Writing - Makeup and Breakup

Once upon a time and that time was not long back, ironically it is only few decades ago where writing was limited to education space and to professional work or to the passion of writing. This very human engagement with writing was never looked beyond the conventional confinement of education or profession or passion.

The role of writing was very sketchy and scantily used in our daily life. Writing was need based and was act in selected occasions. Unless we had a source of inspiration or it was a compulsion we used to silently escape the engagement with writing, though good writing happens in silence and in solitude. Escaping from writing was a sense of “false freedom”. It was not a written offence but it was nevertheless clear that we were simply not enjoying that form of engagement.

There were exceptions.

Writing a romantic letter to the one we loved, to writing a business letter in our work dealings…broadly speaking writing had limited scope and we were happily ensconced in that written space not pressing us beyond our limits of comfort.

Writing was rare and it was few and far in between. Even for days and weeks we never wrote anything and we never felt the need and we never felt the absence of writing in our life. It was considered to be elite, it was considered to be exclusive and it was out of reach for most of us. As a “Creative Craft” only passionate people on writing were engaging with the activity of writing. Writing was not a part of our daily routine.

Occasionally, writing use to get its fair due, it was unfortunate but all we used to manage our own singular dialogues. Writing was predominately restricted to the formal space and informal space was never the place for writing to take its rightful place. Formal Space had completely hijacked writing from getting any publication place. Writing was mentally challenged in the informal space. Subsequently, the space has shifted, and has shifted significantly with the dominance of informal space in the digital age.

With recent time, things have changed and have changed spectacularly. Internet, Mobile, Social Media and Instant Messaging (IMSI) has played their vital role in changing the human engagement with writing. Anybody who is part of IMSI, writing is an integral part and it is not about the formal nature of writing or quality of writing, it is about the opportunity to just get engaged with writing.


“Writing today is omnipresent.”

“Writing today is inevitable.”

“Writing today is mandatory.”

“Writing today is about connection.”

“Writing today is about collaboration.”


Writing today is building and bridging communities. In a much more holistic perspective we can all fairly conclude that writing today is defining our very existence. Writing is the today the elixir of lifenot it has not replaced water as it cannot scientifically but giving water a real fight spiritually.

As we always don’t drink water to quench our thirst, we drink water to nourish our body’s water requirement. Writing is not always done for obtaining fame or achieving fortune. Writing is also done for the sheer joy of writing.

Facebook to WhatsApp, ironically the later entity is now an integral part of the former giant and both have conspired well to put the world community on a mission of writing something or other everyday.  We all have to write. Though initially writing on this digital platform was taken lightly and was given lesser importance as it was considered informal and was customarily given a casual treatment. As they say with passage of time, things change and with practice we all have become reasonably perfect, the consistent writing in this space over time is now treated perfectly alright. This is almost becoming the de facto base of souring information to drawing our inferences and becoming the basis for us to be considered well-informed and moving towards taking better decisions in our life.

In WhatsApp we are chatting for hours and we keep doing without the inhibition of writing. We needn’t be a writer and we needn’t become a writer per se. We needn’t have to be designated as writer to write. We needn’t have to be taught how to be a writer. We need be afraid of the grammatical mistakes. We needn’t be a master of words. We needn’t make a mistake of prejudging ourselves to be a writer and then have the privilege to write.

We can write anytime. We can write on any topic.


It is not the size of the dog in the fight that matters it is size of the fight in the dog that really matters. Similarly in the case of writing, not how big or popular we are as a writer what matters is what thoughts we have as a writer and how we are able to share our thoughts more creatively and more consistently. Our voice in the writing counts not the decibel of the sound it generates.  We can write for sharing thoughts to we can write to make our thought count.


We can write to talk to self. We can write to talk to others.

What ultimately matters is the act of writing, not the kind of enactment we do on a piece of writing script.

This whole new generation who are on IMSI platform are by default writers, and then they are subtly growing and certainly maturing as a writer on an almost daily basis. They say to be a good writer we should write everyday and we should write whatever comes to our mind without limiting our thoughts and the emphasis is on the essence of everyday writing. Messaging to Sharing, which we keep doing everyday almost involuntarily is nothing but writing. By doing so we are activating our writing engine on and engineering our mind to think and keep thinking, and we are now a constant machine of creation. Writing is forming that background transformation within us.

We have to improvise our articulation in expressing our thoughts. We have to become more vocal in our verbal communication. We have to give wings to our passive voice. Yes, we have all become more confident in life. We have become a much more evolved soul with deeper engagement with diverse writing. Writing is taking us far and wide. Writing is setting the agenda in our daily discourse. Writing is replacing talking as the power to connect. Though as powerful speaker we connect to a live audience powerfully but as a profound writer we connect to a much larger audience outside our visible boundary. We are breaking the boundaries of human engagement.

What we can convey through writing, we cannot convey through speaking. There is a deeper meaning encapsulated in the written text than through spoken words. Hence, many times we prefer sending a text message and not making a voice call. We feel writing is a better way to sending the right message than using the voice where we may get dragged and message distorted.


“Text is testing the voice…”


We are without inhibition voicing our mind through texting. If you look at the quantum of writing that is getting published on hourly basis in WhatsApp and Facebook just these two Medias, one on mobile and the other on the web…it is simply mind-boggling. It is not the publication though publication is amplifying the power of communication. In essence there is lot of writing and all of us are writing. It is a writer’s world. It is not always about the quality that matters in writing, it is the measure of engagement we are having with writing that matters. It is impossible to imagine how much of writing one generation can do when we look back to the generation prior to the advent of IMSI.

Today writing is touching everybody’s life and today writing is empowering people across social strata, geographical boundaries to level of education to sphere of profession to type of occupation and people are truly enjoying the “secret power” that they are deriving from the latent nectar of being with writing.  They were deprived for long. They were not aware of the writing power. They were not given adequate avenues to express and expressing through their writing which needed a tool and which needed a space, today IMSI has become the “spatial tool” for human engagement. Writing is becoming the new fuel to make that spatial tool work and work effectively in the way we live our life and towards living a much more meaningful life in future.

What we write for ourselves or for our group we are connected doesn’t matter. What matters is how much we are writing and are we meaningfully engaged and not idling our time. While travelling in a bus or a train or in a flight, we have the same time but to do much more than what we would have done otherwise. Writing while traveling…


In this digital age we have become “miser in talking” and “wiser in writing”. Click To Tweet


We can read while travelling and we have done that but we never had the opportunity to do that with writing while travelling using the conventional tools but with technology replacing the paper with the pad, and pen with the pointer we are all empowered and we are all powering ahead in the sphere of writing. We can see across all such waiting areas be it in bus bays to waiting lounges in airports, people are hooked to their smart phones to small pads and they are either reading and writing or writing through chatting. Writing is there and it is there everywhere to be seen. It feels so good to be part of such writing revolution that has been ushered in by the constant evolution of digital technology.


It is rapid.

It is instant.

It is contagious.

It is breaking conventions.

It is defining the contours of human engagement.


Water is the elixir of life but writing is no less, one is at the tangible front and the other is at the intangible front but we cannot escape the confrontation. This confrontation is in no way given a negative connotation.


“Writing is liberating.”

“Writing is invigorating.”

“Writing is about exploring.”

“Writing is about wandering.”

“Writing is therapeutic.”


Writing is about telling what is in our mind and mind wants that nourishment through expression. There has to be a fair balance in our communication, so long we have lived in that unfair imbalance where we had to communicate more through talking and not through writing. We didn’t have the avenues. It was primarily through speaking and more talking…now that pattern has changed and has radically changed. We can see a pattern of new writing that is shaping the way we have engaged and communicating with different communities and society at large.


We are all at our own level become a better thinker by thinking deeply as a writer not necessarily a philosopher, more creative by engaging as a writer not necessarily as creative writer, we have become a better writer and not necessarily an author, and finally we all have become a “better human being” by being meaningfully engaged with writing.


Writing is the new Elixir of Life

Water bodies across the World are depleting faster than we thought we need to quickly replenish our stagnated thoughts with fresh ideas, it is time to use the power of Writing to empower Water.


Nihar Pradhan

Creative Writer

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