Blogging a Modern Mall

Modern Malls are referred to as entertainment centers are architecturally designed to delight our eyes and distract our minds.


The large format malls have become the single point destinations in every big city. These big malls defines the addresses of happening locations in any city. These are the happening places of cities. These have become the go to places. The modern complex comprises of shops representing merchandisers from apparel to cosmetics to jewelry to watches to spectacles to mobiles to tablets to eateries to entertainment with inter-connected walkways that enables customers move from one store to another with easy. The escalators have made it easier, to climb from one floor to the other, these are multi floor structures.


People flock towards the destination…the mall.

We have a holiday, we are in malls. We want to get entertained, we are in malls. The multiplex is there to screen movies. Not just one or two but dozens of movies get streamed in multiple screens. We want to do window shopping we are in the malls. The apparel to the jeweler to the watches to the mobile gadgets to digital cameras, we have a shop for every product.

There are department stores.

There are food courts.

There are standalone stores.

All decked up to welcome us and make our wallet a little less heavy to carry. Of course they all take cards and cash is no more needed in such shopping centers. Digital wallets have given way to physical wallets. We want to grab some stuff to feed our starving stomach we are in the food courts of malls. We want to check the fashion trends we go to malls. We are tourists, we get exhausted walking outside and want to take a break, and we go inside the mall.


Blogosphere is very much like a modern mall having blogs with all hues and colors.


There are blogs on fashion. There are blogs on photography. There are blogs on cooking. There are blogs on food. There are blogs on mobile devices to digital gadgets. There are blogs on travel. There are blogs on movies to music.

We think of a topic and there is a blog, it is not in few hundreds but in multiple thousands and the blogosphere is dotted with millions of blogs and every blog like the shops in the modern mall have something different, something interesting, and something of interest to offer to us. It is for us to see if it matches our need and fits our budget to make us exchange our currency to get the goods.

Similarly, it is for us to visit any blog we want to and nobody can stop us from visiting the blogs in blogosphere but whether the offerings are of any interest to us and whether it gives some value to us is something we decide and if so we can exchange ideas and thoughts with the fellow bloggers. Just like the shopper may not like to exchange the good below a certain price, the blogger may not like our thoughts and ideas and the blogger may not extend the friendship beyond the first conversation. That’s the choice and that’s the freedom we enjoy on this space.

Just like the food courts in mall where we have the choice and where we have the plethora of options to pick the food from continental to fast food to Indian to Chinese to Arabic. Blogosphere is literally a place for food for thoughts; it has a spectrum of thoughts spread across the bloggers. Simple ideas to complex thoughts to simple solution to compounded problem to philosophy of life to physiology of our body to spirituality of mind…we all have our areas of interest. We all can discover our matching interest in this sphere and start interacting and engaging with like-minded friends on our chosen food for thoughts.


Blogging a Modern Mall

The blogosphere is indeed entertaining and engrossing; we get all that we want in the physical mall. There are fellow bloggers doing extensive research on movies and we can have the latest updates on movies and move to music to groove ourselves with music lovers from across the world. The music is something that transcends boundaries. The music is something that cuts across language. Blogging is like music and it has the language translators and we can write in any language and for the reader the Google translator does the job. Language is no more a barrier in blogosphere. Whenever we are fad up of visiting the physical malls, we can take a break and make a tour of the blogosphere and we can experience how entertaining and engrossing this virtual space is compared to a modern mall, it is perhaps much more than a modern mall.

Malls are like oasis in the cities, where we can go in and explore the entertainment and engage our senses, there is music to listen, movies to watch, things to buy, food to eat and sit there in the midst of the crowd just by being a bystander to the movement of people to gazing at the plethora of activities that keep unfolding around us.


Blogosphere is like oasis in the virtual space…


This is place where we just login and start exploring the expanding horizon of things that are creative, entertaining and exciting. We can do multiple of things and things that has music to our ears reading post and listening to audio blogs, beauty to eyes by seeing colourful and creative pictures captured through the lens of an amateur to a professional photographer, though we cannot eat the food in display in many food blogs unlike the food courts in malls but these are tantalizing tempting spread and are good appetizer as food for thoughts.

The more we explore the blogosphere, the more we get convinced the resemblance it has with the modern malls.

We can see and read, check and explore the things that are on glittering display in the mall, but when we want to buy, take and use it, we need permission of the seller and we need to pay and we need to protect. Blogosphere is no different we can read the posts and we check as many blogs as we want but when we share our thoughts with them we need to connect and we need to login and take permission and based on their approval we can have our thoughts shared in their post as comments. There are so many stuffs available in different blogs acting as shopping window in the blogosphere and we can buy it and we need to pay and there are facilities to make instant online payment.


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The metaphor of modern mall is a food for thought….

Blogging a Modern Mall

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