Walking and Smiling

Until I started walking few years back, not just casual walking but walking to a well-defined schedule and religiously following a regime of a serious walker, I didn’t realize the power it provides to our mind. It was EMPOWERING. It was not a choice that I exercised on me, it was a compulsion that was thrust on me for a leading a healthy lifestyle. Life’s learning, exercise our choice early or get controlled by the compulsion of life. It is apparently a physical exercise but the real impact is there in the psyche, the process of walking makes the mind become clutter free and paves the way for a clear and fresh thinking.


It works, the complexity of issues instantly gets simplified with walking.

Problems no more remain as problem, they get systematically dissected and the solutions get almost automatically designed.


It looks magical though there is logic behind such workable solutions.

But much before the play of logic, it is the role of our approach and attitude that we carry towards solving a problem matters.


Some of the most creative ideas and the better business decisions that I have discovered has come during my walk, the walking is like synthesizing my THINKING machine that needs the fuel and fire to form the vital power to constantly produce those profound ideas. The regime of maintaining the routine of walking is essential to obtaining such creative and constructive thoughts that facilitates in solving both our personal and professional problems.

My work demands me to travel extensively to different places and it is never easy to pull out the time for self when on such business trips, and with tight schedule of client meetings, it is technically difficult to adhere to the routine of daily walking. Therein lies the challenge and it is a test that we have to pass through and it needs both the determination and the drive to get the time for the daily doze of walking, many times it is impossible to get the time in the evening as it all depends on the client and invariably the meeting gets stretched beyond our control. Ultimately, it comes back to us and it is the morning time that is with us and that we need to get up early to complete our morning walk, and  it again depends on our resolve to wake up early, that too, after the previous evening rigorous meeting and invariably the late night sleep.

It is not that every place has the constraints for walking, there are some places we visit where we stay in a beautiful resort or in place close to the bounty of nature and a lovely surrounding, and we don’t need the motivation to get going, the intoxication of environments lifts us and takes us for that wonderful voyage of morning walk and with start talking to self. This engagement with nature and self, while walking, provides us with handful of new ideas and fresh thoughts; that becomes the perfect set of ingredients for generating the stream of creative pieces, needed for our personal stories to narration to constructive propositions for solving our professional problems.

Walking and LIstening

This process of walking deftly and definitely provides the stimulation for simulating new mode of working and new ways of writing. Both our working and the writing as engagement get the much-needed impetus for immediate improvement and further improvisation.

Just by gazing at the nature while walking we keep wondering at the marvel of the majesty of nature across the valleys and the oceans…the slopes and slant in the valley, the waves and the water of the oceans. The colour of lush green to the color of vast blue, it is the hand of the Almighty beautifully brushing the canvas of the world, the home to the children of God.


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When we walk with set of walkers in the park and see them do with such religious stipulation, it rubs on us and we start following that schedule and what makes it happen is the regime of DISCIPLINE and we slowly but certainly gain the control on discipline which we used to be the hallmark of our school education and we give it a miss as we leave the school to college and join the corporate, and especially in today’s disruptive working world of flexi-time and work from home options to many others, we are forced to move out from any regime or routine.

There is a madness in what we are doing though we keep justifying the method in the madness

We are loose cannons and filled with ammunition.

We need the guidance.

We need the vehicle to fire.

Being a walker, I have strongly developed my ability to think deep and wide on different subjects, this broadening of thoughts is essentially to bring INNOVATION to working and bring CREATIVITY to writing. Those close to me and know me well call me a walker thinker and managing an organization and building a business is no less than a serious engagement with walking.

Like every step in life counts, similarly every move by the leader of the organization matters and makes a big difference through that small step and one move.

Running a business is fraught with challenge and we have to face the hurdles and to counter the misery of major failures, never easy and it is lonely at the top and in such tough times it is the reinforcement of  thoughts in our mind that drives us to safe shore. There needs to be harmony of mind, body and heart to be able to dutifully and decisively discharge our role as a worker-leader in the organization.


This convergence of tangible and intangibles ignites the mind.

The mind becomes fertile for creative imagination towards defined inspiration and designed aspiration for living a wholesome life.


Just like working and writing needs PREPARATION, the regime of daily and serious walking also needs good planning and preparation, this has a symbiotic relationship and the preparation we do for walking helps us in strengthening our preparation for working and writing. It sounds simple but it the planning and preparation that decides the success or failure in the execution of our task…walking, working and writing is no exception. Never easy to start something new and walking regularly is not easy and is deceptively disguising.

What is there to walk, is the question that props up in our mind and it needs no effort to go for a walk and it can be done anywhere and anytime, therein lays the mirage of misjudging the challenge of religious walking.

I can confidently and definitely attribute my little bit of success that I have tasted in my working and writing largely to my serious working with walking and sincere walking with my writing.

I am sure everybody of us has our own experience and that one passionate engagement that we must have discovered that changes the way we work and write with such vigor and vitality…the compounded value of walking is simply invaluable.



I have become indefinitely indebted to walking

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