Life beyond Blogging

Many times we get immersed with certain things in life and then suddenly everything in life revolves around it.

“Blogging is no exception.”

When we are deep inside the sphere of blogging we forget everything else. We are immersed in the virtual world, and the real world become our secondary residence, primary destination and the place that occupies our mind is the space of blogging. Like many obsession in life blogging also becomes an addiction and without writing a post or read a blog, mind goes into a limbo, it constantly needs that dose of blogging to get it activated and running. In real life any such obsession which can lead to addiction is considered a bad habit and in virtual life, blogging is never a bad habit, it is an engagement that is intellectually stimulating and mentally stirring and emotionally satisfying.

This in no means justifies the ground of being constantly disconnected to the real world. The real world shall always stay the basis for building the virtual world and the spectrum activities that we are occupied in the real world gets reflected in the blogosphere.


Blogging is an extension of the activities we keep doing in the real world.


It is a platform to showcase our real world work from what we capture through our lens to what recipe we cook to what all places we explore to every small little things to big business thoughts gets debated and displayed.

The power of blogging platform cannot be questioned.

“It has established it’s potential.”

“It is for us how to use the platform.”

The purpose of usage could be anything and blogging has gone beyond the record of personal diary to making loads of money, it has covered miles and it has been able to set number of milestones. In the end it is one more means to achieve our end but it cannot be the end in itself. We are slowly but certainly getting traded into that grey zone not knowing what to do with blogging. Yes, it is grey area and we are little confused, we are little lost and largely puzzled what’s next and how do we take that next step forward.

There is a nagging feeling of getting bogged down. There is feeling of getting stuck somewhere in the middle, not knowing which direction to take. Not a nice place to be in and remaining there for long can only push us into a state of distress and depression.


Is there a life along with being engaged with blogging and is it the time to think life beyond blogging.


Yes, there is real life along with blogging and neglecting that beyond a point is not a healthy sign, and it is symptomatic in nature and needs to be properly diagnosed, dissected and corrected. If we have blogged for pretty long, few have done so for over decade and continuing to do so with renewed vigor and zest. This many not be case with million others who have tasted the water and withdrawn after a brief stint with the world of blogging. There are enough data available to qualify my statement. And there are million others who are jumping onto the bandwagon and the net result remaining the same, few are able to swim the entire channel and rest are exiting or getting drown without proper coaching and guidance.

There is a gap between the  thought and the action. This chasm has created a market for many blogging coaches and guides. They are making millions of dollars by providing words of wisdom and practical tips for changing the gear and accelerating the journey of blogging. Adding those finer tips into our repertoire and realigning the structure and redefining the strategy, many are scaling newer heights and delving deep into the ocean of virtual world..

This is only one part of story those who are able to shift gear and get going in the journey of blogging, same is not the case with many others and they are still in the crossroad and are still counting their days and want to take a call.

Yes, there is life beyond blogging.

But what is that life that will keep good part of blogging and take the bad part away. The good part is what we all aware of, but what is that bad part, it is about getting addicted and not able to define the outcomes or measure the outputs. Life cannot go on without measurement and monitoring of things we keep doing, money may not always be the investment but it is the time and it is the occupancy of our mind space. That’s a huge investment and we need to set right the return on investment, the investment cannot be continued without knowing the fair return, though not immediately but at some point of time and time cannot be an open-ended window; it has to be a reasonably time-bound.


What about books?

After trying all these still if we are not able to see light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to take a call and take a break and look at things beyond blogging and start doing things which we have not been doing because of blogging, perhaps one thing which been a big casualty is reading books, with so much time getting consumed in writing and reading blog post, very little time and energy is left for the books. Books indeed are wonderful world by itself and before blogging we all use to get immersed in the world of books and the lessons we learn used to keep influencing our decisions and actions, books have always been the torch-bearer and books have also been the best friends, reading those wonderful books have always guided us and provided answers to questions which have haunted us and we had no one to rely in getting the answers and escaping that haunt.


What about nature?

Life is not confined to the four walls or inside the house or in a computer screen. Life is beyond these definitions. Life is so much beautiful in the outside world and in the bounty of nature. We have stolen our own time that we used to spend in the nature in the four walls of our house. Blogging has restricted our movement and we are glued and we are immersed in the virtual space. This not only has an impact on our body but equally or more on our mind, the mind needs that free space, it needs that fresh breath of air, the induction of natural beauty to refurbish our thinking and giving our thoughts fresh perspective. We need to redefine our way of living and our lifestyle cannot get uncharacteristically restricted within the digital gadgets.


What about sports?

Sports have become another major casualty. I am not talking of competitive sports, just the way we have been normally going out in the morning or in the evening and making our legs stretch and hands dabble with a ball or having a racket to swing our hands. Even a brisk walk or a steady run in the open space, we have all shifted those times into the hands of blogging. Everything in life is a trade-off and this trade-off is definitely a costly affair but that’s how life is all about and we have to learn the art of balancing when we are confronted with such paradox in life. Life keeps throwing these challenges at us and in those challenges are the hidden opportunities. We have to decipher the hidden words in the opportunities and embrace the changes and the real challenges in the virtual space.


Life is fascinating and life has so many things to offer.


We have one life and getting bogged down in blogging can take a good slice of our life and leaving us with much lesser time to do so many more other interesting things. We never know which other things could have made us more excited and elated and made our life more meaningful engaged and little more purposeful driven. Unless we keep trying different things, how do we know which is that best thing for us and what could have made a big difference in our life…

Life is much beyond the basic phenomenon of blogging.

Life is to explore newer things, newer avenues, newer places, newer ways of living our life and we never know which other some things we will fall in love.

Life is not one-dimensional. Life is not only digital but also visual.

Life is not only words but the world outside the boundary of alphabets.


In no way I have any proposition against the engagement with blogging, my only thought is how not to get entangled in the world of blogging and lose sight of many beautiful things around us…

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