De Bono - Six Hats, Make a Difference

De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a simple mechanism but a very powerful process for nurturing lateral thinking…a radical shift that makes the mind to shift gear to galvanize the storehouse of latent creativity. The process of thinking is universal and applies to almost all situations of activities we do in our life and blogging as an activity is no exception and by applying the different thinking techniques makes the same thing more productive and powerful.

Blogging can be accelerated to higher order of thinking and higher performance can be achieved in our creative endeavor using this innovative way Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hat.


What is fundamentally so different in this thinking?


Thinking is an involuntary process. What difference can we make for something which is automatic and is a phenomenon that is continuous in nature; we cannot escape unless we go into state of slumber. It keeps haunting us and many times thinking is a highly daunting task, how do we balance these cycle of haunting and daunting, and manage the imbalances which keeps us on tenterhooks of thinking.

Blogging is fundamentally a “THINKING” activity, if this engagement is taken seriously, it adds to the pressure of thinking.  Not necessarily one has to take blogging as a serious engagement. It may be merely retained as a part-time hobby. It is a matter of choice, left to the blogger. But there is a concealed power in the activity of blogging; it gets manifested in multiple ways to enhance our productivity in our working and enables us to live a more meaningful life.

Though blogging is started by most of us as an extension to give an impetus to our part time or full time hobby, and blogosphere is a place to freely express our thoughts and views which matters to us. It has to make sense to readers. This very subtle engagement with the virtual space, if sustained over a period, migrates into a serious business of ‘writing and publishing’. It doesn’t matter what topic we choose to blog…what matters is our voice.

This serious side of blogging needs the blogger to wear different hats to play multiple roles to meet the real goals, as blogger we set our goals in this mystical virtual space.


“The role of a researcher”

“The role of a reader”

“The role of a writer”

“The role of a wanderer”

“The role of a critique”

“The role of a creator”

“The role of a publisher”

“The role of a philosopher”


And the list of roles that a blogger has to play just goes on…

It is never easy to put all these roles in proper perspective that is synchronized and have synergistic affect without wearing the different thinking caps. This thinking activity of blogging needs multiple techniques. It needs structured processes to be in place to effectively manage these multiple set of different roles.


The critical role of serious creative thinking comes into play.


The process is just not about mere changing of the dress code, thereby to change the role. It is about making the mind to adapt a new way of looking at the same thing in an entirely different way. Training the mind to think, think differently. It is about wearing the same dress code, but the color code changes, in the terms of hat to make the mind to think in a particular style.


What is the fundamental difference between De Bono’s thinking hat and the conventional thinking we keep doing day in day out?

Is there a difference?

Yes, and the difference is in the “FOCUS” we give to our thinking.


Focus is a prime driver achieving success. De Bono’s Thinking Hat brings that focus of thinking per se in place. The six hats clearly demarcate the different modes of thinking and designates with a different color of hat and each color depicts that style of thinking which ultimately improvise the overall quality of thinking. This makes the person or any group, to adapt one particular way of thinking at given point of time. By doing so it organizes the thinking and makes the collective thinking on one aspect of the subject that is being dealt. This focus drives deep and wide on the chosen subject, and making better dissection of the problem on hand and get closer to the best solution that one could have designed and deployed.

In the process not much scope is left for an interpretation plus no place is left for playing with any kind of assumptions. It follows a well-defined path and a set of orchestrated processes to keep churning new ideas, keep solving the simple to complex problems, and keep creating newer perspectives. The focus is on the thinking…a systematic way of thinking.


What does different color of De Bono’s Thinking Hat signifies and what each different hat does and how to use each hat for making the BLOG


 “tighter in its composition and brighter in its presentation”



White Hat: (Facts)

The White Hat calls for information known or needed.

The facts, just the facts.


Imagination plays a significant role in blogging. Fictional characters get conceived in the world of imagination. It is indeed exciting and we get swayed by the creation of fictional characters playing in our life. But there is a catch and we invariably get caught in a Catch-22 situation. Blogging on subjects which are only imaginative and fictional in nature may not always suffice the need of ardent readers; hence it is essential to learn the art of intelligently blending the facts of life with the fiction of imaginative world. This is where as blogger we need to wear the “white hat”.


Yellow Hat: (Benefits)

The Yellow Hat symbolizes brightness and optimism.

Under this hat you explore the positives and probe for value and benefit.


After all we engage in this universal platform of blogosphere to get enlightened and explore the virtual world of knowledge. There are huge positives and any form of engagement to be sustainable it needs to have a definite value proposition, the values to be well-defined and the benefits need to be seen by users of the platform. There is an investment of time and effort. Just by being engaged with platform it makes us feel positive in doing things in life, it breaks the monotony and gives our daily chore a boost and also there is an underlying optimism that gets constantly created in our thoughts. By wearing the “yellow hat”, we are able see the brighter side of blogging and the intangible benefits that gets automatically derived out of blogging.


Black Hat: (Cautions)

The Black Hat is judgment, the devil’s advocate or why something may not work.

Spot the difficulties and dangers; where things might go wrong. Probably it is the most powerful and useful of the Hats but a problem if overused.


It is essential to be self-critical to succeed in any form of engagement, nothing is sacrosanct, it needs to be questioned and answered, mistakes accepted and corrected. It all starts with questioning. At the same time it is not easy to accept the failure and find a new way of doing the same thing for better result. It is about critical analysis and anticipating the pitfalls, and being ready for the negative fallout. Blogging cannot be an exception to be kept out of the purview of questioning why blogging may not work for us, if so, then what? This hat comes handy in such eventualities.


Red Hat: (Feelings)

The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition.

When using this hat you can express emotions and feelings and share fears, likes, dislikes, loves, and hates.


Blogging is not an mechanical engagement, it is a powerful creative engagement and such creativity to flower and flourish needs the nourishment of emotions of love and liking, such feelings may not always to be to our liking, it could very well be hate, dislike and frustration and anger, and we need to face and factor the negative emotions that also gets cropped up in such activity.  By wearing this hat we are able to put of emotions and feelings in proper perspectives, blogging without this hat is like eating a buffet but it is a spread of bland food. There is a red line in everything we do and there are letters written in red color which emphasizes something significant.  Blogging as an activity can magically leverage the intuitive power of mind, and it is possible just by wearing the red hat.


Green Hat: (Creativity)

The Green Hat focuses on creativity; it is about the possibilities, the alternatives, and the germination of new ideas.

It’s an opportunity to create new concepts and to express new perceptions.


The heart of blogging is about nurturing creativity. It is a wonderful platform to explore the endless possibilities and hidden potentials in life. It comes with exploring the various alternatives and experimenting with the plethora of new ideas. As blogger, the question, do we wear this hat every time we do something new on this platform, knowingly on unknowingly we do but doing it consciously makes a big difference to our engagement with blogging. This hat provides a green signal to success in blogging.


Blue Hat: (Process)

The Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process.

It’s the control mechanism that ensures the Six Thinking Hats guidelines are adequately observed.


It is like the blue ocean or like the blue sky. The color has a profound significance. The canvas is clear and all encompassing. The general aspect of blogging as an informal and casual engagement, is perhaps a gross understatement. In all it’s different capacity, primarily blogging remains as an intrinsically powerful thinking rendezvous. Blogging is all about thinking…wearing blue hat is inevitable and we need to provisionally remove this hat to wear the other hats to make blogging an enriching and entertaining engagement for the blogger both as a writer and as a reader.



The juxtaposition of the De Bono’ Six Hat to the jugglery of shifting hats on the same head to give our thinking process a new dimension, a positive thrust, acting as a catalyst, and becoming a harbinger of newer “PERSPECTIVES”, embracing new perspectives makes a massive difference to our thinking, living and leading a meaningful life.

De Bono’s Six Thinking Hat is an instrument of radical change to our routine encounter with thinking and our conventional engagement with creative activity like BLOGGING…

“knowing is one thing but the real difference in outcomes comes in doing”

…the application of De Bono’s Six Thinking Hat to our Creative Engagement with Blogging.



Nihar Pradhan

Idea Blogger



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