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I have explored the online space for long. In fact, pretty long. If I remember correctly it all started in the beginning of 2006 and now it is the ending of 2016…a decade and more, it is counting, in no yardstick or scale of measurement, it is a small time in the timeless zone of virtual space. I must admit, it is a prolonged time. Time for serious reflection…

I was always wondering about the rapidly evolving digital space…how these digital citizens are crafting their niche careers, how they are getting themselves ensconced in the most exciting and acclaimed job they dream, how they are making money, not small but big money and, the question, how they have become the most sought-after online professionals. Definitely, not by default but by design. There is a pattern, a pattern of scientific design. They follow a disciplined regime, and they share their knowledge generously and create their own products and sell them innovatively.

They focus on the quality.

They focus of value.

They constantly work on their ability to innovate something different and something new, they keep paddling their cycle of creativity. They have the dogged focus on “quality and value“, makes a huge difference, and it gets a multiplier affect with their unflinching consistency on the way they “execute and deliver“.

They have followers.

They keep growing their followers.

They have build their tribe and they keep growing their online business. Their online profession is just not about flying high, getting dried of ideas but about creating their own space and places significant value to “creativity and innovation” in what they do…


“There are, who talks on technology.”

“There are, who engages on entrepreneurship.”

“There are, who writes on writing.”

“There are who collaborates on consulting.”

“There are who write on creativity and of course there who write on blogging itself.”


The questions that usually comes to our mind, are they real expert in their field of choice in the true conventional sense of evaluation. Questionable, needs exploration. I had to expand. I did a little bit of both, primary and secondary research, and discovered the common denominator, that matters; all are immensely passionate about what they doing, in fact passion overrides their profession, though they are not all professionally qualified. Interestingly, in these new evolving and exciting online space many things are yet to get the approval of qualification chart. The virtual world is fuzzy logic and the rules are in a constant state of flux, yet, to be adequately formulated to govern the virtual engagement. The real engagement. Unlike the real world professions, the question that keeps confronting us, whether we are conventionally qualified to do what successful people are doing unconventionally online…the question remains.

I started examining what these very successful online professionals are really doing on the virtual space, and surprisingly, I discovered that they are doing simple things which may not fall in the realm of required qualification to do so in the real world. Are they teaching something they have not done, no, they are teaching what they have done though not under the banner of formal qualification…where is the divide?

What is this animal of “qualification” that divides the animated and inanimated world.

Are they developing and selling a product which they have not used personally and have not shown the desired result, definitely not, they are selling products which they have fully used and they have throughly demonstrated their utility. Are they’re doing a scientific experimentation without being a qualified scientist or are they’re doing a medical surgery whether being a qualified surgeon or are they operating a hi-tech machine without being a qualified engineer…if any of these work they are doing and doing without a proper qualification, they are putting themselves in danger and others life in jeopardy. They are doing nothing of these and they are doing something different and something that is making the way of living and working easy, and life happy.


Online professionals focus is on simple things and simply focusing on effective solutions…


In fact they are doing none of these real daredevil stunts without the requisite training and the much-needed hard practice in the virtual world, and they have no such intentions to do those things that will put their own career at stake. They have put hard work to get their offbeat career a head start, and they don’t want to just squander away recklessly. They have learned the hard way. There is no alternative to learning the hard way…it is the real outcomes and the results that matters, and rest of the matter is formless. It doesn’t matter. Not to get bothered or bogged down by the real world stereotyped and get typecast. The real world framework of “formal qualification” is a trap and in the definition of getting qualified we lose our track in the undefined online space.

There are people in the virtual world who have real problem and they have nobody to help them, guide them, support them and solve their problem. They have no labels attached. They have no boundary defined. They have no classification or qualification to follow; they follow the solution providers who irrespective of their qualification, place, gender, and age have been able to meet their need and address their issues.


It simply boils down to the solution, the online solution that solves the real problem.


The answer to the lingering question… there is, no ifs and buts in these relationship, the relationship between the provider and the receiver.

“No intermediaries.”

“No frills.”

“No confusion.”

“No gimmick.”

The simple solutions to the complex problems…


The bigger question that keep haunting us, and we keep answering before plunging into blogging is that do we have the requisite qualification to be a blogger. I flipped my memory bank of the exploratory trip I have made into the world of blogosphere, to discover the hidden patterns and the possible answers to my valid question which had no satisfactory answer. As I started analyzing the success stories imprinted on the blogging landscape, I started understanding the threads, the layers connecting the success stories.


It is the real passion that backs the online profession going…


It is the experience, the online experience that builds the ability. It is the engagement, the online engagement that creates the community. It is the consistency that defines our character. It is the persistence that projects our personality. And in the entire gamut of things that matters in the online profession, qualification was nowhere to be seen in the overall analysis, and though it adds to the credibility but it may not make the real difference.


The thing that makes the real difference is the outcomes and it is the result that matters.


The predictability of right kind of results and the consistency of good outcomes…

There are many who have unique abilities in their own field that they have acquired and gained through experience, engagement and facing the real problem and solving through acquired knowledge and honed skill sets. Ultimately, on the ground what matters is the solution. Having a good qualification and not being able to solve the problem has no value for the qualification. It deflates. On the other hand without qualification being able to effectively address issues and resolve conflicts and solve problems that appeared as a quagmire. It demonstrates. Online professionals need to build their self-esteem and work on their self-belief and learn the art of storytelling, there are million others waiting on the sidelines to hear such success stories which can make a huge difference in other’s life. They need somebody to teach them and guide them how to tell their stories…the art of storytelling.


It is about breaking their barriers, the barriers of fear, the barriers of failures, the barriers of qualification, and the barriers of the feeling that I am not good enough to carve a successful space in the online space.


The biggest joy I get is making others feel confident of doing what they love to do, restoring their self-belief that is somehow and somewhere dissipated in their journey of life… they need that little stimulus, the pat in the back, the pep talk, the shift and the lift; and getting them get on the platform where they belong, they belong to the group those who are destined to bring a change in others life, and making a real difference in the society.

It was time to reflect, deep within. When I started revisiting my own experience and recounting my expertise I realized that it has nothing to do on what I am blogging. But this didn’t disappoint me nor did it drag me down, in fact I didn’t feel guilty of fervently engaged in my passion that I doing something that has nothing to be do with my qualification not that I have to do something to prove my credentials.

Breaking the self imposed exile…

To be successful in the online profession, I just need to be passionate not become a professional, I was a writer and I have written regularly, I was technologist and have involved in designing and developing digital products on cloud and on mobile, I am an IT entrepreneur successfully built and running an vibrant organization, I have been an employee in MNC to a Freelance Consultant and I love creativity, I love the art of storytelling and I deeply enjoy the lifestyle of passionate blogger’s life and not to get lost in the definition and qualification needed for blogging, the online profession…I thought it was time to break the barriers within me and make a difference in others life.


It is just the beginning… and I was convinced it was the right beginning and more importantly I was in the right direction.


“Inside Out”…real stories in the virtual space for successful online professionals.





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Nihar R PradhanBloggingBlogging,Digital,Online Profession,Outcomes,Qualification,Quality,Real World,Results,Value,Virtual World  I have explored the online space for long. In fact, pretty long. If I remember correctly it all started in the beginning of 2006 and now it is the ending of 2016...a decade and more, it is counting, in no yardstick or scale of measurement, it is a small...Break the barrier and Make a difference...