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As a startup we all want to make our mark in our space of operation and to do so, just a good product is not good enough, we need to position of our product, positioning in well, market it well and so as to “Build our Brand”. A strong brand, create a market pull. Brand building is so much of intangibles. Building brand is not everybody’s cup of tea, irrefutable, it is a very tough nut to crack, though all the ingredients are visibly there to cook our food for thought that matters in building a brand, it is much like cooking, the essential recipes are organized and there but when we get into the kitchen and involve in the process of cooking we feel the heat, the intangible heat of crafting the art of cooking. It is not easy. It’s all glossy on the dinner table. We can appreciate the meticulous work that goes behind the table when we enter the kitchen and attempt to engage with the work of cooking.


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We jump into the startup bandwagon. It appears glamorous. There is deceptive glitz. We get momentarily blindfolded in the glitter. But everything that looks so rosy from the stand, gets hazy very soon and we suddenly realize that we are one among many, we are going no where, we are just not able to differentiate our entity distinctively and we are unable to define our rightful path to success, we are strangled and we are entangled in the ever evolving complex web of competitive market place.

There is cacophony of similar products or services and nobody is able to hear our music, we are only hearing others sound, we are losing the track and time is of essence in startup venture and unable to maneuver the maze and if we are not able to steer back quickly on course we become highly vulnerable and endanger our position, losing the very business plot we had passionately designed, everything melts, we are in state of meltdown and we enter the deadly zone self-destruction that only takes us downhill. The challenge of constantly evolving on our way of thinking and becoming intuitively receptive to the fast changing dynamics of the market place and being able to respond in a fashion that depicts our true passion of adventuring into such startup venture.

To be a “Thought Leader” in our chosen startup space we need to quickly and smartly capture the mind share and getting a piece of mind that matters. In this increasingly diminishing space for our mind to get the meaningful freedom and get what it wants are rapidly shrinking. The ability to get the equitable attention and get the indispensable mention in our customer’s mind is in a precarious state. So many things are happening around us in the market place, that too simultaneously and we are left with so little time to look at each of such happenings in microscopic detail, as the devil in the detail; we need that creative differentiator to delve out of the devils in the depth of business, which can glide our mind to the top of lighthouse with a revolving focus that is so essential in such clutters in the market and clumsy business environment.

The bigger question is how to create a credible and content that is creative and able to build strong community and gather influencers to talk about the idea and walk with the company. The moment we have the influencers and credible faces in the industry talking about us and associating with our story we are on course and we are on the path to the position of thought leadership. It cannot be achieved without a backing of a powerful idea and the backbone of robust product or service that we are offering. The brand promise resides in the reliability of our offerings.


We need creativity in our thought and creative content to garb that fast moving eyeballs in the startup landscape. There is so much of distraction. We need to break that cycle of disturbance. The name of the game in market communication is “Disruptive Creativity”.


How to come with ideas that can catch the fancy of customers?

How to come with thoughts that can change the way customer has thought?

How to come with frameworks that can reframe the way customers have looked at things?

How to add newer dimensions to our existing frames?

And change the way the customers have perceived things, creating new realities through changing perceptions. After all it is perception that produces newer set of perspectives to look at our ground realities. Working with frames, playing with dimensions and by shifting perspectives we create new platforms for audiences and they want to look at life from a different lens and from different angles. How to put all these apparently disconnected aspects in its proper perspective and produce a perfect picture of our brand is the key to unlocking the creative challenge. The challenge is how to changes our position and realign ourselves, if we face newer set of challenges, we need to quickly and smartly figure out our ways that we are on the right path towards becoming a thought leader.

Thought leaders are those who act like magnet in the startup economy and those who create “Collaborative Community”, they drive and they build their own tribe. To do so they need the springboard, they need the skywalk to cross the roadblock, they need the support to stand out and they need the mentor to get guided and go where others have not gone and have not been tried, and what have not been done.

For us to become though leader in our space, we sometime need the inspiration of thought leader’s who have already changed the landscape in their places. We need their guidance. We need them to show us the correct path and we need them to clarify our niggling doubts questioning our belief and we need them to build our depleted confidence, the key to the process of building our thought leadership is our way of communication and our way of presentation. Though we build our resilience to restore our belief system but very often it goes out of control as we keep encountering uncharted territories and it rattles our kernel of our “Belief System”.

It is not an easy restoration process as we keep facing the “cycle of physical” to “circle of psychological” hurdles and some times the hurdles are awfully overwhelming, we loose our balance of existence and we then badly need the collaborative support to reinstate our rapidly dwindling belief system. This is so fundamental to our standing and our way of speaking out our mind, speaking it strongly and if we are helplessly trapped in self-doubt than we lose the footing in the ground to get the grip. The grip needed to fight out our way out.


We need influencers in our space who can get our message reach to a larger audience and make us connect to the community at large where they have the standing and where their voice matters and make a huge difference.


Thoughts Leaders are those who ingeniously craft incredible startup stories, plots in the stories that are really credible and real characters that powerfully touch the heart and soul of million of people. The character could take the shape of an innovative product or it could be the person behind the company or the people who run the company or the pressing problem that the company is addressing in the market or the very idea or concept that is so unique and so universal or the economic dimension or social angle to the product or company. It just could be anything the object or the subject of the real character which the customers can emotionally connect and can economically relate.

Sketching the right character is the key to unlocking a good script, and this is merely only one side of the story and the other side is about the plot and the setting, unless there is real action and there are situations which are challenging and compounding, it will not meet the imagination of our potential customers. As a thought leader we have to keep contesting the status quo, lifting the bar and keep creating that channel of constant excitement and keep the audiences guessing and giving them that pleasant surprises and prizes for guessing it right. It is all in the mind and the churning we do to get the creative thoughts.

Thoughts Leaders lead the way in the startup space; they show the newcomers the way to crack the code and the established players the path to new innovation. How to do things differently and how to do different things that solves the problem quicker and gives the solution at a much lesser cost? How to get more out of less? How to do in less cost and lesser time? It is all in our mind and the thinking we do and how to train our mind to think differently, think creatively and think critically.

Thinking do needs inputs, thinking do needs insights, thinking do needs inspiration and thinking do needs the influence to create an impact in the minds of others.


“Thinking is a practice and thinking needs discipline.”

“Thinking is a craft and thinking needs churning.”

“Thinking is a science and thinking needs logic.”

“Thinking is an art and thinking needs creativity.”


Thought Leaders keep thinking and keep bringing new perspectives onto the table and also they change the table itself and bring new design and new dimensions to the table of thought. Click To Tweet


To be a thought leader in the Startup Segment we need to be breaking the barriers and making a difference in the way the market segment has been conventionally operating. The barriers in terms of market entry, in terms of economy of scale, in terms of getting the traction, in terms of getting the growth, in terms of getting the bottomline, in terms of quality of service and serving the customers.

The barriers could be from any where and the barriers could be of any height, it is the thought leader who is not afraid of the heights and it is the thought leader who knows the place and pace to break the barriers and make all the difference in the market place, becoming the mover and shaker of the industry.

Size matters, scale differs, experience counts but in startup segment it is the idea that gives both the size and shape to shatter the prevailing convention and conviction of thought to rule the roost in the unconventional way…and to become the thought leader.



Nihar Pradhan

Startup Entrepreneur




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Nihar R PradhanStartupsbelief system,Branding,Collaboration Community,Disruptive Creativity,Startup,Thinking,Thought Leaders,thoughtsAs a startup we all want to make our mark in our space of operation and to do so, just a good product is not good enough, we need to position of our product, positioning in well, market it well and so as to “Build our Brand”. A strong...Break the barrier and Make a difference...