tender inside but the outside had become tough and this toughness is able to weather way the distraction which an non-artist is not able to do, it needs unflinching determination and unlike others they just don’t get caught in the wilderness of the mundane works of life and in the routines of life miss the wood for the forest.

The life of a writer who has in some point of his life has seen the pain of disease and the mystery of death in his family where he has lost the near and dear ones who have always made a big difference in his life and when they suddenly disappear from their life without any premonition makes their heart go momentarily motionless though ironically it is the emotion that is stirring that heart to berserk. It takes its own time and when the heart slowly reverts back to its place it find itself in a different frame, a frame of ported pain and profound thoughts that is ready to develop into a powerful story. And it then literally boils down to what form we choose to put that story for the world to witness and connect for a change and leading to a human transformation.


And there are those writers who are born gifted and for whom art just comes so naturally that the reader or the viewer discovers that work of art is amazingly heartening and wanders the mystical source of such magic, in facts all arts are a creative confluence of “magic and mystery”.


Even the gifted writer subtle discovers that their masterpieces emerge only out of the pain that their heart had met and those telling moments in life where they didn’t have an answer to assuage the agony that their heart was constantly questioning them. The writer ultimately finds a convenient outlet through their work of art and it turns out to be their best work of art as there is an instant connection and overwhelming appreciation by the world. No artists including writers can produce the most stirring art and on any form of crafty work whether the lyrics of a melodious song to the musical composition to the inspirational short stories to the immersive colours on the canvas to the human expression sculpted on a stone…without the wholehearted involvement of human heart.


Rabindranath Tagore’s mother passed at an early age and he was in constant search for emotional engagement. His sister-in-law Kadambari Devi was a child at the time of marriage and she filled that vacuüm in the life of Rabindranath Tagore and that was not for long when he had to get married and later Kadambari Devi couldn’t reconcile to the new reality and committed suicide and the stories of Choker Bali and The Broken Nest have their umbilical cord derived from that childhood churning of his emotions.



Nihar Pradhan



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