Is blogging ultimately about making money, not necessarily but at the same time if it can give an opportunity to make money then why not?

Money is not a bad word.

Making money in the right way and making money in multiple ways is always a good idea.


Life is embedded with risk, incidentally the biggest risk in life is not taking any risk and limiting our options to make money can paralyze our growth in life. In essence, growth is only life. We stop growing, we are physically or emotionally or mentally dead. There is no escape button from growth if we want to live and live our life with certain dignity and with purpose. We need to constantly keep exploring various options and newer ways to make more money and make it the right way.


Blogging has transformed into an “Online Business Model” and we can sale our virtual products and capture our real market share.


The market we are operating. Before we could start selling our products and services we need to know what we can offer that has a growth opportunity and also we should get ourselves completely convinced that the offering can make a mark in market. The market is already flooded with so many offerings and can our offering have a standing in the market.

Yes, this needs a much deeper thought that goes in designing the questionnaires for the market research, by initially doing a quick survey and then followed by a comprehensive study can clearly find the niche and after can set up the perfect connection between the market need and our offering.

Once the product offerings are decided we need to find out whether we have the capability and the ability to consistently produce and make it consistently available to the market. It simply boils down to the critical aspects of self discovery, self- assessment and self-belief. Do we have the tenacity within us to do it time and again, and do it for a long haul? We need to silently sit down and deeply reflect on our strengths and weaknesses, do we really have the stuff to make the substance which can sell in the market.


We may have the stuff but does it stand out, does the product we are planning to offer has the differentiation.


The differentiation is the key.


And with online market space already cluttered and increasingly getting clumsy, not easy at all to get the differentiation spotted and crafted. It takes a much deeper thinking. It needs a much clearer thinking. It cannot be left with even an iota of ambiguity. It needs to be tackled upfront, it needs to be nailed and at the same time it needs to be handled with compose and calm.

It so happens, the more we explore the market, the more we read about a whole gamut of available product, we become knowledgeable ironically we also tend to become less confident on our offering and it is a relative game of throne. If our confidence is much dwindled we just cannot think clearly, it becomes hazy and our fuzzy thought needed to think differently becomes bit lazy, it is imperative to pause and ponder not impose other’s thinking on us. It has to be our thinking, only our thinking, others thinking can add but shouldn’t unconstructively influence our thinking and it has to have our own feelings that counts and that really matters.


The passion should be there on what we want to offer, the offerings cannot be just a logical decision, and it has to have the right blend of feelings well embedded into our decision matrix. A delicate balance of these intangible factors can craft the positioning statement and also establish the right product offering to the market.


The online product offerings to  circumvent the competition and to aptly capture the market opportunities may well need many other things to be put in its right place. The product positioning, the product placement, the product pricing and the product value proposition. These are marketing jargons; technical terms and we may not necessarily be fully aware of its definition or fully be conscious of it’s implication on our offerings and its success.

We needn’t have to always adhere to the exact definition and blindly follow the marketing dictums of marketing gurus and religiously stick to the inscribed instructions in their digital publications. We need to creatively apply our mind and make necessary changes and adjustment to things that are best suited to our given conditions. Each such situation is unique. It is not the power of talent that always matters; more often it is the attitude we carry that definitely matters and always makes the definitive difference in what we do.


The choice of topic in the virtual blogging space is significant, and it is very much like choosing any product in our real world.


The marketing of intangible topic is very much like the way we have marketed any of our tangible product. Of course there is a twist, there is a different flavour, there is also a specific tuning to get it going and going smoothly. The virtual product does closely imitate the life cycle of a real world product that get’s designed and produced and sold in the market.


There are topics and there are ways to present those topics, as we scan the market we quickly realize that there are thousands others who have similar passion like us, even much better than us and they have so craftily converted their passion into beautiful product offerings. It is very much likely that our product may not be a unique product nor we have the first mover advantage of novelty, but well articulated USP of the product can certainly make a momentous difference. Once the basic ingredient of the product is well-defined and the product is properly designed, it can be confidently shifted to the stage of production. It’s the hard work, the tougher part, not the production per se but maintaining the quality of product and thereafter sustaining the consistency of production.


Content Production is critical to the success of the venture, can it be mechanized where we can provide the inputs and the outputs are automatically produced…


It is not a mechanical process.

It is a creative process.

Is there a way out to meet the production when the demand goes up?

Yes there is, and it comes in the manner of Content Outsourcing.


It is not always possible to produce with the existing capacity to meet the market demand. It is very likely as the business grows we may run out of our product supply and exhaust our capacity. We cannot then raise our hand or return our customers that is not smart business acumen, it could signify the beginning our end. We need to be constantly thinking, churning our thoughts towards creating much more forward-looking actionable points.


Certainly, we all do not start a venture to end it abruptly or exit out helpless, we all start the venture with far-reaching goals in mind and to be successful, sustain that success and in the process if opportunity comes our ways why not make some clean money. The venture of blogging should not always be exclusively driven by the pure motive of making money nor should be the venture remains a charitable trust.


Here then comes the bigger question should I start my blogging to be a pure play nurturing of my passion or should I be taking the plunge with a definite plan to convert that fluttering passion into a firm profession. I think we should be taking a clear stand and the stand needn’t be taken at the beginning of bogging journey…


Many things are initially hazy, we are broadly caught in that confused zone of fuzzy thinking; it is in fact the litmus test.


We should just test market our concepts and ideas by starting a blog on our hobby or keep doing the piloting through our personal blog. It needn’t be well-defined, it needn’t be well-designed and well-crafted, and it is after all testing market ourselves and testing the fast changing taste of customers on the online space of blogging and to subtly get a sense of the market response, the likely trends and insights.


Here are those “TEN STEPS”  most of the blogging venture goes through in successfully navigating the gamut of challenges that keep coming at them and working hard towards leveraging those plethora of opportunities hidden in disguise within those buckets of challenges;


  1. Conducting a Market Research
  2. Identifying the Product Offering
  3. Defining our Differentiation
  4. Designing our Product Portfolio
  5. Building the Production Facility
  6. Setting the Quality Standards
  7. Consistency on Content Production
  8. Making our Marketing Count
  9. Establishing our Crafted Niche
  10. Counting on our Money Honey


Nihar Pradhan

Idea Blogger

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Nihar R PradhanBloggingBlogging and Money,Blogging Business,Blogging Content,Blogging Topics,Blogging Venture,Make Money,Money in Blogging,Online BusinessIs blogging ultimately about making money, not necessarily but at the same time if it can give an opportunity to make money then why not? Money is not a bad word. Making money in the right way and making money in multiple ways is always a good idea.   Life is embedded...Break the barrier and Make a difference...