Rear View Mirror

It is perceived that emotional people look backward and stay in the past, practical people look backward and stay in the present and visionary people look backward, learn from the past and apply the nuggets of wisdom in the present to define their beautiful future. I’m stating it as a perception as I don’t know definitely that this classification has any conclusive evidence in terms of scientifically proven data in real world or in some other way this very interpretation has in any been empirically proven in the virtual world.

Nevertheless, before I begin on my profound argument and the possible hypothesis I must admit that I’m predominantly an emotional person and I have struggled long to develop a pragmatic approach to my life and relentlessly endeavored to redesign my future proposition. I’m still very much in the beginning stage of this “emotional-practical-visionary” journey of my life.

As against the general observation, not necessarily, an emotional person permanently stays in the past but he always has the proclivity to go back to that old state. The property of elasticity. Even a visionary person may stay long in the past like going into a state of hibernation but when he comes back he does so with a big bang, the very ability to make a strong come in life is the hallmark of a visionary person.


“Life is living in different states.”

“Life is living in different stages.”

“Life is living in different state of revolution.”

“Life is living in different stages of evolution.”


The past haplessly remains in our memory bank and the future is a heaven of hope and there is always a greater degree of uncertainty of the future but it is the present where we all live, we can feel, we can see, we can smell, we can do, we can work, we have the pulse to play around the present and the sense to sail with the surrounding we live and it is the present moments that ultimately matters.

If anything we can do, we have to do it now and in the present, past and future just has no absolute role to play though relatively the factors of past pain and the future plan influence our present disposition.

The bigger question is how much we should think on our past and where should we draw the fine line and not go beyond, otherwise we may very well get swayed away…


As we have so much to “Remember and Rejoice” or “Recollect and Regret”, and at the same time there are so many other things to “Forget and Forgive” ourselves for the “Mistakes and Misfortunes” that keep haunting us.


By being forcefully anchored in the past for pretty long only affects our present health where we get diseased and we tend to lose the plot of our life.

Life is a Story and we have the tools to design our plot and just like a story has a beginning, middle and an end which goes through so many by-lanes and layers to create climax and get the story of our life a meaningful and inspiring take.

The plot of life is grossly missed out if we keep constantly harping on our past and we keep our mind preoccupied on the past incidents not allow the mind to get liberated, so as to fully dedicate all it’s gray matters for what matters in the present which sets the tone and tenure for our future.

Though future is fuzzy and there is so much flux and fluidity about future but future is not something that comes from thin air and that something is well-defined and is there for us to just grab it and we have to just wait for the time to take us there, it is exactly thinking like the way many times we have thought that if we had a “Time Machine” we would have gone back to our past and enjoyed those memorable moments and corrected those not so memorable moments.


These memories purely reside in our conscious to subconscious state of mind and we can do nothing for the past happenings but we can definitely do everything for the future and that control switch is in the hands of the present.


Ironically, we lose that control of motion by looking backward sitting on the Driver’s Seat, not looking at the rear view of the mirror which is what we should be doing to have a better control on our drive and by turning back the only eventuality that is definite is an accident. There is a difference between looking backward and looking at the rear view, it is an analogy for life’s learning. Looking rear view is practical i.e. going back and coming back quickly and looking backward is being emotional i.e. going back and staying for longer than it is required. Managing the art of looking in the rear view and the craft of driving forward in life is the “art and craft” of being truly visionary.


When we look back at our past, reflect on the things we have done and the way we have done, things we should have not done and things we should have done it better. The intimate dialogue with self on the past engagement and the fractured exchanges of fragmented thoughts are the invaluable input that intuitively overhauls the mechanics of the current state of our mind.


This is a universal statement and it is something every spiritual gurus to the people with “Words of Wisdom” keep stating how we should be genuinely talking to ourselves and how we should generously find time for ourselves and take a pause in what we are doing and just relaxing and just reflecting on how we have done things so far and what we should be correcting within us to do things much better in the future and it is the learning from the past that provides the ammunition to prepare us well for our future life, in case there is a fight not to randomly fire at our present enemies.


The “Present State of Being” is such powerful facet of our life but unfortunately it is the present that we take it for granted and many times take it so nonchalantly and we just allow the present to pass by hoping that we can live a beautiful life in the future…it is hoping against hope, as it without any proper foundation and it is bound to crumble and it invariably does so and we all squabble and question our fate. Though fate has a part role to play but we cannot always blame it squarely and only blame our fate for the obnoxious episodes in our present life.


The present is the only reality and it is these present moments that cumulatively adds up to provide the future we want to create for ourselves. Click To Tweet


There is another way of looking at life; that there is nothing called as future or past, it is only the “Passage of Time” and we are all standing there as mute spectators and we are involuntarily experiencing change with the passage of time and do what we can do in that given window of present life, the present moment, now and now only.


In that Small Window we have to so may things to perform, we have to work, we have to observe, we have to reflect, we have to relax, we have to fight odds, we have to even out the life, we have to enjoy life, we have do so many things and then we suddenly realize that we have so little time in our hand…that’s where we become vaguely philosophical about our life and as we find ourselves in such conflicting state of affairs. Resolving the present conflicts and creating a promising future space to smoothly and smartly maneuver ourselves out of the conflict zone, and enabling us to gravitate towards a more peaceful and purposeful life.


Life is not about looking helplessly backward and falter on chances of leading a good life in the present and not powering ourselves to move with courage and conviction to build a beautiful future. Not to get excessively entangled in the exchange of war of words on backward reflection and forward realization.


We all need to break away from the past and make ways in the present to live a meaningful life in the future. Click To Tweet


It is about the craft of juggling three balls in two hands very much similar to the art of living that is handling the past, the present and the future.  We practice to perfect the craft of juggling of balls and the art of living needs practice of mind to reflect on the past as required not much or not less, doggedly and decisively work in the present and create the future…we deserve and then desire!!!


Nihar Pradhan

Lifestyle Blogger

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