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There is a right way to walk, and there is the way we all normally walk and many of us are ignorant of the right way and keep walking the wrong way. Walking the right way has better health benefit and also has a much better usage of energy than walking the wrong way which is generally overlooked.


It is about knowing both the right and the wrong ways and then it is about doing the right ways.


Many of us as walkers don’t do it precisely because we don’t know it, few of us as walkers who know it and still we don’t do it as we find it difficult to follow the right regime of walking, and get into that right groove of doing it everyday.


Walking is perceived to be very simple process and hence most of us as walkers take walking for granted and tend to get caught in the wrong way of walking. Internally, walking is a complex biological phenomenon as it includes various sub-processes that comes into play while undertaking the activity of walking. Perhaps there is no such human activity that is so complex in it’s functioning but is done so in such simple steps, with a composition of “ease and grace”.


Ignorance is not bliss in walking and ease and grace becomes the causality if as wise walkers we don’t consult ourselves with the body of knowledge on walking. Click To Tweet



There is a pattern to walking and the pattern gets formed with walking. Every one of us as walker gets our unique pattern of flexing our leg muscles over a period of time. As we do so, within that pattern of walking lies certain “practice and principles” when religiously followed makes walking right and helps us walking out of the wrong ways of walking.


There is this massive mistake we all make by expecting the right results but by walking the wrong way.


The formation of walking pattern is a composition of various components of walking, and the components are various body parts that work while walking. It is essential to know those parts and the functioning we should be doing while the activity of “walking is working”.


Walking & Talking


Here are the FIVE ways to work the right ways of walking;



  1. Walking is about the movement of legs and it is so obvious walkers take the movement of legs for granted and grant no thoughts to see that leg movement is right and not get trapped in the wrong stretch. There is a pace to walking and we either walk faster or walk slow but striking a right balance is the right way of walking. The control is in our stride and under striding or over striding is wrong way of walking.
  2. Walking is not just about the exercise of legs it is equally about the exercise of the arms and normally we keep the arms stiff and close to our body and we focus on our leg movement and ignore the hand movement, moving our arms and building a rhythm with our leg is the right way to walk. This provides a balance and gives a positive thrust to the motion of walking.
  3. Walking once again is just not about the legs and hands but also about the head position, many of us make the mistake of walking with our head down and focused on the ground and eyes on the leg movement. The right way to do is to keep head straight to the body and eyes parallel to the ground and looking ahead.
  4. Walking is a wholesome activity about the whole body and the body posture is very important while walking. Walkers tend to lean forward as the stride needs that push to go forward and it comes from the body force. There is angle that is allowed to lean but leaning beyond has an effect on the back and hence controlling the body leaning while walking is the right way to walk.
  5. Walking is finally about the quality not about the quantity, many walkers make the mistake of walking and walking till they are tired and exhausted. Walking is not an activity of expenditure instead it is an activity of investment. Walking is an investment for better quality of life and it is about walking the right distance not walking endlessly without having a time and distance in mind.


Nihar Pradhan

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