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The mystery of blogging is a magical self-discovery process. There is a history of magic in being creatively engaged with this phenomenal platform.

Initial as I started my journey I was clouded with so many silly to few substantial questions. Forget about the expectation on receiving comments, the bigger question that I was seriously confronting was whether anybody will ever be reading my blog posts. That’s exactly what happened, for months and many initial posts my space gave me a deserted look and in spite of desperate attempts to request friends to read my posts, nobody gave a heed to my invitation. Their time was precious and they didn’t see any value or urgency to honor my call. I thought my fate was sealed and I have made a big blunder in the choice of topic and perhaps I didn’t have the required stuff to substantiate my claim in the blogosphere.


Fortunately, I had the patience to wait and the power to play my perseverance card. I stuck to a prescribed schedule and kept my posts published periodically and rest was just a matter of time. This is where new friends whom I have never meet or perhaps will never meet generously came to my rescue…


As I was leisurely ruminating seating next to the “blogging bridge”, I could see a lot of water has flown under the bridge and the flowing water was frantically trying to hold onto the floating thoughts that beholden me for long. It was high time to pause and reflect on what’s gone by, and not let bygones be bygones…


Today medical health checkup has become mandatory; given the physical lifestyle we are all leading, we are forced to perform diagnostic tests ranging from complete blood count to lipid profile.  Perhaps it is the only type of test results where we feel relieved seeing the negative results unlike the positive results in most other walks of our life. The virtual space is no immune to such vagaries of life and virtual lifestyle is not much different here either.


The immunity system in the blog space is structurally different from the human body.


The human immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. One of the important cells involved are white blood cells, also called leukocytes, which come in two basic types that combine to seek out and destroy disease-causing organisms or substances.

The blog immune system is made up of content, conversations and conversions that work together to protect the body of blog. One of the important content is the conversation, also called as comment. It is about strengthening the collaboration by graceful invitation of visitors and retention of readers.

The Readership Engagement is one of the most vital parameters that shows how healthy are body of our blog. Blog comment section plays that part of the role and there is both an “art and craft” in commenting. The art of reading the writer’s mind and the craft of writing that can make a difference in writer’s thought.


The singular word that indisputable qualifies the quality of comment is “value”.


The cardinal question is our comment adding any value to the blog post. The value could be adding a different point of view or a new perspective, extending the boundary of the subject, sharing an anecdote, providing a relevant example to adding the missed out facts and figures.


The sibling word that goes very well with the singular word ‘value’ is the word “response”.


The time to response is so essential along with the type of response we are providing. The repository of response could be…a positive response, a negative response, an inspiring response, an insightful response, an intriguing response or a response to merely ponder over. Then only comes the question of how much and were it adequate, were it contextual and the presentation to the composition of the comment.


The simple word “consistency” has the power to cut the flab that blocks the progress of commenting.


It is not just about the value we provide and the velocity of our response but the steadiness we have on our quality of engagement. It has to have the stamp of consistency so that we build that credibility of being serious and we have the tenacity to go the distance not just be a flash in the pan.


I was just doing a health checkup of my blog and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the numbers and words in my commenting section have crossed a milestone of 5 Thousand Numbers of comments and 0.5 Million Words count in the comment. And it is still work in progress…


I was immensely humbled by the valued response and rigor of consistency of my wonderful blogger friends. They have been big-hearted and they have generously contributed to my ability to create content, even though many times I felt it was taxing to read & write, so much to read before writing and then text a thought in the comment section with finesse. I have acquired a wealth of words from my blogger friends through my concerted commenting engagement.


But today I am badly in loss of words to locate one such perfect word or a blend of appropriate words from the “World of Words” that can truly represent my expression of gratitude for my most lovely & beautiful blogger friends.


I am enormously indebted to each one of them for sharing their knowledge and sacrificing their time for reading my posts and providing something new which invariably I would have either missed it or it was never in my mind. They have all made me more mindful and making a difference in my life and making me led a much more meaningful life that has emanated from the collaboration and conversations through the space of commenting.


They have always pushed my boundaries and placed new benchmark in the quality of discourse and the quantum of deliberation in the section of commenting. This very unyielding relationship has stealthily changed the counter of my content and our comments have kept gravitating to new heights.


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Here are my special blogger buddies, I feel I have the liberty to use the phrase “blogger buddy” whose comments have always made a significant difference in my critical thinking and my ways of constructive working as an Idea Blogger, and it simply would not have been possible without their persistent support and prolific contribution.

·        Sue Dreamwalker (

·        Balroop (

·        Somali K Chakrabarti (

·        Maniparna Sengupta (

·        Mabel Kwong (

·        Staci Silva (

·        Rajgopal (

·        Sue Slaght (

·        Lucy Merrily (

·        Indah Susanti (

·        Aquileana (

·        Allane Millane (


In my summary of “Ten Most Fascinating Write-ups in Writing”, I had the limited opportunity to select and share only one such lovely comment out of the vast repository and it was indeed a delightful experience of extensively exploring and being nostalgically engaged with the world of 0.5 Million words of Comments.


Here is the link;


Nihar Pradhan

Blog Commentator

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