Typical Day in Blogger's Life

Every occupation or profession or passion or position we hold has a lifestyle typical to nature of the role we play, there is something so uncommon for each such life we all adore to lead and there is something that is so common we all abhor staying long.

In the deal what matters is how is a typical day.

It is way we deal with our day that design’s our life’s destiny.

BLOGGERS are no exception. The choice is ours. Choosing to do blogging is again entirely our choice. We may take it as a hobby or make it as our profession, the choice is ours. We want to continue providing free content or make some part of our content paid one is once again our choice. The frequency of posting, everyday day to every week is our choice. The topic we would like to debate and discuss is our choice. The bloggers we all want to follow and which all posts we want to read and comment is our choice? The choice is unlimited.

The component of intrinsic potential and unlimited possibilities…

The life of a blogger varies widely and deeply depending on what age & stage of the blogging journey we are in, just started, have traveled miles, lost are way and don’t know what to do, have traveled miles and are very clear what to do next, an established blogger, a highly successful blogger, are constantly on the crossroad, are constantly resetting purpose of the journey and ultimately it is the space of blogging is about experimenting and exploring the area beyond the boundaries of self, family, friends and fraternity to engage with the unknown space of excitement and expectation…virtually meeting people with whom we would have otherwise never met and perhaps will never meet them in real; this mystical facets and fascinating aspects is what makes the defining difference in what the life of a blogger will manifest as and that a typical day will customarily mirror that stage and state of mind.

The element of uncertainty and the unexpected…


First, irrespective of the phase of blogging there are certain things that are common and and cannot be escaped or there cannot be any trade off.

Second, there are certain things that are embedded to the specific area or topic of blogging and that very aspect does vary from bloggers to bloggers.

Third, it depends on whether blogging is just a hobby i.e. a loose extension of the passion or blogging a profession a serious pursuit towards excellence.

Fourth, if not in the business of blogging the nature of day’s engagement would be fundamentally different from being engaged towards making money.

Fifth, based on the core competency of the blogger, the day’s core activity will get constructed and constituted, and then get executed and extended.


If I am a TRAVEL blogger, most of my time will be expanded in travelling. Unless I do that I don’t do justice to my travel content. Yes, one day I’m in one fascinating place and the other day I’m in another not so fascinating place, one needs to learn the art of balancing the good day and the not so good day. If I am a PHOTOGRAPHY blogger, most of my time will be spent clicking and capturing the beautiful moments. The moments then get frozen and framed. It calls for patience and technique, one need to develop both otherwise there won’t be the convergence of the perfect picture. If I am a FOOD blogger, my time will be in the kitchen  keeping the recipe ready to get one more new dish out on the table or in the restaurant trying an interesting cuisine. I need to keep testing the odds and so as to even out the odd and get the better off in the taste. If I am a FASHION blogger, I have to keep trying the make ups and making the break ups towards stitching my fashion statements. The fabric matters. The color counts. The design and demand need to be balanced and fashion blogger keeps doing the factor of fathoming  act. There is an enactment. If I am TECHNOLOGY blogger, I have to keep developing solutions and testing the outputs, and enhancing the user experience and engagement. It is into dissecting the software codes to decoding the technical jargon and talking about the meaning that matters to the users and simplifying it to be understood and appreciated.


Blogger's atypical day's life is about learning the art of leveraging the living place between the virtual and the real space. Click To Tweet


For every blogger, there is a core component of blogging and that very core drives the day’s activity. For every blogger as stated there is something common and cannot be compromised or be sidetracked, and these are about researching and searching, content writing, creative thinking, commenting meaningfully and conversing collaboratively with fellow bloggers to constantly conceptualizing newer ideas to keep the engine ignited.

There are broad categories and there are niche areas, choice is ours. I was lost between the two, should I go for the broad category or should I stick to a niche area. I gave a deep thought. I didn’t get the solution. I was unable to confer between both ends of the spectrum. Not that I couldn’t fit but I was not convinced nor was I satisfied in the fitment. There was something missing. The question that popped up that after all at the fundamental level blogging is all about freedom, expression, engagement and experience.


It is an experience of choice.

It is an extension of passion.

It is not a confinement.

It is not a condition.

It is creation.


A day in the life of any blogger is about creation. A day in the life of any blogger is about writing.

“The creation of content.”

A day in the life of any blogger is about deep thinking.

“The critical part of thinking.”

A day in the life of any blogger is about analysis, the analysis of traffic.

“The control on traffic.”

A day in the life of any blogger is also reading and responding, reading what’s happening in the blogosphere.

“The art of commenting.”

The habit of reading. A day in the life of blogger is also about connecting with the community.

“The community connection.”


A day in the life of a blogger is also about disconnecting from the digital world and connecting with the real world. Click To Tweet


A typical day in the life of blogger is also to see there is a life outside blogging.


Blogging is not only about writing, thinking, and controlling things but also about enjoying, living and entertaining self, the lifestyle matters and the lifestyle of a blogger is not the same as a non-blogger. Blogger’s lifestyle undergoes a change just not a minor change but a major shift in the way the blogger lives his or her life. Blogging by very nature drags us more into the vortex of the virtual world make us apparently more social in the virtual world and virtually make us less social in the real world. Though this phenomena is rapidly changing with the increasing physical meets of the blogging community, but the very fundamental nature of the work as blogger have to have more presence in the virtual space…certain things are just not negotiable.


Quintessentially, the day in the life of a blogger is a day full of excitement, is a day full of engagement, is a day full of expression, is a day full of creation, and is a day full of connection. The degree definitely varies depending on where we are and what stage of blogging we are into, the style varies but the substance need to remain for us to keep growing. Style can take us so far not farther and it is ultimately the substance that sustain the day of a blogger into week to into month and then into years.


Just like LIFE we have ups and downs, good and bad, happiness and hibernation, hot and cold, day and night…so the day in the life of a blogger cannot be without night fall, there will be days where things will monotonous and mundane without any iota of motivation to come to the very space which just the other day was so delightful has suddenly become so unpalatable…those are the testing days in the life of any blogger and it could be any day, and this slump and slide is also a typical day in a BLOGGER’S life and the ability to lift our self and loft newer perspectives that determines our destination.


Indeed, the typical day of a passionate and purposeful blogger is what we all aspire, as it is atypically factored with fun, frolic and fascination…MEANINGFUL!!!


Note: It is about the BEAUTIFUL message on BLOGGER’S day not the day out of a PHOTOGRAPHER as deceptively depicted in the PICTURE…

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